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  1. Llanval

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    LOVE THIS, yet also a little 💔. Chibi opens up with a beautiful clearly distinct bourbon vanilla. I DO actually get bourbon and it stays for abt 30 min. Lovely, not fake, and with no odd butter goosh or popcorn butter oil. The mallow flower and cream mouse turn this into a rich, heady mallow pillow but unfortunately it utterly swamps the patch into absolute oblivion. Which makes me cry big sad tears because I love the Lab's patchouli note and I was desperately hoping for even a glance, a glimmer of smelling something close to Banshee Beat/Revenant Rhythm (now that one is my Storyville, lol!) The patch dies a sad death on me and now I am seriously looking at that Patchouli and Canadian Balsam duet, it might be just what I need to salvage this scent. I do genuinely enjoy this, it is beautiful, but I wanted the patch to really have a voice and Chibi desperately needs the patch to pull it down out of creamy vanilla mallow mouse paradise. Without the patch, this is sweet on sweet on sweet and I already have Silky Bat for my sugared patchouli needs. Grrrrrrr
  2. Llanval


    This was big gamble for me, as I know there are notes in the original Storyville that are ☠️ for me. BUT, luckily everything worked out really well. In bottle it's sweet creamy pumpkin cake with a hint of uh....sex. Honestly it's the oud, but there is a slight zap of funk but it's not a bad funk more an 'orgy happened here 30 min ago' funk. I laughed at the review up thread re the bj pumpkin cheesecake and yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah kinda?! There is a sex funk here, no denying it. The minute it hits my skin the oud shushes and isn't really noticeable as oud, just a pleasant zing of odd 'hmm what is that, it's a little funky' lingering under the sweet notes. the red musk and pumpkin play really well together and no one bullies anyone else. It is a little gourmand/foodie when wet as the pumpkin reads more like a creamy pumpkin tart with maaaaaybe a hint of cream cheese swirl but that isn't really where the scent lands. I can see this stage reading as pumpkin loaf rather than cheesecake because there is a baked/crumbly aspect here but it does not last long at all. Under 30 min. Dry, Pumpkinville is (or will be) a stunner. This is a subtle but always present cloud of sweet red musk and pumpkin with a complicated base of what I know is some sort of booze and spices. I can also tell there's jasmine in this but its sultry not stanky and behaves really well. Jasmine is a ☠️ note for me so I am SHOCKED this is staying so wearable for me. It is subtle but I never lose it, and it wears for hours and hours. Verdict: Pumpkinville is a baby. New, unsure and finding its legs. It's sweet, cozy, sexy and yet warm and gentle. It straddles the line between foodie and perfume-y and will be something extra special in a few months/next year. I want the red musk to be louder and deeper, but that comes with age! it is a sweet pumpkin that will grow more and more wicked and intoxicating as this baby ages!! I do NOT need any of the original Storyville but I am so fucking pleased this is so enjoyable and wearable for me. I do wish it had a bit more throw but that may change with time. Also maybe more throw isn't needed since who knows what sort of powers aging will bring to this bottle.
  3. Llanval

    Thunder Moon 2021

    ended up liking this waaaaaay more than I thought I would! Thunder Moon opens with a great big bolt of fruity ozone, the lychee taking this in an interesting direction. The vetiver and rum take all these wild notes and "opens" them up, letting them hang out in a cloud of super clean ozone, with the patch and other darker notes struggling to hold on and show up at the bottom of this fruity-boozey-ozone cloud. Very fresh, fun and almost eye-opening - almost like a violet-tinted bolt of lightning against a plum dark sky. As it dries, the darker notes kinda sorta show up, but not really. I was really hoping for the darker notes to take over and make this truly thunderous and crackling. idk if the darker notes will show up with age, but i'll test it again before the bottle comes down. i wanted patch and vetiver to be readable alongside the cashmere musk, but this stays fruity throughout its wear time. Wear time is abt 4 hrs, and needs reapplication if you want this to be present throughout the day.
  4. I was gifted a full imp of this by rivetted and it is so so different from what the notes would lead you to believe. I saw sewer moss and cement and assumed this would be dark and a little dank and a little gritty. BUT that is not the case here. To my nose, this is light, sweet, refreshing and oddly dusted with a hint of sparkling powder - almost like freshly unwrapped ramune candy, but if you chucked it down a really fab smelling sewer grate, lol. It also has a consistent, deeper base that push/pulls between the sparkling powdered sweetness and the deeper, darker notes. I know there's patchouli in here but it's playing cuddle-up with the violets and moss so well it's not immediately distinguishable. This reminds me, very strongly, of Clinique's Aromatics Elixir, but the vintage scent from the 70's/80's, not the newer reformulations. My Mum has a very very old bottle of this scent that she usually only brings out in the depths of winter. So. This is a wonderful scent, complex and surprisingly resinous and rich, and much more than the description hints at. BUT it gets the kiss of death because I smell like my mother. 😭 annemathematics review is also spot on. This is a vintage scent totally suitable for the office, and from an office culture decade that has long since vanished. Vintage vintage vintage, but in the best way. Classically understated and elegant. Gender neutral too, as far as I'm concerned. ......I was also hoping for a "fairytale sewer rat" vibe, lmfaooo!
  5. Llanval

    Midnight Bell

    I got the chance to test this in a very generously full imp and I really really enjoyed this scent! A lot! This opens up as sweet, beguilingly dark incense with the suggestion of stone haunting its lower reaches. I find this straightforward from beginning to end, wet to dry: ecclesiastical incense over the lightest, most ghostly stone accord. The reviewer above mentioned that this is similar to Tis Strange and I agree - very similar, but there's a more obvious strength and throw to Midnight Bell's incense and stone that Tis Strange lacks. I prefer the Midnight Bell, and would choose a bottle of this over Tis Strange. If there's dragon's blood in here, it isn't strong enough for me to notice, or I haven't smelled enough DB to pick it out immediately. Midnight Bell brings to mind a cloak of deepest, most ancient tyrian purple, edged in thick gold thread. I do wish the stone and vetiver came out stronger as I love those bpal notes to death. Will re-test the imp when shark week is over.
  6. for a blend with vetiver in here, this is so much softer, sweeter and more femme than I expected and ngl that is kinda disappointing. I was really hoping for that lovely mouthwatering rush of freshness that I get from bpal's sage note, with a heftier vetiver showing. Alas I got sweet, bright peach, still fuzz with skin intact, helped along by clean bright and refreshing oak moss. This doesn't morph and stays very much a sweet, fuzzy peach SN through its 4 hr wear time. I wish I'd gotten what I usually get with bpal's sage and bpal's vetiver so I'm not too broken up about passing on this bottle. Beautiful peach note tho! Doesn't turn candied, doesn't lose that sweet freshness - so at least I know I can wear peach without issue, lol
  7. Llanval

    The Midnight Reunion with His Lost Wife

    Love this! I know this isn't a Halloween scent, but it fits with an All Souls Night vibe so well. Midnight Reunion is all dark, heavy smoky vetiver upfront, with the lighter, but still murky dark grave moss and hinoki round it out. I don't get much cypress, but that's okay. I love the way this dries down from a bombastic funeral dirge of shadowy vetiver (like standing at the edge of a dark, deep wood on a windless night, and feeling the shadows around you) to...well, a soft and gentle reunion. As it dries, a ghostly softness emerges and it wears idk like memories. A loved one, come back for a moment, bringing sweeter thoughts. Gentle, subtle, a bit hard to catch, but still murky dark and mysterious. This matches the scent title perfectly and I love the vibe to pieces. If you're not scared of vetiver, give this a whirl!!
  8. Llanval

    The Apothecary

    This smelled so amazingly fresh and green in the imp, but on my skin it goes dead quiet almost right away, to the point that it's not noticeable after 30 min. 😔 I DO get clean airy green tea and vibrant green mosses, without much input from the ginger and fig (which I loathe and hate so yay!). I really wanted this one to work as I love both tea and moss heavy scents. Tragically, it seems my skin won't cooperate here.
  9. Llanval


    Iago is not here to hang out. Iago is not here to braid your hair, or snuggle up in a onesie. Iago is here to *play*. Specifically if you would like to smell like you're at the leather ball in your newest, least broken in gear, or in the midst of a very intense leather session, please go buy iago immediately you will be very happy. However!!! If ur not here to smell like a sex dungeon, maybe give this a pass. I put this on and the new car/black squeaky leather was so intense I had to wash it off. I left a leather scent trail through the house!! I had to put on some Rentless even after I washed iago off, just to get the leather note to shush. Then it became cotton candy sex dungeon and I LIKED IT A LOT. IDK the leather is too much for me, but balanced w cotton candy it became cheeky, fun, and a little enchanting. give it a try if the leather sex dungeon vibe doesn't scare u off.
  10. Llanval

    Deep in Earth

    Deep in the Earth is a twin to Zombi, only Zombi is the twin weeping over a bouquet of funeral roses at the freshly dug grave, and Deep is too busy trying to dig themselves OUT of that same grave. The rose is so quiet here, and with the spanish moss gives this a sweet almost rose cold cream and mosses vibe. Much more "soapy" than zombi, and with much less "salty tears of grief" vibe hanging around the whole scent. Deep is a straightforward graveyard dirt scent, with a touch of creamy but wavering into old lady perfume type rose, backed by inoffensive dirt and moss. I do genuinely prefer zombi despite zombi and I not getting along at first. If zombi was too much rose for you, or too heavy on the "grief and tears" vibe, give Deep a whirl.
  11. Llanval


    I was very hopeful for this one, as I love juniper and pine maaaaybe too much. But my skin loves to not cooperate with musk and I'm left with nothing much at all after 30 min. When wet, it's a little unobtrusive sweetness from the juniper and bright pine quickly swamped under a muzzling veil of powdery musk. I adore bpal for their photo realistic forest scents, but thanatopsis isn't one of them. Forest adjacent yes, but not like Theoi Nomioi or Druid. Dark/black musk seems to be very temperamental on me, so another one gets lobbed to the gift imp pile!!
  12. Llanval

    Schmendrick 2021

    Okay so I totally get the powdered soup mix, but that ultra savoury first blast of sage and herbs calms and the chamomile turns this dusty soft and yet still freshly, sharply mouthwateringly green. Love this one, caught me totally off guard. I do actually get a hint of sweet caramel and raisins after an hour but it's hard to hold onto. The tobacco is just snuggling right up to the sage it's hard to pull the two apart. It is masculine, but no where near the dreaded "men's cologne" note that usually kills a scent for me. Schmendrick is a bright, well kept apothecary room filled with bundles of both dried and freshly picked and snapped stems of sage and herbs, the sharp green alive potential of the newly bundled herbs blending in with the drier, softer comfort of older bundles. This is a clean, herbaceous yet warmly masculine scent, filled with sweet potential. Super wearable and enjoyable for me.
  13. Llanval

    Mommy Fortuna 2021

    so i finally get to experience the "sweaty honey" that I've seen floating around on some honey-based scents (and had quietly hoped was a myth) and that is breaking my little unicorn fan heart. i really really wanted this one to work, so badly. i love gun powder to pieces and i've fallen in love with two strongly honey-based Shunga 2021 scents with no "sweaty honey" in sight. What happened, ugh?! Mommy Fortuna is a swirl of tangy grungy baby powder and sweaty honey, with a little whistle of woody notes for the first 30 min. Then it shifts to sweaty baby powder honey and waxy OG cherry Chapstick. Where's the gunpowder?! the herbs?! Booo! I've been defeated by skin chem again 😭 if bpal's honey note can sometimes go "off" or overly powdery on you, be warned - this twopenny magic may not bloom just right on you.
  14. Llanval


    i really really really want to love this one, but I'm not sure i love it enough to get a full bottle, because there was an incredible review of dracul on the BPAL retail site, and that convinced me to give this one a try. I was primed to want to love this, as I haven't found a "vampire" scent i like yet. on my skin, dracul is a whirl of lots of different scents and impressions. wet it's all fir and spices, with that sting indole from the orange blossoms. this really doesn't have much throw on me past 2 hrs, and i blame the black musk which tends to just die and go baby powder/cloying on my skin and then disappear as quickly as possible. as it dries, the orange blossom adds what would be a heady quality to the scent if not for the black musk muffler already working to blunt these notes to nothing. this is sexy, powerful, dynamic; its bitter, cruel and captivating. But it doesn't work on me because of the musk which makes me 😥 by the time we get to 4+ hrs, it's just fancy, brooding hand soap. Discount Edward Cullen, who was already nowhere near the OG, Vlad himself. I want my vampire scent to be terrifying, as magnetic, alluring and beguiling as the Son of the Dragon himself, not make me smell like a Saks 5th hand wash! Stupid skin chem.
  15. Llanval


    this was oos when I first got into BPAL in 2019. It JUST came back into stock, so I jumped and picked up an imp to test and boy I am not disappointed. Troll is decidedly not a traditional pine forest, tho. The pine pitch is almost subtle here, giving the impression of a forest you'd smell while building and lighting a fire. The cumin, basil and clove lead and dominate, giving this an almost campfire cookout vibe. I don't mean charred meat or wood, but the spice of seasoned wood being split and stacked, then burned, with you and a mug of winter cider or wassail near by. This is such a Yule vibe, I love it. This scent lasts and lasts and lasts. it lasts hours, and it is a heady, sweetly smoky herbaceous experience the whole way through. Nothing of this scent is hateful, lurching or bitter. This is beautiful, soft cozy Yule fire log. If your skin can handle this, it is absoultely worth the experience. If you're afraid of pine pitch, try it here because it's not loud at all. I am sooooo excited to see how Troll plays out in this year's Lilith scent, Bridge Trolls.