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  1. tauntonlake

    Samhain Pyre Hair Gloss

    The remnants of bonfire smoke and incense. OK, I guess I'll go first ... This is a very pretty scent. It's very light, and "lemony" .. I don't get "bonfire smoke", like the Bonfire Smoke atmosphere spray. If I get woodsmoke at all .. it might be a faintly smoldering pile of cedar, from a distance.. The "incense," I can't pick out the notes of. This doesn't seem to be a "morpher". i get a one-note, light, lemony sort of faint cedar smoke. I'm crap at picking out exact fragrance notes when I don't know what the components are. Light to medium throw. But I like it. It's a sweet, and pretty scent.
  2. tauntonlake


    I'm 99% sure that this is the same leather note from The Red Rider. Which means, I need three bottles socked away in a drawer for the future, when Red Rider goes out of stock again... If you're a red leather fiend, this is the one you want to get. Absolutely love.
  3. tauntonlake

    Countess Willie

    Wow. This has aged into a bottle of Snake Oil's sultrier sister! It is drop dead gorgeous. I actually prefer it to Snake Oil. It has so much more depth.
  4. tauntonlake

    Whispers of Monstrous Things

    Wow. This is NOT your granny's perfume . If you're one of those, who secretly loves the smell of really old sweat socks moldering away in a gym bag, then this is the scent for you. It's not that bad, of course .. but it IS dank. I have a SUPER aged imp, so maybe it smells better when it's fresh, I don't know. I don't think it's wearable, unless you're into smelling like last week's fish ... but it is very interesting, as a scent goes. I keep going back to smell it, because I find it fascinating in its own right. But I can't pull off wearing it.
  5. tauntonlake

    Poisoned Apple

    well ... damn. If this doesn't smell just like a poisonous apple, I don't know what does. I don't know how you guys do it.
  6. tauntonlake

    Fire for Thy Stepmother's Daughters

    About a hundred years ago, my husband and I both used to work in a Stop 'n Shop grocery after high school - he worked in the produce Dept., and I used to go in the back room and sit on the pallets, and talk, and watch him open wood crates of fruits and veggies. To me, this scent smells exactly like one of those lush-smelling wood crates of some tropical fruit or other, might have been mangos or papayas, or something like that ..but it brings me way back to those days in a hurry. The scent of the fruit just permeated the vicinity.... For this reason alone, I love this one!
  7. tauntonlake

    Bat of Health

    It's the strangest thing ... this scent, to me, smells EXACTLY like a Cire Trudon "Empire" candle that I have. Which I LOVE. Even though, the only note I think they have in common, is the juniper. It's weird how the combinations of two different sets of ingredients, can turn out with the same scent. I'm going to have to hunt down a back up bottle of this somewhere.
  8. tauntonlake

    Jazz Funeral

    One man's NOPE is another man's OH HELL YEAH! I LOVE this one .. the faint, familiar BPAL dirt note, the booze, the flowers .. you can almost hear the jazz procession. This is New Orleans in a bottle. Just wonderful. A home run.
  9. tauntonlake

    So Judgey Hair Gloss

    This is really pretty. It smells like champagne ginger ale. I'm a big fan of gin scent, so maybe I'm biased, but I may have to buy a back up bottle.
  10. tauntonlake

    So Below Hair Gloss

    This beauty is second only to my all-time favorite HG, Revenant Rhythm. When I don't have RR handy, I go to this one -- it's a very similar long-lasting cloud of sweet patch/incense/hippie goodness ~~ great throw, and getting a whiff throughout the workday, improves my mood, and makes me happy. I wish it was generally available, I get nervous when my bottle runs low, and then I start stalking Ebay. Highly recommend.
  11. tauntonlake

    The Elephantine Colossus

    OMG. I layered this beauty, with Nightmarchers v5 from the night before, and it is super-aged Snake Oil, all day long .. x10. I AM IN LOVE. just BPAL MAGIC. I need a couple more bottles of both of these, to sock away in a drawer somewhere and hoard them.
  12. tauntonlake

    Ask The Nearest Hippie

    The next best thing to coming home from a friendly neighborhood cloud of pot smoke. (I'm saying that like it's a good thing)... If you want to smell like fresh burnt weed, without indulging in the real thing, then this is the baby for you. I love it. Just hope I don't get stopped for speeding on the way home with this on...
  13. tauntonlake

    413 U.S. 15 / Miller Vs. California

    Holy moly, this is GOOD. I always wear a drop or two on my sleeve of my t-shirts,, because my skin wreaks havoc with notes (and I love that after it goes through the wash, my clothes always have a faint tinge of leftover perfume.) .. and this is one of those, that I wish I found earlier, and a bought a few back-up bottles. Not that the notes are the same .. but it really reminds me of Port Royal .. my other go-to favorite. Kind of sweet and perfumey, but not department store perfumey..... more like florist shop perfumey... a natural perfume .. I'm all over this, and will pick up another bottle on EBAY if it ever turns up ... <3
  14. tauntonlake

    Antique Lace Hair Gloss

    gaaaaaaahhhhhhh .... this is truly LOVELY ... like an old-world vanilla scented linen handerkerchief, that's been stored away in an antique drawer for decades ... so evocative of a scent from a century ago ... LOVE this ... worth every penny.
  15. tauntonlake

    Like Brooms of Steel

    If you like the smell of Tiger Balm, menthol and camphor, (which I do), you will love this .. it's the perfume version ... I happen to like this scent, but I think one bottle is enough for me ...