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BPAL Madness!

Pink Moon: Marshmallow and Candyfloss Hair Gloss

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Got this so fast! It’s exactly what I was hoping for….pure, sweet, sugary candy & marshmallow. I was worried the candy floss might go hairspray, but it does not. This would be a great gloss for layering! 

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My bottle leaked in transit. (I ordered it through a decanter instead of through the Lab, but it still was in the Lab original packaging and the sprayer lid was off and that's where it was leaking from. The sticky stuff the Lab uses to cover the bottle didn't do anything to prevent the leaking, plus I find it to be a chore to get off bottles and it sometimes scuffs up labels, so I miss the colorful tape of yore. But I digress.) The reason I am mentioning this is that it arrived in triple digit heat, and I could tell that it was leaking through the package, which was wet in spots from it, and the smell was really strong. It ended up being so intense that I still felt engulfed by the scent after throwing out the packaging and wiping down the bottle of hair gloss and placing it in another room. I think some of it must have gotten on a blanket on the couch from the packaging, and plus a lot of it got on me after I tried to clean the bottle.


After this experience, I was sure I didn't need to test it because the scent wasn't going to be for me. Still, I decided to wait a few days and test it on the back of my hand (I didn't want to put this in my hair and then feel overwhelmed by the scent). Fortunately, the scent wasn't engulfing me, probably because it was no longer being amplified by the heat it absorbed in the mailbox. This is mostly about the pink candyfloss, backed by some marshmallow. The marshmallow gains some strength over time, but doesn't overtake the candyfloss on me. I was really hoping this would be like Pink Wig Spray, but the cotton candy note in this is not the same, even though they are both pink. This has more of a powdery candy dip or children's vitamin vibe to me than fluffy cotton candy. :( 


I wish I had gotten a decant instead of a bottle.

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This is the marshmallow note that turns a little salty to my nose, and I’m not getting any candy floss at all. I’m really bummed.

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