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No. 123, keeps a first class house, with six lady boarders, handsomely dressed, of pleasing manners, ready wit, and sparkling eyes. It is the finest house on the street, and superbly furnished.

Effervescent grapefruit musk with a cluster of jasmine petals and a swish of blood orange and lime.

I really hate to review first but this is beautiful and deserves praise. It's less effervescent than expected but there's a mimosa quality at the onset. This would be the orange and the bubbly note. I'm getting just a hint of the lime and it's authentic, less sugared than the note in Clown Princess of Crime or the Single Note released earlier this year or last?


The jasmine is definitely present and supports and bridges the sparkling opening but this becomes all about the grapefruit musk thirty minutes or so and this dominates the dry phase. This note is fresh, youthful, and uplifting. The musk is a low pitched thrumming which grounds and complements the grapefruit and jasmine beautifully. It also marks this scent as a fragrance rather than an aromatherapy blend, yet I nevertheless appreciate the mood elevation and cognitive boosting effect from the citrus, in particular the grapefruit. Adjectives which come to mind are youthful, upscale, optimistic, ebullient.


I am eternally grateful to my Fairy for purchasing this on my behalf. I think it's best for Spring however I will look to this for an uplifting feeling in the Winter when sunny days, warmth, and tanned skin are fading memory. I'm glad to have a bottle and would gladly purchase a backup if they're offered on Etsy or secondary market sales.

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Bubbly citrus jasmine. This smells like a refine orange blossom cologne. There's something slightly old timey about it. Delicate, citrusy, floral. This is the sort of perfume for a refined lady. Medium throw and wear length.

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