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BPAL Madness!

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An offering of footstep dust and rusted keys, raw tobacco and whiskey, coconut shells and candle wax.

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In the bottle; boozy, wow, it reminds me of an old fashioned in an old dusty bar. It’s got a somewhat dim throw, despite the very cloying whiskey note. 
also, though, with a bit of metallic fizziness? Idk, could be that I’m allergic to footstep dust and rusted keys are pretty, odd smelling... I say from experience???

On the skin; the booze sharpens and lifts into a fairly medium throw while the tobacco really murks it up into a pleasant late night patio cocktail bar vibe. Smokers included. It’s thick, and loud, but it’s only a few minutes before it starts to calm down, and the sweet coconut husk/candle wax combo makes it’s way to the foreground as it settles fully. 

dry; This is everything I was hoping for from this bottle. Boozy scents usually scare me, but I’m also always on the lookout for waxes of any kind, so—with the intrigue behind the rest of the notes—I figured I’d go for it! 
The wax and coconut husk do wonders here as the whiskey and tobacco fade out into the background. They’re sweet, but smooth like skin musk almost, though nippy as the booze refuses to let go. 
It reminds me of a dusty room with a single candle burning in the corner—younger years of letting your mind wander in autumn thunderstorms. The longer it settles the cooler in goes, and the softer the candle burns and flickers. But it has yet to fade.


overall; absolutely astonishing. The horror movie vibes are immaculate and I’m sure I’m going to be wearing this more than I would have expected. 

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Sweetly boozy, and the drier coconut scent of the coconut shells add to the "dust" and overall evocation of a scene. You put the skeleton key you found on the dusty bar into the lock of an old wooden door in the back of the tavern. It creaks open to bring into your view an altar in a darkened room and its ofrendas. A burning candle, a coconut shell with a shot of whiskey in it, and the gift of an unlit cigar ready to be smoked.


I don't get a sense of foreboding, but of anticipation. Someone's been invited to this scene. It isn't you, but you'd like to stick around to find out who's coming and take your chances, make your deals.


Halloween magic!

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