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BPAL Madness!

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Frimp from the Lab, 2022!


Wet, it seems more complex - rum? sea salt? spices? - but dry I'm mostly getting cinnamon spice; that part's just getting louder and louder. There's a trace of seaspray salt if I really think about it, but primarily it's a warm spice blend. Surprisingly cozy and nice for a pirate haven scent! :D 

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Wet: Hmmm, this is sharply masculine. It smells like men's aftershave. It's woody with a very prominent salty/aquatic background. It reminds me of Bath and Body Works' men's ocean scent. As it begins to dry down a bit, I start smelling a hint of flourmand sweetness. It has nice throw on my skin--better than most scents from this house.
Dry: Oh wow! This is changing FAST! Now (10 min in), the aquatic/ocean spray is deep in the background. Instead, it is very sweet, slightly boozy bubblegum but with a bit of warm spice (woody, even). Sadly, at the 30 minute mark, it starts being a bit soapy--like spicy aftershave and soap suds. After another 5 minutes, the soapiness progresses from suds to full detergent. The sweet spinicess is still in the background, but the soap smell is becoming overpowering. I gave it another 15 minutes, but had to scrub it :( Which is too bad, because I was really into that boozy bubblegum ocean spray smell. 

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