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BPAL Madness!

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It smells like spiders getting drunk. It smells like Seabiscuit and your parents getting divorced.

A scent for the consummate gentleman thrasher: Oiled black leather, grease paint, and aftershave.

i'd been waiting for someone else to get this going, but i guess everyone else was doing the same thing?

i suck at being the first, so forgive me.

in the bottle and wet on my crazy skin, it smells like a cute boy who uses Irish Spring soap. which i love that scent, so i'm fine with that.

after it settles in, and for about six hours after, it is a cute boy who's used Irish Spring soap, but now is wearing a heavy black leather motorcycle jacket.

i can't say i got greasepaint, but that is a smell i know... maybe my brain's translating the greasepaint note into "cute boy" ?

overall, i really like this... and it is yet another in my BPAL collection that is essentially a memory in a tiny bottle.

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I tested this at DragCon and posted my impression of in the Con thread, but since I only really got to pay attention to it when it was freshly applied to one of my boyfriend’s fingers, I decided to get a decant of it to do a proper test.


In the decant: When I tested this at the convention, I thought this one was rather cologne-y, and now I see why. I am only getting the aftershave from the decant.


Wet: The aftershave is the most prominent aspect of the scent, but now I can smell the leather behind it. It’s not a sharp chemically black leather, and it is not nearly as strong as the aftershave note. I totally get TTP’s description of cute boy that’s used Irish Spring soap in a leather jacket. I’m not getting any of the greasepaint.


Dry: The aftershave note still dominates, but it’s softer than it was before, and I’m getting more of the leather now. There’s something in the background now that I think may be the greasepaint note, or perhaps the oiled part of the leather. I’m not sure.


Verdict: I think this one is nice. I don’t think it’s something I’d reach for myself, but it’s something that I would appreciate on a guy. I’ll have to try it on mine and see if he likes it. It’s too bad that I’ve never encountered a metalhead that actually smells like this!

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Grease paint, clean aftershave and a whiff of leather. This oddly enough reminds me to theater. It's a clean manly blend, but definitely got that theater vibe going. Good throw and wear length.

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This is a nostalgic scent that sets my heart all a-flutter.


It smells like a very clean young man wearing his best leather jacket and little too much aftershave, trying to impress someone.


Aw, I remember when boys used to try and impress me.


Now, they're all like "Madam, you look frail and decrepit. May I escort away from this mosh pit and to a safer place, perhaps a diner with a senior menu?"


In the bottle this smells very distinctly of original Irish Spring soap.The soapy quality never quite goes away, but it does mellow beautifully as the greasepaint, leather, and aftershave notes develop on warm skin.


I agree with zankoku-zen that it does smell a little like a theater.In spite of the name, Whiff-Lash is not harsh at all. It is playful, fresh, and downright charming.

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This scent has me grinning b/c it's so unabashedly "boy." It's like... what a young guy would wear on his first date, where he knows he has to smell nice and he has to smell like a MAN. Or maybe... what a chick would wear if she was pretending to be a man, cause this is totes what men smell like, so who would suspect? :tongue: It's what the male cast smells like in Grease.


Iconic 50's bad boy - cleanly washed, cleanly shaven , with well combed hair and a leather jacket. It's not the kind of sent I would normally go for, but I can't deny it's pop culturey goodness.


P.S. Lol. I just read your review crimescenecleanup, and it seems we were definitely on the same wavelength! Thank you for frimping me as well. :heart:

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in the bottle it's a nice leather and grease, but on my skin it's all aftershave :( a very clean, soapy aftershave

now "soapy" on my skin is usually a skin chemistry thing, but with an aftershave note it's hard to know for sure


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