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  1. fizzbangdangcharade


    2018 In the bottle and on my skin this smells EXACTLY like my favorite alcoholic cider. Apples simmered in spices (mainly cinnamon, but the other spices are definitely there.) I imagine the ale note is what's giving it that slightly boozy, fermented undertone Much later, this has dried down and the apples and ale are gone, and I'm getting a really soft, creamy, sweet spiced milk. There's almost zero throw, I have to stick my nose right on my skin to smell it, but it's such a surprisingly comforting scent I don't mind. I'm not usually fond of the smell of milk in any form, but the spice and sugar make this more than bearable. Overall, this is a really nice, subtle fall smell. It's definitely going to be in heavy rotation this winter.
  2. fizzbangdangcharade

    The Temptation of St. Nick

    It took me awhile to nail down what this reminded me of. In the bottle: Nutella? Yea, this mostly reminds me of nutella. Hazelnuts and chocolate. Wet on my skin + drydown: Tootsie Rolls. It smells exactly like tootsie rolls on me. Dry: Much later in the day I lost the Tootsie Rolls, and the spice came out - at one point, I was getting something that reminded me of drinking hot chocolate by a fireplace. Close to the skin I got spicy chocolate, but the throw had something in it that read 'burning wood' to me. End of the day: This softened down into 'mexican hot chocolate' and stuck much closer to my skin. Overall this is really nice, it's warm and sweet without being too foody. This is easily my favorite chocolate themed scent I've tried, and I can't wait to see how it ages. It's so cozy, and I really enjoy how all the additional notes add depth and flavor to that cacao base. Throw on this one is pretty high for me - lasted an entire 8 hour work day.
  3. fizzbangdangcharade


    In the bottle: Very strong honey- the kind that's been sitting in the cupboard for ages now, darkened and a little too thick. Wet: That same aged honey scent, but now I'm getting a touch of spice and something mildly medicinal. Warming: The spices are starting to warm, and the honey is getting lighter (it smells closer to honey you get that's still a pretty golden color, no weird crystals or extra thickness.) The light medicinal smell has gone. Drydown: This smells like you dumped a bunch of honey in a saucepan, threw in some lovely spice (cloves for sure, a touch of cinnamon, not sure if the pepper is there or not) and let it simmer. Something reminiscent of the medicinal smell came back, but it's not really medicinal. It reminds me a bit of the way caramels smell/taste after they've gotten a little too warm and then cooled - the barest hint of cherry but mostly something that bites. I'm not sure what note this is that's giving me that, and it's not entirely unpleasant, as it's an undercurrent of the honeyed spice. This one is nice. Not necessarily something I'd want to get a full bottle of, but definitely one I'll hold onto (I'll be interested to see how it ages.) Weird side note, I showered and after noticed that this one was a bit more stubborn in coming off- however combined with my soap, the remnants turned into straight play-doh. I've had other scents that stuck around after showering, but this is the first that went gross on me.
  4. fizzbangdangcharade


    I got this as a frimp, and although so far I've had zero luck with any scent that had almond in it due to my skin turning it to play-doh, I figured I'd try it anyway. In the bottle: super spicy, a little sweet. Wet: This smells a LOT like a small local festival in my area that's basically ren faire, but with the fur trade era (think people dressed in hand made leathers and furs, bone jewelry, pelts, spices, candies - and everything being sold out of teepees and wigwams.) So much beautiful spice, with a sweet undercurrent and the hint of fur musk. Warming: The spice is really amping up, and I'm getting more of the sweet now. The musk has all but faded. Drydown: The sweetness and spice are now on even ground. The hint of musk is gone. I'm really glad I got this as a frimp! I would have avoided it due to my past experiences with almond scents, but this is so so good on me. And it really does remind me of that festival (which is technically a re-enactment.) It also reminds me little bit of Fireball whiskey, now that I think about it. Especially late into the drydown. Which is fine with me, since cinnamon whiskey is the only whiskey I like. This is going on my list of full bottles.
  5. fizzbangdangcharade


    I got this as a frimp awhile back, and while it sounds lovely on paper... In the bottle: wow, that smells like an expensive department store shoved into the space of a storage unit Wet: I'm living vicariously through this right now - like I just sprinted through the perfume department of sears 40+ years ago Warming: Still perfume. At this point I've asked a handful of people what it smells like. All answers are in the same 'rich old lady perfume' vein. Drydown: Yet and still really expensive ladies perfume. Like I imagine a beautiful woman in furs and feathers shopping for fine china in this. I really wish this had smelled more like the notes listed on me. And while what I got definitely made me think 'Manhattan', it made me think the Manhattan of a bygone era: everyone dressed to the nines, and department stores in their heyday of expensive gleaming items, coveted catalogs, and the prestige of owning three sets of china.
  6. fizzbangdangcharade

    Mary Read

    Sadly, 75% of the day this just smelled like a generic men's soap on me. Not in a bad way, but I've never been fond of that 'ocean' scent (which is more or less what this smells like on me - like an ocean breeze candle that's lit for awhile. The slight scent of burning wick is there, which I think is the gunpowder.) Eventually the ocean scent leaves and I'm left with Sarsaparilla - soft and sweet. I got this as a frimp, was super intrigued by the listed notes, and then sadly reminded how anything aquatic doesn't seem to want to to work for me. I may try this one again later, after I've let the imp age a bit. Throw: low to non-existent as the day goes by. Last: about 6 hours or so and then I can barely catch a whiff of it with my nose to my skin.
  7. fizzbangdangcharade


    So I also get cookies from this, but where everyone else seems to be getting gingersnaps I'm getting molasses cookies. In the bottle: Molasses cookies, straight up Wet: Still molasses cookies. Warm, and brown sugary goodness Warming: Seriously, baking cookies. That's all I'm getting. Drydown: The cookie scent calms down, and starts going more toward the herb/resin scent. As the cookie fades the throw gets closer to the skin. At one point, when I moved I got cookie. But when I sniffed my wrists, I got a spicy resin/herb scent. Hours later: I sniffed my wrist again hours later, and realized it'd changed again. And there's the ginger! A nice sweet, fruity ginger, reminiscent of the ginger in Kumiho. I can still get a little of the sugar and resin/herb underneath, which gives it a touch more bite than Kumiho though. All in all I really like this one! I actually like it a bit better than Miskatonic (this loses the sweet, gains some nice spice, and then ends in a lighter/wet sweet/spicy. Whereas Miskatonic loses the sweet and sits at the 'old book' smell and then never changes.)
  8. fizzbangdangcharade


    In the bottle: Concentrated mixture of molasses and honey stowed somewhere dark and cool (sweet but not syrupy sweet.) Wet: Lots of honey and molasses - maybe a touch of the sugar cane. It reminds me a little of those honey sticks you find at various food shops. Warm up: The sugar is getting a little sweeter, like it's melting a bit. Imagine cold, thick honey and molasses tossed into a sauce pot and turned on low. As it warms it loosens, and the sugars melt a bit and get a touch sweeter. Drydown: The sweet smell starts being taken over by the oakwood - the oakwood scent actually reminds me a lot of the second phase of Miskantonic on me. But where that scent goes all the way old paper/ink smell, this never fully looses the sweet of the other notes. Honestly, this is what I imagine the wood of an oakwood barrel would smell like if you stored this sweet concoction in it, emptied it, tried to clean it, and then gave up because it's no use trying to scrub that out. Throw: This one has low throw on me. It's a nice, close to the skin scent. I'll be curious to see how this one ages.
  9. fizzbangdangcharade


    In the bottle: Syrupy sweet ginger tea Wet: The thick sticky syrup is gone; the white tea is blossoming out, getting lighter and brighter as it unfurls from my skin Warming: It smells like it's sparkling. The bouquet of white tea is sweet without being overly sugary or heavy. The ginger helps keep the sweet in check; it doesn't add any spice or bite (like many ginger items do) it just blends nicely. Drydown: Since I put it on, I almost feel like the scent has been unfurling. Like a thick mist rolling off of my skin, slowly spreading and evening out. The scent itself has remained unchanged (not too surprising, given it's two notes) but honestly it's nice in its simplicity. At this point it's mellowed out - my warm skin has burnt off the excess scent, and now I've got just the right amount to retain a day long aura that fills my personal space. I think of this as 'clean' but not in a rain/water kind of way. It's simple. It's bright, it's light, and where some scents may feel darker, more complex and 'dirty,' this is the opposite. I put this on and I see a beautiful woman in white standing in the middle of a dirt road amid a warm summer rain. She beckons you closer, and as you oblige you notice the rain never seems to touch her. Closer still, and you can see a soft mist rising from her flesh. She smiles, and it's a little too long, a little too wrong. This one is going on the list of full bottle purchases.
  10. fizzbangdangcharade

    Jolly Roger

    I actually reviewed this on the site before I realized this place existed: On me this smells exactly like I’m standing on a pier in southern Florida, staring out at the boats on the Gulf. If I smell my wrist where I applied the oil, I get mostly the scent of the spices they use in rum (with a touch of ceder.) The scent, as it wafts up to me, smells exactly like a wooden pier. That sort of old, water logged timber that’s caked in sea (ocean) salt. The salty ocean scent is more prominent, the wood a nice undertone. It’s not until near the end of the day that any sort of leather comes through (and it’s an old sort of leather, the kind that’s seen a lot of sun and sea.) Why I ended up trading this off to my roommate- I live in the Midwest. Going around smelling prominently of ocean water is a little disconcerting. It sort of clashes with the natural Midwestern nature smell that’s far removed from palm trees and white sand beaches. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. It’s just not something I personally could wear everyday.
  11. fizzbangdangcharade


    Oh boy, this one I have a love hate relationship with. In the bottle: That smells kind of like...a urinal cake. Wet: Still urinal cake..with a hint of alcohol. So....drunkenly dared to use a urinal cake as cologne? Warming: Less alcohol, and I think this is starting to morph a little...still not overly pleasant to my noise but getting less gross fake pine smell Drydown: Now it's starting to smell more like a really nice mens cologne. All those spices are coming through wonderfully, riding on a current of a scent I'm not sure of...but it's something I've smelled before in other "masculine" scented stuff. Fully dry: None of that gross fake pine/urinal cake smell left. It's all spice, and man. If this didn't spend so much time smelling so nasty to me, I'd buy more. I got this as a frimp, and gave it to my male roommate. It starts pretty much the same way on him, but spends less time there. It really only needs to warm on him before the spice and cologne comes out. So at least he can enjoy this one.
  12. fizzbangdangcharade


    This was a frimp, and of all of the BPAL woodsy/pine scents I've tried this is the closest to smelling like a proper northern pine forest. I actually really liked it, but sadly it started to irritate my skin, and trigger my sinus allergies. In the bottle: Dried herbs, like shoving your face into a nice home-grown spice rack. And some strong minty resin smell binding them all together Wet: Still lots of nice dry herbs, but the minty resin has changed into something much more pleasant. It's mint to be sure, but not straight menthol. It smells like a minty variant of 'generic pine' smell Warming: Everything is starting to blend to make a really nice 'forest' smell. As in, it actually smells almost like real pine trees?! This actually surprised me, considering I'd never smelled a scent that came close to real trees. This is also where it started to irritate my skin. drydown: This smells really nice! Like pine trees in winter. Close together in a grove, dead needles at your feet. Everything is dry but still alive, you get hints of bark and sap in addition to the needles. The scent of snow is in the air, crisp and chill. Sadly, this is where I started noticing my throat getting scratchy. I'm really sad I'm allergic to this one. By the time the dry down hit I had to scrub it off. But for the time it was on, it was surprisingly nice! so far I've found no woodsy scents I'm not allergic to, so this one being no different doesn't really surprise me. I passed this on to a friend who really adored it, so thankfully I found someone who could make the most of it.
  13. fizzbangdangcharade

    Blood Kiss

    Romantically gothic; a fey beast hiding in human form. In the bottle: boozy blood orange. Kind of reminds me of a brandy old fashioned a little actually. Wet: Still boozy blood orange, but as it dries it looses the booze and replaces it with something sweet. Warming: The booze is fully gone, and smells exactly like those Sanpellegrino italian sodas (the blood orange one specifically.) Drydown: The orange is retreating, and I'm getting this super lovely creamy spice. My oh my this smells amazing. Sweet, spicy, and a little bit feral. Definitely the clove coming out (and bringing the vanilla and honey with it.) I'm also getting the faintest hint of what might be the musk. It's the slightest hint of fur beneath the sweet and spice. This one is going on the list of to-buy for full bottles. I love orange, especially blood orange. And the way it's dancing between sweet and spicy is fantastic. Side note: This one belongs to my (male) roommate. On him it starts like orange sweet tarts, mellows into a cherry orange punch, and then nose dives straight into spicy vanilla. While I've got a nice sweet and spicy balance when dry, he goes straight from super sweet to super spicy. It reminds me of this "Venetian Vanilla" bath soap I had for awhile on him - vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg..aka vanilla and pie spices.
  14. fizzbangdangcharade


    In the bottle: Cherry cough syrup. The kind you give little kids that's mostly sugar. Wet: Maraschino cherries and a touch of spice Warming: The cherries are fading and being replaced by..licorice Drydown: Cherries are basically gone, this is almost straight black licorice on me (there's still that hint of sickeningly sweet in the background.) This was a frimp, and while I like the idea....it's two things I hate with a passion: Maraschino cherries and anise/black licorice. Had it gone a more proper cherry/musk route I may have kept it, but this was immediately given to my (male) roommate on who it just smells like sweet cherry candy.
  15. fizzbangdangcharade


    100% Red Hots. In the bottle, and on my skin. I love it something fierce, but sadly it irritates my skin (fitting, considering the candies used to make my entire mouth hurt with their firey goodness.) This is one I'll hold onto until I can pick up a scent locket or something.