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  1. zazkea

    Puppet Kitty

    Imp sharp lavender, laundry, child skin (the oil is colorless) On skin Uhum! *cough. Well... it is EXACTLY the scent of a very old/used plushie. BUT that plushie contains the tears, sweat, spit, and whatever the plushie has experienced in the company of a child. ... Many... many... many years of such. That is too realistic for me. I cannot cope with the whole tears, sweat, spit, child skin (musk) smell around me. The lavender was also too sharp on my skin; not the ones I am used to from the lab (and I really like lavender). As such, this smell is not at all warm and comforting, but very annoying on my skin. Thus, the first time, I washed it off. But for review purposes, I did it again and: Later Well luckily for me, this becomes laundry later on (finally a washed plushie, yey!). The lavender eventually becomes more sweet as well. The imp may work on the pillow for the night. But the scent takes too much time to get from the initial sweat/spit/tears/life smell to a cleaner laundry with sweet lavender mist smell. I am so glad that I could try from an imp first, cause the half bottle I ordered from my circle will have to go to the swaps. Thus This scent shows the perfume artistry bpal and Beth can evoke: images and associations. It again shows that the lab's oils are very unique. This specific one is intimate and personal. Thus, I am glad I tried, despite the spit experience. This scent is like a look into someone else's life. And as such it is very beautiful and artistic! Because how on earth do you get it to smell exactly like that old plushie... I wished it had worked for me.
  2. zazkea


    This has been described a lot, and much of my review repeats what has already been said: Frimp: myrrh en frankincense. (golden brown oil color) Skin, wet: Only the frankincense, but myrrh usually tends to have no scent on my skin. However, myrrh likely makes it sweeter. The image is: A place: a general (not catholic church) sanctuary, with stone figures on both sides and some candles, but also colourful fabrics, and a bit deteriorated shelter around it. The religion is none I'd know, so it may be more the belief of the people holding this together; but if this place is deserted, then who has lightened up the incense and candles? Dry: This is a comforting mood-scent. It shifts a bit too much towards frankincense, and this is just tamed by resins. Unfortunately as usual, the myrrh vanishes upon skin contact. Hm - I can't wear this every day, but I like this scent very much.
  3. zazkea

    Marquise de Merteuil

    In the imp (decant from an older bottle): floral, peach. (the color of the oil is orange) On skin, wet to dry down: I really like this. I am glad I get flowers and peach, because I like those. But there is something in the image, that is the opposite of kind; this is the image it evokes for my brain: It is indeed only a perfume for aristocrats. But, moreover, there is something witty, seductive and merciless / without soul in it. Something of high beauty and perfected costume and appearance, that would offer you to sit at a table (the table has a bouquet of big, french flowers on it). And in making polite conversations, you'd be reminded of your lower status -very politely indeed-, before some kind of wish would be expressed to you (the conversation tone would make sure that the beautiful being would likely kill your relatives if you didnt comply to that wish). In that sense: perfect for meetings in a hierarchical job. It provides some power (not the good power, more the decisive, overruling, egocentric, yet very polite power). The thing is, I see myself at the other side of that table with flowers. So: I can't really wear this, unless I am on stage in a similar role and acting, or in the mood for the scent, while reading a book at home that has a very polite but heartless villain in it. Dried-down, a bit later: Next to peach, floral, with a whiff of amber, it is now a bit powdery (in a good way). It is high status and beautiful. You may think it is kind and good, but it is not. The thing is; you can't see whether its kind or not, because you can't put your finger on it, but there is something in the back instinctively warning you that the flowers and peach are just a show.
  4. zazkea

    Earth Dog

    On my skin, it smells exactly like my first Singapore visit, and it fits the idea of intermingling of cultures and their religions. So when I went back to Singapore to work there for 10 months, I left this at my home, as to be reminded of the city, when I come back I like the idea of having SO many scents in it. It is very complex. I like how it combines on my skin, as playful scents (i.e. mandarin, bamboo), heavy scents (tangerine, plum blossom, orange), strange scents (i.e., kumquat), and familiar scents (i.e. sandalwood, pine resin). Plus, I just love peach in any form. I didnt smell patchouli, lychee, dragons blood, and lotus, even not when searching for them (the reason may be that it is very well-blended). Some moments in the drydown phase, orange came a bit too much for my taste, but then it went away again, to leave a perfectly balanced scent to wear, that equals out the individual notes. In sum, I like it mostly because it combines qualities I appreciate: a bit woody, flowerly, and fruity And I like the theory behind this scent (aka description) with wishing all the best for: flexibility, perseverance, courage, hope, wealth, purity, happiness, household peace, constancy, prosperity, fortune, longevity -- and then even bringing those concepts back down to earth, saying kiss my ass, NianNian (who however wasnt so rampaging when I was in Singapore ). This mindset very well captures some of the Chinese religious ideas that I encounter here, and it is just SO cool that all of this is in a perfume (if you believe in it). Although to me, earth dog is mainly 1 thing: fun
  5. zazkea

    A Grateful Heart Hair Gloss

    This is a cheerful, positive scent to wear in the office. On my hair, it is not overly sweet honey, sandalwood, rose; and a whiff of vanilla. So perfectly rounded that I am usually combining it with less straightforward or more evil or heavy wrist scents. Unfortunately, in warm weather, this vanishes extremely vast (subjective feeling: before I reach the door). So I may need to go back to just sniffing the bottle instead, because I really like this scent;)
  6. zazkea

    A Sweet Sleep Hair Gloss

    This is one of the best lavender combinations I found so far. It is indeed quite innocent. It is so well-blended that I have to find a way towards individual notes. But since this is from three scents I really like, plus a mild (not sharp) lavender, this is a perfect hair gloss for me. To me, this is a perfect evening scent on the hair, because it unwinds me, and gives me peace. I really like the airy pear and the mild, here somewhat sweet lavender, and I love the whiff of bergamot. No mental images, just an imageless, thus perfect for sleeping mental state of mind. Thanks for creating this.
  7. zazkea

    Fairy Wine Hair Gloss

    Very happy this exists! Berry come in mostly, background: grass and (non-alcoholic) wine... Not overly sweet...really well-blended - really, really nice! The image this evokes in me is: a landhouse in a forest (I dont smell these, this is just the mental association), tomorrow on a late summers day, there are two non-gendered people prosting their glasses without words, just looking in each others eyes, and thinking of older, more magical times. They look neither old or young, the fabrics they wear are of good quality, but at the same time not from the current time period. I see a clock ticking on a chimney, reminding the two persons of passing time, which they dont feel themselves.
  8. zazkea


    I like dwarf very much stone is a scent i only recently discovered in bpal; and hops is cool. I am happy I don't smell metal like in robotic scarab, which I found tricky. to me, scents are often about associated images. this is not how I picture a dwarf smelling because this is so nice:) and a dwarf would be rougher in my imagination. in sum, on my skin, this is a bucket with hops in a rather sweet beer-factory (I have visited 2 in my life), and stone and far away brown leather and something floral if I am not imagining it. It's such a lovely idea. I'm happy that dwarfs smell so fresh.
  9. zazkea

    The Night Priestess

    Very interesting scent. Bottle Night-dark, but at the same time also moon-lit. Fresh. (this is how I wanted this to smell on my skin as well). Wet On my skin, I get Jasmine (usually, Jasmine is nice on my Skin and usually I like it, but this is a bitter Jasmine) and orchid (I typically dislike to stick my nose into orchids too deeply, as real flowers (which I have), because I find them "cold". So it may be that I dont really like it as perfume either, but i had to try). Dry I get a clear and bitter clove note now, and it is smoothened by something - I expect by moonflower, but I dont know the note yet. I dont get a vanilla tone from the orchird; only orchid. More vanilla would have smoothened this for me, but also would have made it less interesting. (And I would have liked a stronger Jasmine at this stage, but only because I would see a night garden, if I had more jasmine. Also, if cardamon is listed, I wish for more cardamon, because I think that some spice would help getting away from this garden-feeling that I have. Yes, I am sure now: actually, I would have put more spice in this, but maybe this comes back with aging. For the Image of a night priestess, low spice like it is, is, however, good). Overal This is a well-blended scent and its hard for me to capture the individual notes. I am probably not a real fan of either moonflower or the orchid, because to me, this has a too bittersweet note in it. Associations I wonder, why this is not a lunacy scent, because my first impression was moonlight White. In my mind, the Night Priestess is somehow the sister of Anthe, although they dont smell alike. I just imagine the two on the same mental Image somehow. I also have the feeling of something ritualistic or magical in this scent, which I only had by The Initiation so far, which also doesnt smell like this one. But those are my associations, and I dont know where they come from. Image: If I were a hero, I would definately NOT follow this scent or the white, shaky, and somewhat etheral apperance of a guiding-person that comes with this scent, because I would be very alert of this leading to a swamp of Magic, for me to either die or to being forced to procreate on a bed of moonflowers. Before you decide, where to go, I feel like the appearance is a swarm when you see it more closely; an Illusion of a moon-lit path behind it, an unreal smile and a welcoming hand. The appearance is not good or bad, it just exists to misguide heros, and make the journey more winding. In sum: This is not my scent, personally. but I will wear it now and then, to have this weird experience;)
  10. zazkea


    In the bottle When I open it, there is a cloud of blueberry hanging in the air at around 1m radius from the bottle; thus, this is strong! Sniffing, I get blueberry and citrus. The blueberry is not real to me, and the scent is sweet. Image: a crépe wiith blueberries. Wet On my skin, this is a well-blended, sweet tangerine zest, with just a bit of citrus. Image: a pine tree with a blueberry cake in front of it. plus wasps. Dry This is cold flowers with a bit of citrus. Image of "White". After one hour I have a blueberry cloud around me; warm and sweet. The blueberry still isnt "real", but I suppose this is hard to create. Luckily it doesnt go "artificial" either. Its just not a real blueberry (blueberries, as real fruit, dont have a smell to me, but the taste the ripe and good ones have, interestingly, is similar to this scent). Image: night, something powerful and orange or sand-colored nearby Overall To me, this is a strong perfume: sweet, fruity, heavy, warm. In the future, I may want to experiment with layering this one; but on its own, I like it as well.
  11. zazkea

    Fuck You, Said the Raven

    Wow This is a true mood-scent, not perfume. As such, this is a total new direction than the bpal scents I am used to - and it is really good! It is grey, gravel, silk, and so well blended that I dont get single notes. Although yes, I can recognize myrrh and patchouli, maybe violet incense, but only if I am searching for them. I even got a short moment of almond. Stone, darkness, majestic. But its more the feeling / mood this expresses: I have the image of a roadtrip with no clear destination, asphalt, and something powerful nearby.
  12. zazkea

    Springtime Education Hair Gloss

    The spray comes as fine mist from the bottle. On my long, thick hair, the main thing I get is ginger, then sandalwood. Fruit is on the background. Initially, I thought I dont get amber. But I do - only very far away and after a while. (I have to see what happens with a little aging.) I dont know, I always have to sneeze once after the application. When applied on dry hair, I dont see a benefit; it actually seems to become a bit "rougher" when combing. The scent, especially the ginger, fits me though. Thus, I like it for the smell. Springtime education seems complex, as if there is more to come... slightly curious. Yet, around me, it vanishes fairly quickly. Conclusions Its probably good for all genders, and its good for in the office. I like to combine it with rose bouquet or amber scents. Its nice.
  13. zazkea


    Douze is light, balanced, pink rose and a bit of orchid and hay in the background, not sweet or girly. Apologies, I think this is my shortest review so far, as this doesnt change a lot or create images, when applied on my skin. "Nice". Straight.
  14. zazkea


    Wet Orange-BAM! (not neccessarily blood orange) Dry Sandalwood(?) + bitter orange (still not neccessarily blood orange) + red rose. Background: + subtle resins + citrus + sugar and/or fruit (?). ... somehow this reminds me of sitting in the garden of my childhood with my grandmother (who was then younger) serving gooseberry cake (though I dont consciously smell these notes, this is just the image I get from this scent). I dont know why the image contains sun-burned, yellow flowers after a long summer day (I dont actively smell related scents, but the image is clear). Edit: Woa, 1.5 hours after applying this, its is a strong cloud of the scent around me. Conclusions It doesnt "fascinate" me like other scents, but its really nice on my skin (its great that this doesnt become "artificial" or "clean"). Summer evening. Easy scent; subtle red rose and orange (but not "in your face"). Can easily be worn in the office.
  15. zazkea

    Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs

    Decant, 1ml, tested on my wrist, one month after it arrived. Wet Once applied, I get mainly a pink in-full-bloom rose. BUT this is not overly-sweet or girly on my skin. The cotton candy en vanille are more subtle / more in the background, although I can clearly get them. In the first 10min, the notes whiff by individually. Dry I can relate why others relate it to Lush Rose Jam. But I think that they differ, when I put them side to side. I mean, they are pretty closely related, but Rose Jam "feels" a bit more "stable" with citrus. However, handcuffs has somthing "fuzzy" indeed. There is something in it that feels "unstable" if I smell it on my skin. (in a good, light way) .... if you want an image: maybe a pixie that annoyed you in the last days, who is flying again and again against a lightsource, while you watch this from your couch without feeling anything in particular for this happening nearby... After 10min Once this warms up, it is warmer with more, but still not "sweet", cotton candy and a warm vanilla now. Also, on my skin this is now more "stable" now - and it remains a sugared rose for the wearing time (its not a strong scent on me and vanishes a bit). Conclusions You can easily wear this at work, because likely, people wont even notice it. I would have loved to have a bath in this or spray my hair with ithis scent (BPTP, if you read this, please do it.).