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BPAL Madness!

Recommendations For These Very Particular Notes

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Hi, I'm new here! I'm looking to make my first purchase directly from BPAL, and would like some help from the experienced. :smile:


I'm looking for recommendations on fragrances that have any prominent notes of musk, patchouli, tobacco, incense, spice, honey, and maybe amber and sandalwood.


I'm not too keen on heavy florals or fruits.


I already have WILF, Snake Oil, O, Lust and Die Sundë, Vom Tod Verfolgt.


Currently in my BPAL cart, I have Perversion, Scherezade and The Antikythera Mechanism. I'm looking to get perhaps two more fragrances to go with these choices.


I like the looks of Shub-Niggurath, Dragon's Musk, Dorian (out of stock), Miskatonic University (out of stock), Sin, Bien Loin D'Ici, Schwarzer Mond, Siberian Musk SN and Black Temple Burlesque Troupe (the last three scents I can get them from a local BPAL collector).


I prefer something from the general catalogue, or at least still purchasable from the site. What would be good based on my taste?


Your help is appreciated! Thank you.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of BPAL!


While the notes you list may seem particular and specific, you will find SOOOOOO many amazing BPAL blends that include them (we sound like scent twins LOL) ... I'd have to look over years and years worth of my own reviews but my advice to you would be to set aside an evening (or two), and go over the reviews here on the forum ... definitely start with the "General Catalogue" scents for more immediate gratification and more likelihood of finding them.


Scherezade is a win win win in my book, maybe my favorite GC scent, period.


One of my top three is absolutely Shub Niggurath, but be forewarned that the very most prominent note(s) in that is/are GINGER and that is one you don't list. If you don't think you'll like ginger, Shub may not be for you. It's amazing, though. The third I'd suggest that is not on your list but is a GC is Fenris Wolf which is very ambery and musky and sandalwoody and delicious.


Good luck and have fun! Swaps and buying up big bags of GC imps are a good way to start ... even ones you don't like, you can include in future swaps for ones you DO like or want to try! You'll find BPALers to be very generous and helpful ... I'd definitely try to start with folks who are local to you though (countrywise) because otherwise the shipping (both price and manner of having to go to the PO and do paperwork) can put some people off (I, admittedly, will no longer swap or buy internationally for this reason ... my local PO is awful).


But there are BPAListas all over the world and many are less crotchety than I am!

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I will second Scherezade and Fenris Wolf as favorites. Sin is amazing. Maybe consider Anteros, The Coiled Serpent, Haunted, Fake News and Aureus? Good luck! :-)

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I recommend looking up reviews on any perfumes you are interested in, or any that are suggested. It really helps in reading how a scent works (or doesn't work) on someone, so it can give you an idea if it might be something you want to try, or pass on. The review pages really helped me a lot when I first got into BPAL. :)

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Your tastes seems very similar to mine. Most of these scents are pretty gender neutral unless specified otherwise. All or GC.


Satyr, Phoenix Steam Works, Tezcatlipoca, Bow and Crown of Conquest and Voodoo were all big bottle purchases for me.


Fenris Wolf, Theives' Rosin, Oblivion, Vixen (more feminine), The Coiled Serpent, Salome (feminine), Haunted, Black Rider and Debauchery are also very nice and possibly up your ally.


White Rider, Half Elf, and Kyoto (feminine) all have really nice sandalwood in their mix. I LOVE Kyoto, but I like licorice a lot. The Mouses Sad Long Tale is very nice too, and more obviously light/feminine.


I know you said you aren't into florals, but if you can stand them at all, Defutata, Bast, and Masquerade are gorgeous.


Hope that big ol' list helps, :smile: and welcome to the madness!


P.S. Those 3 you already have on your list are good choices. ;)


Shub- Niggurath and Miskatonic University both went into definite foody territory on me, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but just letting you know in case you aren't looking for that.

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One I don't see anyone mentioning is Morocco. It does have cassia in it so maybe that's why? But it's a great scent and I don't get any floral from it.



The intoxicating perfume of exotic incenses wafting on warm desert breezes. Arabian spices wind through a blend of warm musk, carnation, red sandalwood and cassia.

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Off your list of ones you are looking at already - Sin!! It's gorgeous and only gets better with age. Spice and patchouli heaven!!



ETA: Of and maybe add Le Lethe to your list, it's one of my favourite GC tobacco scents. Same with Elegba, but that's more summery to me.

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czernobog the gc for the musks!

interfector for the tobacco

exorcist for the labdanum (a note used in many glorious amber blends)

coyote for that musk

qandisa and the cat and the many fine honeys in the rappaccini's garden

doc constantine and wild men of jezirat al tennyn from the carnaval

hmmm, most of my fave patchouli scents seem to be LEs

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and if you venture over into the realm of trading post wares, the amber patchouli hair gloss is one of my favorite scents ever. exactly what it says it is, but perfectly so!

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