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BPAL Madness!

Bread-and-Butterfly - Resurrected

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These long-dead scents are back for a limited time in a slightly tweaked form!

`Crawling at your feet,' said the Gnat (Alice drew her feet back in some alarm), `you may observe a Bread-and-Butterfly. Its wings are thin slices of Bread-and-butter, its body is a crust, and its head is a lump of sugar.'

`And what does IT live on?'

`Weak tea with cream in it.'

Bread, lightly buttered, with weak tea, cream, and a lump of white sugar.

The original Bread-and-Butterfly is one of my favourites, so I was very interested to see what the resurrected version would be like.

I can definitely tell which ingredient is no longer available to the lab: it's the one the gave Bread-and-Butterfly it's (divisive?) licorice-y tea note. Without it, Bread-and-Butterfly Resurrected is much gentler and milkier.

When I first sniffed it, I immediately though, "That's not it," but in retrospect I realize that's unfair of me. It can't be the original. What this is is a a re-envisioning of the concept, and it's a good one: it's white untoasted bread with butter (I sense butter CO2), a little bit of sugar, and cream. It's not the same Bread-and-Butterfly, but it's certainly a Bread-and-Butterfly.

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Bread and Butterfly was my first bpal. It was forced upon me by a friend during a tough time in my life. The first time i sniffed it i was taken aback. I couldn't believe how delicious it was. I immediately went to the website on my phone only to find it was discontinued. I horded the imp and looked for almost a year for more. But it was beloved and no one wanted to give theirs up even to sell. totally understandable, I would be the same lol So when resurrected a forum member shot me a message on here letting me know it was resurrected. I immediately nabbed two bottled and waited. I came home the night it arrived and dabbed it on one wrist with the last drop of the original on my other. My reaction was much like the previous reviewers. "that's not it."


HOWEVER... it's very good still. You can still tell what it is. It's so hard to put my finger on but missing the slight "toastiness". Maybe that's the licorice-y tea note that the previous reviewer refers to. I'm going to see how this ages. I'm glad to have the resurrected version even if it's not exactly the same. I still love it!


​If you didn't get to try it before definitely pick up a bottle before it's gone.

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I am comparing this to the original. It’s an aged imp (from 2013) from one of my early Lab orders.


I was sad when this was abruptly discontinued, so I am really happy that it was resurrected for a short time!


In the bottle: This smells sweeter to me than the imp from 2013, and the aged imp smells lighter. The bread is definitely buttery, but I swear I get bergamot here (possibly part of the tea?) that I do not get from the aged imp. I get the sugar and cream behind those notes.


Wet: Yes, there is a citrus aspect to this that’s quite prominent on me. It actually smells like an orange creamsicle on me for a bit, thanks to the citrus and cream (I get a lot more cream from this version than the original), before the buttery toast gains prominence. I never got this prominent of a citrus note from the original version, even when it was fresh. As it sits on my skin, the black tea base starts to gain strength. The original is lighter and cleaner. This is a lot foodier. The original is more about the tea, and this is a lot stronger on the buttered white bread (this is far more buttery). I feel like the strong buttered toast is more in the vein of Drink Me.


Dry: The buttered aspect of the toast isn’t as strong as it was before. I am getting more of the white sugar now as well as more tea, but the tea note isn’t as prominent as it is in the original.


After about an hour, the Resurrected version starts to resemble the original… you can still tell they aren’t the same, but it’s evident that they’re related.


Comparing the two scents (one on each wrist) after several hours, they resemble each other a little more, but the above observations hold true (more buttery than the original but not as buttery as it was before, with more tea and sugar now, but the tea isn’t as prominent as it is in the original).


Verdict: Of course, my imp is five years old, so the comparison is kind of unfair. But I think I may actually like the Resurrected version better? It’s stronger and far more gourmand thanks to the buttered bread and cream playing greater roles in this one. I like that I got some bergamot during the wet phase more than the weak (black) tea base. And while the Lab’s black tea note can sometimes have an anise-y quality to it on me, I am not getting any of that here.


It’s not the same, but if you like the idea of the tea playing less of a role and aren’t averse to buttered bread, I’d recommend grabbing a bottle of it. :)


I am glad I did. :cheers:

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*I never tried the original.


In the bottle: overly sweet latte


Wet: It smells exactly like popcorn flavored dum dum pops.


Warming: Still getting dum dum pops, although it’s calmed down a bit, and gotten a little creamier.

Drydown: Butterscotch candies. The kind that come in the orange wrapper that your grandmother always had.

Dry: It’s quite a bit calmer now – it’s softer, closer to the skin, and much less ‘carnival.’ It reminds me a little of Miskatonic University actually. I’m getting a very very sweet, but soft latte smell. Frothed cream, a heaping helping of white sugar, and a splash of something a little nutty (that vaguely mimics coffee. Maybe hazelnut?) I can tell it wants to go to white bread, but it’s so drowned in sugar that it’s hard for me to pick it out. The bread is less of a forefront note and more of a scent I can taste at the back of my throat.


I like where this one is trying to go, and I’m going to hold onto it and let it age a bit to see if I can get the popcorn/butterscotch to calm down and let the toast/tea through more.

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I wasn't able to try this before it got discon'd. I bought a bottle of it once (aftermarket) and received a bottle of fractionated coconut oil and was super mad and stopped looking for it. So I was excited that it made a comeback! Not sure why I think I will like it, these are not typical notes I go for....



Wet: Lots of warm brown sugar. I know it says white in the description, but I swear this is caramelly brown sugar! It's yummy. Some lemony tea is coming out a bit too. Overall this is a warm, comforting, snugly scent so far. It makes me want a cup of tea and some sort of baked good, and I feel like it'll be super comforting in the winter.


Dry: This doesn't morph much. I never get the bread, the butter, much of the tea, or anything much really other than sugar. A bit of cream. But mostly brown sugar. It's cozy and comforting. I don't love it, but I think it has a place in my collection. I don't own many scents like this anymore, as I have moved away from gourmands, but I still get nostalgic for one once in a while.

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I thought I had reviewed this, but apparently not! Like other posts I am in love with the original formula, so when I tried on the Ressurected version I was sadly disappointed. Unfortunately for me, the new version just didn't work. 


Bottle: Smells more buttery and maple syrupy than the original I have. 
On: There's something I can't pick that is really familiar. Like a fake smell? Toast? Plastic? Right at the end of my nose. Like rice! Toasted rice. Not as buttery as the original so far. Shorter throw.  
5 mins: very toast, very rice in my opinion. Not really sweet so if you prefer less sugary scents you might like this but I don't as much. I preferred the buttery warmth of the original. 
30mins: Very short throw. I kind of get an impression of bread and butter at the end but not enough. Have to touch my nose to wrist. So much toast. Not really bread to me because it reminds me so much of rice. My mom used to toast up rice and I really liked eating it, but as a perfume it doesn't speak bread and butter to me. 
1 hour: Nope, not for me. Couldn't stand it in the end and washed off. So sad :(


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Found my detailed review to add!

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It is not as sweet as I expected, lovely nevertheless. It smells of butter on warm toast, with cinammon and sugar sprinkled on top. The tea note is strong during the first hour, like Earl Grey but not quite (more lemon-y). 

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