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  1. AprilB

    Leave Her, Jonny

    So, this reminds me of everything I love about A Flaming Sword? (And I love Flaming Sword A LOT.) Upon further thought, that makes a lot of sense; they both have oudh, coconut, and patchouli in common, and, for whatever reason, A Flaming Sword has always smelled like warm and fragrant cedarwood to me. Leave Her has just got a bit less smolder, and a bit more sweetness, if that makes sense. This is incredibly beautiful, nothing like I expected it to be, and something I am definitely upgrading from decant to bottle. It's such a warm, grounded, comforting smell.
  2. AprilB

    Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning

    This is lovely, and matches the painting very well. It's a pale, luminous pink scent. While wet, the peach and hay were the most prominent notes on me, and they continued to be fairly prominent as other notes began to appear. Together, the hay and peach have a gently sweet, warm, earthy, and dry quality that I enjoy. Either the carnation, the osmanthus, or the rooibos is adding a bit of a green quality--the sense of there being a living plant in the mix somewhere. The orris and the musk create a hazy, gentle, shimmery quality that unifies the scent. This is a scent that bridges winter and spring nicely.
  3. AprilB

    Marshmallow Snow

    This is the snow note from A World of One Color, or at least a close sibling to it, I think? It's quite sweet, to my nose, and weirdly reminiscent of a combination of frozen pineapple and cedar or fir branches, full of frozen sap. The marshmallow note didn't appear on my skin until well after it was dry, and mostly manifested as a sort of sweet softness in the background.
  4. AprilB

    Cracked Mirrors

    Describing this as a blur seems pretty spot-on. There's something blurry, silvery but opaque, and soft about this scent. I was expecting some sharp edges in this, but it's a very gentle sort of scent. To me, it conveys an antique mirror with age spots and cobwebs on it--you can just catch your reflection in it, but distorted and shadowy enough that, for a moment, you think it is the figure of a stranger. It does read as aquatic while wet, but as it dries the sandalwood begins to come out a bit and ground the scent as something less watery. This is a very lovely combination of notes.
  5. AprilB

    Dead Leaves, Bourbon, and Bitter Almond

    This goes on sweet and heavily boozy, settling into something warm, rich, and almost buttery. The dead leaves note in this is more subdued than in the other dead leaves blends I have tried so far, this year (DL and Cinnamon Buns, Dead Leaves on Fire). It doesn't have a lot of staying power on my skin, but it's a wonderful scent. I kind of wish it was a cocktail?
  6. AprilB

    Dead Leaves on Fire

    Smells exactly like I hoped it might. This is not the smell of woodsmoke or campfire. It is definitely a bonfire made of dead leaves, like you sometimes catch a distant whiff of in the Fall air. It's well balanced--the dead leaves leaves component and the bonfire smoke component are each just the right amount not to be overwhelming one another. Evocative and intriguing.
  7. AprilB

    Papyrus, Cardamom & Balsam

    This is a very strange one. There's something about it that reminds me just a bit of the Nepthys v.2 prototype, but where that is dry as a bone, this is vegetal with papyrus in reed form, rather than in paper form. It isn't aquatic, but there is a sort of damp quality about it. The balsam and cardamom, on the other hand, do have a very dry quality. The three notes marry together oddly, but I don't dislike the result. It's an unconventional scent, for certain.
  8. AprilB

    Nevertheless, She Persisted

    This scent shifts around in interesting ways over the course of wear. Sometimes the oudh is dominant, and sometimes the flowers and resin are. The oudh in this toes the line between pleasant and not--it's not indolic, but it smells very organic and alive. This is Joan after a battle, sweat under chainmail, smelling of the horse she has been riding, being greeted with flowers and a waft of incense. The iris and frankincense uplift and elevate this scent, but it's still very earthly and human, at its core.
  9. AprilB

    Könnt Ihr So Verwegen Handeln

    This goes on bitter and acidicly sharp, with the fruit and floral notes lurking underneath. I could smell each of the notes, except the laubdanum. It softens over time, becoming muted by a veil of subtle saltwater. The salt is quiet, and not intensely mineralized, less prominent than I hoped. On me, this is a scent of bitterness and hidden resentment, rather than melancholy.
  10. AprilB

    Snake's Kiss Hair Gloss

    Starbrow above compared this to buttercream frosting, and I agree! I can smell the Snake Oil, but mostly this smells of buttery vanilla sweetness. I enjoy this quite a bit, and am very glad I got the opportunity to try a decant.
  11. AprilB

    Alleviate the Frenzy Hair Gloss

    This smells like those peach ring candies! I was expecting something a bit more grown-up and sexy, but now that I've wrapped my head around this being a candy scent, I really enjoy it.
  12. AprilB

    Coconut, Smoked Vanilla & Fig

    I had high hopes for this, but also a fair amount of trepidation. Coconut and fig are two of my favorite scent notes, but I don't enjoy scents that come across as too foodie. Waltzing Matilda was very fig newton on me, and I feared this would stray into the realm of baked goods, too. Too my delight, this vanilla actually takes it away from the realm of food. The smoked note makes it into something sultry, instead! With that addition, the bright fig nearly reads as floral. It's a beautifully sexy summer scent. However, the smoke note fades incredibly rapidly as the perfume dries, rather than lingering, leaving me with something I enjoy--and which is still not too gourmand for me--but don't love.
  13. AprilB

    Frankincense, Star Anise & Labdanum

    This smells medicinal, but in a good way? It's not that it smells like medicine, so much as that it smells fortifying. It sort of puts me in mind of the 13 from September, 2019--again, not for similarity in scents, but for that fortifying quality. Spicy-sweet, with a mineralic hint (I think that's the labdanum?). On me, it did not have a ton of throw.
  14. AprilB

    Darjeeling Tea, Cocoa Dust & Incense

    When I sniffed this in the decant vial, I wasn't very hopeful. On the skin, though, it smoothes out a bit. The champaca in this is more aggressive than it typically behaves on me (I've had fairly good luck with it in some other blends), and makes me want to sneeze, a bit. The cocoa dust is faint, and bitter, rather than being foodie. I love that! Chocolate notes don't usually work for me, but that one does. It gives the scent depth, and actually helps ground the incense a bit. The tea note is initially mostly swamped by the champaca, but gains prominence with wear. It does smell different to me than the standard black tea note (lighter on the tannic bitterness--it does seem to have that fruity/floral quality of darjeeling, while still being recognizable as black tea). This is a very, very dry and dusty scent. I like it more than I feared, but less than I hoped. It might grow on me. I really do love the cocoa dust note...
  15. This is so good. The beautiful incensey champaca note is light and gentle, made more so by the sweet creaminess of the basmati rice that grounds it, and gives it a sort of voluptuous softness. The lemon is light, and sweetly zingy, lending the brightness of a sunny, cloudless late spring day, and eventually gives way to the very faint vegetal tea note. I didn't detect the vanilla, but it may be lending sweetness in the background. Overall, this is a hopeful, uplifting scent. I'm so glad I tried this.