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  1. zazkea


    What can I say, it's great. Strong lavender, maybe some chamomile, but mostly lavender. I didn't really believe it would work beforehand, but, interestingly, there is something strong in this oil, and it does have a calming effect on me indeed. It really brings instant tranquility, although if you are, for example, in grief, the emotion or the tears will stay (which is also a good thing, cause tears are a good invention in my view) - but the physical feeling will somehow be calmer and peaceful. It does wear off after an hour or two, but I didn't see any harm on applying this a couple of times, with the same effects. I also tried combining this with Lionheart, but on me, I had the impression that Lionheart also does something to the emotion (temporary strength but with an aftereffect; and I might go so far as to call Lionheart manipulative), whereas Peace is really just that (not really extra strength, but some easy, physical calmness, without demanding anything in return). So, great to have, although it is really for unique situations I think (for example, I personally would not use this as sleep oil, but get a bpal lavender scent for that purpose). Also, I have to say that, rationally, I am sceptical on these things, but physically, it was clear to me that I did feel the physical calmness effects - and that's super cool.
  2. zazkea

    Mary Read

    Aged imp (3 years): Wet: water, some salt, and a clean soap, sharp jasmine, sand, and... blue air. This stage on my skin is slightly headache-triggering, and smells mostly like a clean, perfumed, floral soap, for about an hour. After an hour onward: I can't smell any ingredient on its own now. This is a somewhat neutral, clean scent, and not sweet. Mental image: wearing (very) clean clothes, while being on a small, wooden boat that is sailing on the easy waves of a blue tropical sea, with sandy beaches nearby; there's a huge, white sail and, somehow, collected white flowers are neatly dropped on the planks of the boat
  3. zazkea


    Aged bottle: On my skin, lemony old women cologne (sorry) with a whiff of rosemary sharpness initially; then setting to grape-rose; then nice roses. Aristocracy and 17th century evoked mental image. On my mother's skin (she is around 60 years old): perfect match! Like a forest and flowers. And definitely bewitching, because it is just one big "Woooooow" on her.
  4. After three years of ageing, I still like this: I mainly get 3 notes: Gardenia typically works very well for me. Oakmoss usually adds some complexity to a luper scent, to sort of balance out things that might get to flowery otherwise. As a consequence, I can usually appreciate oakmoss in luper scents. Here, it matches the magnolia leave somehow. All other ingredients on my skin are in the background. Image: It's like walking through a garden that has a couple of trees, but its still too cold to wear spring clothes.... I somehow get a dark blue colored huge flag ....made of silk ....hovering in the still too cold spring wind ... that carries first pollen.
  5. zazkea

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    Initially this was too sweat and sticky for me. Also, I wasn't very keen to get cherry, rather than blossoms, because cherry isn't my favourite thing. Reviewed after 3 years ageing, my nose picks up rather as a duet of pink rose (I guess that is the cherry blossom then) and strawberry ... with some dew. It is a straightforward, pink scent, somewhat shallow, that fits a pink dress I am wearing today. I prefer my more complex scents, but the view is nice.
  6. zazkea


    Tested based on frimp that is a few years old First associations Metal, rose wine, decadent room, "eehhh" effect, juicy Long-term Stone, floral, shivers/creepy Image Disoriented, where am I? I smell: earth, stone walls, dust, ... ah okay so we're deep below the ground then,.... moss on the walls and it's cold but not uncomfortable, ... ehm?... So okay, more stone on the ground, but surprisingly clean,... Ah, there is a smell from a nearby sauna in the air but still far away....Somehow the room has dim light but without any light source...Now, the question is, if there is not more than this to the image: is this a prison? I would be able to move, but this space stays to look the same: stone walls, stone ground, clean, and a sauna far away. Haha But it also feels like there is no way out in this mental image that comes from the scent, and there is also no more to this image: a stone-walled place below the ground. Oh, but something observes me, that I can't see: I see stone walls, but there is something else that I cannot see, nearby, but when you turn, there is nothing there, it's really just stone walls.... In sum The "ehh" remains.... but it's somehow nice, but weird, on my skin... It's soft, but I wouldn't wear this to the office, cause there is something that spooks me about this scent (which is not a bad thing) -- PS: Interestingly, when I layer this with Arkham, I feel that the mental image is that there IS a way out, cause it suddenly becomes a creepy stone house in a flowery wood then haha, I love this mental imagery bpal triggers...
  7. zazkea


    - tested based on a frimp that might be a few years old- Walking through a bright green forest, with white flowers along the path you take. Rays of sunlight are caught between the trees' shadows. The steps you take are soft, as if embedded or embraced by moss beneath your feet. Some of the flowers along the way might be magical, but not poisonous, more like bringing some renewed energy. Ah, and probably, you're the giant in the family, but you're related to pixies somewhere in your blood origin, decades, what do I say, a few hundred of years, ago. You're probably on your way to your garden, located in the woods, but you would never get your hands dirty, you will let the flowers fly out of the soil, so your hands stay clean. Ok back to the scent, not the image it provokes for me: Well-balanced: hard for me to distinguish individual notes, as cypress for example intermingles with bright moss and wildflowers. I might have expected more pine, but I don't smell it at all, it's way sweeter. In sum: bright, calm, flowery, and not woodsy on my skin. I like flower and wood scents, so its fine for me. It does have magic, but there is nothing 'creeping' at all Very approachable, and this scent really couldn't be more safe for the office...
  8. zazkea


    This is a frimp I received from the lab in April 2019, but I somehow forgot about, because I'm not that much into chocolate scents. Also, perhaps fairly boring to say after 21 pages of reviews about Velvet: the description is exactly as this scent is on my skin: a comfy embrace with maybe a blanket of wool, mostly milk chocolate, a little sandalwood-vanilla (attached together somehow), and in the distance some myrrh (but myrrh disappears on my skin immediately, so that's not unexpected). The embrace is an image I do get from this scent, but it does not have a velvet color or tactile fabric in my mind. After some time of wearing, the sandalwood does a weird egocentric dance on its own. This is chocolate that is not too expensive and somehow fell into a bucket of sandalwood and melted with it, while the store around it is somehow filled with myrrh. It's "okay."
  9. zazkea

    Mountain Temple

    Oh, finally a blind date that went well Mountain temple (which I subconsciously somehow want to call winter temple) starts with eucalyptus or mint that has a big entry, along with what I read as mandarin, wood, and honey snow. And then slows down to leave honey snow, so not much of its initial entry remains. But that's fine, it's a lovely calm scent, like the image on the bottle.
  10. zazkea

    Psychodynamic Discharge

    Once on skin, something breaks loose like a fire, wanting immediate attention, and you have to let go of anything you were previously thinking. This is psychodynamic discharge in its finest, although in my decant, I relabelled this to "PD", as I wasn't sure what the government in the city-state I live in would think in terms of drugs at the border. On my skin, there is little change between how it smells in the bottle, wet, or dry on my skin. Its mostly "LISTEN TO ME!!!" (yes, in capital letters and with the exclamation marks). Given I did like all notes listed, this couldn't go wrong much. But it is much LOUDER and more "demanding" than I expected (although the description kinda warned me). This one isn't romantic, it speaks a different language, more like "BOW" or the like. Given I mostly get images from BPAL scents, the one here is FIRE (in capital letters), then: a non-gender individual covered in black leather, slowly and cross-leggingly moving towards you like a hungry tiger, watching you as prey, but only intending to play with you, not eat you. You now realize, this individual is your psychotherapist. You can't really cope that they walk towards you like this; aren't they supposed to listen to YOU?; this one feels like you need to listen 🤪 After a while, PD dries down to a less dominant and fiery scent, and I am able to focus on other things again. Yet, every time I open the bottle, same effect. This later part is very balanced, more in the background (but it might be that my skin just sponges it up), and I can't get individual notes now, not without much creativity anyway. Even later, I get mostly a sweetened gingered patchouli, which is a bit sad, as I liked the initial stage. But thats fine, it can't be screaming all the time; its fine if it becomes a purring cat image (without the cat smell). Super interesting mood scent.
  11. zazkea

    Romans 13:8

    Romans 13:08 works excellently in tropical weather, as this is one of the few notes that stay a whole day and dont become weird. This is really really good. I like rose scents anyway, but the combination with fig and almond is very nice, and the cardamon adds spicyness to it. I dont get oudh and instead get some berries and sweetness, but thats ok. This scent is fruity yet spicy yet fresh, and deep, balanced and well-blended - I think its great!
  12. zazkea

    My Little Pop Star

    My little popstar begins all honey and sugared vanilla. Once dry, I get day-flowers; in my mind the image of them is a thick yellow with a bit sweetness. (I think a bath oil of this would create a "safe" feeling). Despite the honey, this doesnt remind me of O, which i would rate more dark, somehow. In this one, I like the innocence: its plainly thick honey, and there is nothing dark in it. The honey and sugared vanilla hide the leather (which is good, as the leather note often doesnt work on my skin). This faint leather is more like suede for me, but thankfully its covered in sweetness. Its good, plain and office-safe, and "just" nice (not complex).
  13. zazkea

    Snowflakes are Delicious

    Wet Snowflakes in Chicago to me is sharp but not unpleasant lavender, minty snow, and a blanket. I am somehow reminded of Puppet Kitty, which is one of the few scents ever I didnt like, due to its realism of being a plushie. At this stage, this a bit too stubborn to be one of my sleep scents. Dry Once dry, it goes to more "blanket", now with a hint of citrus and now finally a drop of coconut. And veeery far away, a sweet rose (I can only identify it because I know it is listed). I like it, and its a very good blend for me, despite not being surprising.
  14. zazkea

    Think Snow For Me Atmosphere Spray

    Amazing. I live i a tropical country, and really needed a winter break and snow. Also I really like the book, and the idea of Shadow thinking about snow and actually getting snow. It feels like different kinds of mint or eucalyptus or anything cold and sharp, and I love it. Its not a soft snow note, but really cold. A dark starry night illuminating a snowy landscape. This scent provided that to a degree that I even needed to sleep with a blanket at night.
  15. zazkea

    Rose Red Hair Gloss

    Yea, this is a very nice HG; mainly because the PO was always too strong for my skin. It is exactly that scent, but then light enough to wear it. Its deep, thick, very clean and straight-forward red rose scent. Its almost pleasantly annoying like peacock queen, but doesnt push that through. So its office-worthy, but: If I spray once, it works in the office as well. If I spray >1time, I guess everybody dies from the thickness of the cloud around me. Maybe in a tropical country this becomes very strong somehow. It stays longly. In sum, its great, especially with Snow White around as well, cause I think its nice to alternately wear them. (2018 version) Aged HG after 2 years: I still love it and used this through an entire pandemic winter.