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BPAL Madness!

Think Snow For Me Atmosphere Spray

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What we need, said Wednesday, suddenly, is snow. A good, driving, irritating snow. Think snow for me, will you?


Concentrate on making those cloudsthe ones over there, in the westmaking them bigger and darker. Think gray skies and driving winds coming down from the arctic. Think snow.

I dont think it will do any good.

Nonsense. If nothing else, it will keep your mind occupied, said Wednesday, unlocking the car. Kinkos next. Hurry up.

Snow, thought Shadow, in the passenger seat, sipping his hot chocolate. Huge, dizzying clumps and clusters of snow falling through the air, patches of white against an iron-gray sky, snow that touches your tongue with cold and winter, that kisses your face with its hesitant touch before freezing you to death. Twelve cotton-candy inches of snow, creating a fairy-tale world, making everything unrecognizably beautiful . . .

Snow, thought Shadow. High in the atmosphere, perfect, tiny crystals that form about a minute piece of dust, each a lacelike work of fractal art. And the snow crystals clump together into flakes as they fall, covering Chicago in their white plenty, inch upon inch . . .

Snow upon snow upon snow.

I'm very happy to have this bottle in the middle of summer! My favorite thing to do in the heat is to spray down my bed linens with cool-scented atmos (The Cemetery, Many Years Ago is probably my favorite to use for this purpose), and Think Snow For Me is going to be excellent. Most of what I get is the cold minty kind of snow note. This snow note usually doesn't play nicely on my skin, but it's a wonderful scent that makes for an excellent room/linen spray. Backing up the cold minty snow is that lovely soft sweet snow note. It's reminding me of Go to Sleep Darlings (from several Yules ago). Overall, this spray is lovely, and I'd say it's a must have if you love snow scents.

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I've always wanted bpal's snow note as a room spray, and here it is ^_^ chilly, slushy, weirdly realistic, ever-so-slightly minty, snow note. Spraying this in a room makes it feel like you have snow melting all over the place. It's clean (but not soapy), refreshing, cool, and delicately sweet. I think this makes a perfect home fragrance.

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It's the minty snow note, not the slightly citrusy one that reminds me of 7UP which I prefer. Oh well!

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