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  1. This is so good. The beautiful incensey champaca note is light and gentle, made more so by the sweet creaminess of the basmati rice that grounds it, and gives it a sort of voluptuous softness. The lemon is light, and sweetly zingy, lending the brightness of a sunny, cloudless late spring day, and eventually gives way to the very faint vegetal tea note. I didn't detect the vanilla, but it may be lending sweetness in the background. Overall, this is a hopeful, uplifting scent. I'm so glad I tried this.
  2. AprilB

    A Flaming Sword

    I love this scent. It's one of my favorite BPAL scents. It's peppery-spicy, resinously sweet, and warm. It's a comforting, strengthening sort of scent. This is very well blended; I don't have any issues with the red musk, patchouli, or Oudh overwhelming the other notes; they all seem to lift one another, or add depth and nuance. It's bright, sweet, and bracing, all at once. I'm sure why, but the notes together almost make me think of red cedar. This is a bottle I reach for when I need a scent that strengthens and comforts me. If I had to defend my thesis again tomorrow, I'd do it wearing A Flaming Sword.
  3. This was a very odd one, on me, and I'm glad I tested it twice. The first time I tried it, I got absolutely no floral scent from it, just a smell of PLANTS! VEGETATION! Which was then followed up by the scent of skin musk, and a bit of amber. I tried it again several days later, and this time I got a brief ghost of flowers, though still it mostly smelled of vegetal musk warmed by a bit of amber. I've never tried a honeysuckle scent before, so perhaps my skin chemistry just devours it. Still, what I do get is a bit like the smell of someone's skin after they've been rolling around in sun-warmed grass, which is a pleasant enough smell.
  4. AprilB

    Pleasure Boat

    I posted a review of this in the Luper Stalking thread, and it occurred to me that I probably ought to post it here, as well, so: I managed to get a partial bottle from decanting leftovers, and gave this a try yesterday. I really, really love it. It's got staying power, and I kept stopping throughout the day to close my eyes and just breathe it in. The golden amber and the sandalwood rose are the stars of the blend, but the moss does give it the "plush" quality described in the scent notes, as well as helping to ground the florals. The orris and vanilla add a bit of creamy sweetness. Overall, it's luxurious and golden. It's like a silk brocade that has been stored in a sandalwood chest packed with rose petal sachets, but now it's been taken out into the freshness of a spring day, and is gleaming in the sunlight.
  5. AprilB

    The Instinct of Hope

    This is such an interesting perfume. It is almost an autumnal scent, rather than a vernal one. I had no idea what to expect from the violet oud, but it's beautiful, and very definitely a deep and vivid violet. There's nothing indolic about this oud. It's darkly elegant, and has a melancholic depth to it. That oud, and the cedar wood, are the stars of this blend--and they marry fantastically well. The cedar note in this is particularly amazing, beautifully aromatic and evocative of the wood. The cognac and balsam are slightly more backgrounded notes that emerge harmoniously, as the perfume dries. I worried this might have a cologne-like quality, but didn't find that to be the case. Overall, the scent creates an impression of a cedar forest, as the shadows of the trees begin to stretch and deepen, and day succumbs to the liminal half-dark of twilight.
  6. AprilB

    Dalliance with an Amorous Bat Demon

    This evoked a surprising visceral scent memory of my earliest trips, as a baby pagan, into witchy shops. This patchouli, smoke, and sandalwood blend smells like nothing so much as the inside of those shops, as a much younger me self-consciously perused statuary and jewelry, and considered the tarot decks behind the counter. This is weirdly comforting and specific, though not in the style of perfumes I enjoy wearing. I'm so glad I got the decant of it, though!
  7. AprilB

    I Wish I Were Your Mirror

    This is very myrrh-forward, with a bit of spiciness under all that sweet, heady resin of the frankincense and myrrh. The cassia-myrrh combo is less punch-you-in-the-face intense and dark than the cassia-myrrh combo in Wolf Moon 2020. I don't get the lily water until it dries, and I find it a very pleasant and subtle element in the perfume. It's not papery, and doesn't really remind me of other white floral notes. It's very true to the scent of the flower, I think. But, to sum up, if you love myrrh, and sweet, heady resin, I think you'll probably enjoy this.