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    The Potter's Field - The Graveyard Book
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  1. Llanval

    The Potter's Field

    Like lying in an open grave in a grassy field, watching black pine trees sway against a dark night sky. So, basically Perfect for me. The slow emergence of the cedar, herbs and flowers turns this from just lovely dirt into a true, atmospheric stunner. If you like dirt and cedar and you're not afraid of vetiver, give this a whirl! Though, I do personally wish the vetiver was a little stronger. I find it has good wear time (4-6 hrs), and doesn't have huge throw, so you won't be leaving a dirt trail wherever you go.
  2. Llanval

    Phallus Acrobatics

    Phallus Acrobatics is a beautiful cloud of strawberry/blueberry sweetness, with equal support from the cream and honey dust, like the most perfect arrangement of berries and whip cream on a stack of pancakes (just no pancakes). I feel like the fruity-floral aspect of this scent is sort of clobbering the cream a bit. But at the same time, the pull between the sweet/sharp fruityflorals and the smooth cream almost makes this scent into a fairy-tale bouncy house, lol! Every bounce brings you something else, its delightful and a little odd. You never know where you're going to land. I don't need a bottle, but I've very glad I got to try this one.
  3. Llanval

    The Red Ribbon

    I also get black cherry vanilla from The Red Ribbon. A shiny, bright black cherry lollipop or lip gloss is exactly the vibe of this scent....which is tragic because that's not what I was hoping for. I was hoping for something a little similar to last year's Famous Kabuki Actors In Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking with the really good goat milk note, but everything is being trampled by the very fruity red musk. I haven't had red musk go fruity on me before, but that may be because I have no other scents with so much red musk. I'm glad I have two decants just in case all the other notes I was hoping for start to sing louder than they do now, so I think I'll put these decants in perfume jail and see what happens just before the Shunga come down. Throw is only medium on me, but it has decent staying power.
  4. Llanval

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    This is like a magic trick, if magic trick were designed to annoy rather than delight. The magic trick is that for about 5 minutes, this is the best most intense vanilla extract and marshmallow fluff note I've ever smelled. BUT THEN, oh then, with a snap of the fingers, all the perfect vanilla marshmallow clouds get blown away, leaving behind.....a 90s barbie doll head instead. And then I can't smell it at all. Since I don't want to smell like my childhood toy-box, this is a pass for me. But I'm very sad about it, lol. Maybe I'll try the NAVA Moonstone mentioned above.
  5. Llanval

    Gingerbread Campfire

    Gingerbread Campfire 🔥 is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Billows of sweet, sweet wood-smoke with a hint of gingerbread/yuletide spices lurking under the lovely clouds. It honestly smells like a magical campfire - and any one who knows me, knows how much I love things that smell like campfires of all stripes and types. So glad I took a chance on this, as it has a beautiful dark core of crackling flame that sticks around through the sweeter wood-smoke, unffff! I am also very excited to layer it under Chibi Skull, the 2021 patchouli and balsam duet, and Gingerbread and Leather! Can't wait to see how this ages, perhaps blunting the smoke a bit to bring out the delicious gingerbread lurking right under it. Really glad I snagged this, it's such a beautiful sweet yet oddly dark wood-smoke, I'm just
  6. Llanval

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost is so so close to magical for me, and it bums me out so much it falls just a little short! I love this, it's a thick beam of sunlight heating old lace in a lonesome room furnished in nothing but antique cedar furniture. The balsam is almost undetectable, but adds a beautiful sun-warmed cedar chest vibe to this scent, something that really makes this sheet ghost stand out. I would love this to pieces if the throw wasn't little better than a whisper. As it stands, this scent is ghostly, lonesome, and full of the idea of sunlight. It's the smell of idealized sunbeams. Dust and disuse but not in a bad way, in a 'this room's occupant only visits in silence, out of the corner of your eye', kinda way, lol. Again, poignantly lonesome, for some reason. If I could smell this all day, even a little more, I'd be shouting abt this one from the rooftops. As it stands, I'll stash it away for a few months to see if time gives it the throw I was hoping for. Maybe this is meant to be a sleep scent for me.
  7. Llanval

    The Garden of Shut-Eye Town

    A lovely sleep blend that really does hit close to the description. This is an oddly watery lavender, like you've been set adrift in a little boat across a vast sea of lavender, blue-toned chamomile and gentle florals. Nothing stands out other than the lavender and gentle florals, and it lacks the throw and staying power I prefer even for my sleep blends. Still very lovely but not what I was hoping for. This one also should have been a decant first but I usually have good luck with bpal's lavender being quite strong on my skin soooo..... Oh well, c'est la vie! I still really enjoy this, but I think I'll run through my bottle pretty quick as it requires major slathering just to get it last longer than half the day.
  8. Llanval

    Gingerbread and Leather

    i was gifted a testable sniffy by she's a carnival and holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I am in love!! with!! this!! scent!! wow. Would not have even dared to get a decant because leather is a death note for me, but I got no leather from the sniffy or when I wore it soooooo this might have to go into my cart before the yules come down. Just stunning. Nothing but beautiful gingerbread, clove and tobacco with enough throw in just the few drops I had to test so that I smelled it all damn day. Incredible. I get NO leather, and that makes this a delightful, chewy, smoky gingerbread paradise to roll around in! I think wearing this with my Gingerbread Campfire would be a real fun slap in the face! Can't wait.
  9. Llanval

    Paisley Sheet Ghost

    This is waaaay more of a linen scent than I was hoping for, but it's not a total disaster, lol. It's a very nice, fresh linen scent, with no laundry detergent to speak of. There's a brighter moss and incense note in here, but the weedsmoke is non-existent for me, and that's literally why I bought it. 😭 Paisley sheet ghost is more like getting a hug from your old-fashioned dad or uncle, blended with a gentle linen scent. But also, weirdly enough, it is wistful and charming. I like it a lot, but it doesn't have the best throw on me, which would make this blend more enjoyable if I could consistently smell it throughout the day. I'm glad I tried it, learned some things, lol. But I wish I'd gotten a decant instead. I'll hang onto my bottle for a bit to see if I get anything other than nice linen, moss and incense otherwise this is heading for the sales page.
  10. Llanval

    Cooling Breeze

    I managed to pick up a bottle from the wonderful supreme_cOrt and I LOVE this. Cooling Breeze is like sitting near an artfully maintained pond in the middle of an equally artfully maintained zen garden. Sweet coniferous juniper berries and green tea with a warm sandalwood that isn't obtrusive at all. Very much a clean cooling breeze, with enough depth that it isn't JUST a clean, cooling breeze. I'm really glad I managed to pick this one up - my only complaints are that I wish the throw were a bit more aggressive and that the wear time was a bit longer, but that's what slathering is for, lol.
  11. Llanval

    Cerise Fog

    Just like katharina above, this reads as children's chewable tylenol from the 80's/90s to me. I get no cotton candy vibe from this, and the fruit notes are not fresh. It's very sweet, quite cloying and very long lasting. It projects like hell too. I wore it on my arm and it stayed with me all day, even through the sleeve of my sweater. Made me a little nauseous, honestly. Damn, thought this one was going to be a full size for sure. 😕
  12. Llanval

    Rose Red

    2021 version This is honestly somehow a whole rose bush, freshly dew-kissed and root-y, crammed into an imp. Literally perfect. Just a hint a kiss of lemongrass to liven it up. A genuine rose that lingers and unfurls as if you're walking deeper and deeper into a florist case filled wall to wall with the most perfect, freshly cut roses on earth. This is the best true-to-life bpal rose I've tried so far, but I don't need more than an imp. I think I like the idea of roses more than actually wearing them, lol.
  13. Llanval

    Ghosts at Aldershot

    Ghosts at Aldershot is like walking into a haunted mansion and immediately being noticed by some dusty-ass Victorian ghosts who are absolutely incensed that I've disturbed their rest. Their revenge is to lob waxy lemon-peppermint candies at my head until I flee the grounds. So the whole scent comes off like an odd, waxy lemon-peppermint that never really quite melds together, with almost no marshmallow. It really does smell like a fistful of haunted candy, so old the wax wrappers have left their mark on it. But also, as Casablanca said above, the candy is steamy, waxy and metallic all at the same time - so it reads very much like weirdly medicinal candy drops. I really really wanted to FS this, but it's weird going on, weird through dry down and weird in general. However, if this is your thing, you'll have a great time with this scent.
  14. Llanval

    Upslope Fog

    Just like doomsday_disco, I get pine, stone and what I now know is oud. Thanks to the unlisted oud, this reads as musky pine and stone for its entire wear time. It's not a bracing musk but you can't forget that it's there and it does stomp on the flowers and grasses enough that it really just reads as musky pine and stone. Good wear time and throw, but the musk overshadows the clarity of the other notes here. Too bad, because every note in here is usually something I love and would have blind-bottled. Glad I was strict with myself and only got a decant. Still lovely, still a good atmospheric, but not one I need to FS.
  15. Llanval

    The Shore of the Lollypop Sea

    I was really hoping this would read as a fresher, brighter blueberry candy but it really is sugary blue goo. I do get the salt, nice and strong, to cut through the blue good but it does feel like I'm wearing a kid's discarded lollipop, lol. It is is a lot of fun, good wear and throw, that lasts and does become a softer, salt-wave of blue goo as time goes on. Still tons of fun, but without the fresh zing from the blueberries I was hoping for, it won't be a full size for me.