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Honey, Italian Bergamot and Frankincense

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[No additional description provided.]


Honey and frankincense, with the barest hint of bergamot. Strong honey scent, with the frankincense adding a sweet, smoky depth to the scent. I cannot pick out the bergamot, but I think it's adding to the overall sweetness of the scent. As this is the only scent I got from The Honey Pot collection, I do not know how this stacks against the others, but this is very much a honey scent.

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In the bottle: Honey and frankincense.


On my skin:


Wet, it's honey and bergamot, with honey as the main note and bergamot providing a bright, citrusy accent. As it dries, the frankincense comes back out, providing a soft, powdery, resin as a grounding note. Ultimately, this settles down to a light, bright, but three-dimensional honey scent on me. The bergamot's citrus is fresh and bright, cutting the honey's sweetness while the frankincense's incensy resin provides a more sedate and grounding sweetness. The honey is still the central note, but I find the bergamot and frankincense keep the honey from becoming cloying or overpowering.


The result on me is a very light and wearable honey. I'd liken it to Matthew 18:6, though I'm finding this Honey Pot blend lighter and brighter than that one. The throw is on the softer side of average, possibly making this a good choice for warmer weather, but frankincense is a great fixative on me, so I get wear length for days. (Okay, maybe not actual days. But a solid 12 hours, however faintly.)

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The only other Honey Pot I've tried is Sweet Labdanum, which was primarily about the labdanum.  Honey, Italian Bergamot and Frankincense is more of a honey-forward scent on me.  At first I can mainly pick out warm honey grounded with frankincense, but as it dries down the bergamot becomes more perceptible, adding some brightness.  After eight hours or so, the citrus has receded again and left me with a skin scent of honey and frankincense -- this is a sweeter frank, not the super dry one.  I don't get much throw (rarely do with my chemistry), but this is really good wear length for me.  A beautifully balanced daytime scent I can see wearing all year round.  

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