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  1. Area51Fugitive

    If Fear and Hunger was a fragrance...

    Believe and/or the Blood Must Flow, both from the American Gods collection, might work.
  2. Area51Fugitive

    Pumpkin Incense

    Cozy fall in a bottle. The caramel and pumpkin blend together so well they almost smell like maple. The kyphi is the sweet kind you get in Cairo. It’s not very church incense and much less spooky than I thought it would be, but I’m not complaining since, like I said, this is pretty much the perfect cozy autumn scent. Like I just want to wait until it’s cold and rainy to spray this and then curl up with a sweater and a hot drink and a pastry and rewatch Over the Garden Wall.
  3. Area51Fugitive

    Lightning Strikes Cinema

    Shadow of the Vampire. If you’ve ever seen the movie Shadow of the Vampire with Willem DeFoe and John Malkovich, this is that movie given scent form. The old gothic mixed with the new magic of the moving pictures.
  4. Area51Fugitive

    New to fragrances

    Qandisa! Dark feminine dominance in scent form, like poisonous black honey being offered to a death goddess. If you're nervous about committing to a full size bottle, BPAL sells their General Catalogue scents (like most of the recommended oils, including Qandisa) in little sample imps, so you can test a few out on your skin before taking the plunge.
  5. Area51Fugitive

    The Serpent in the Roses

    As starbrow above stated, let this one rest a bit. Same thing happened when I was impatient and needed to test right away, lol. Nothing but rose. A few days later however... Bottle: The snakey spices and the roses are winding around each other, with the vanilla smoothing everything out. On Skin: I can't tell where the sweetened spices and rose begin or end. It's romantic and dangerous all at once.
  6. Area51Fugitive

    Kids cosmetics pink candy scent?

    X-Rayed Candy Bag from '22's Weenies might be what you're looking for. Smells like, well, candy. Jiggery Pokkery from the Antonin Scalia scents would probably hit both pink and candy as it's a cotton candy scent with a smidge of orange and vanilla. More lemony than pink, but Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat might hit the spot, same with Gobo from Fraggle Rock if you replace the yellow lemon with grapefruit. If you want that scent but maybe a little more grown-up, try Hollywood Babylon. Edit: Now that it appears Pink Lovebird is making a comeback come the next Luper release, that might be exactly what you’re looking for! Also ditto on the Pink and Blue Candycanes that two others have mentioned if you don’t mind a bit of mint
  7. Area51Fugitive

    Murderous Frogs

    I almost missed this one because I thought it might be too similar to Frog Moon (even though I love Frog Moon), but I'm glad I took the chance because this is THE poisoned apple scent I've always wanted. it's not an apple single note by any means, the other notes darken it up quite a bit and as it dries it becomes a much more complex scent, but it really does give off that deadly "green" vibe that you'd want from something called "Murderous Frogs." These froggies are packing poisoned fruits and green tea and aren't afraid to use them, and it is oddly pleasant.
  8. Area51Fugitive

    Oil and Blood

    I swear I mean this positively: Dracula’s freshly cleaned and dried laundry. On me the linen comes through the strongest, with clay in the background and what I think is dragon’s blood showing up just a smidge. It’s like the clean linen room in the subterranean parts of an ancient haunted castle. They gotta keep all that red damask clean somewhere. I personally really like it. When you want to smell clean and fresh, but make it goth.
  9. Area51Fugitive


    Wore the imp I ordered for the first episode of House of the Dragon and yeah I'm gonna need to bottle up on this handsome gentleman. Starts off as mostly orange and clove, but the orange simmers off (but never disappears) after a while and the musk and a smidge of tobacco comes out, along with the more foresty scents. The mint to me doesn't stand out on its own so much as make the forest a chilly one in the mountains. This is what Abigail Larson's Dracula wears.
  10. Area51Fugitive

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    Warm and comforting. Never had the chance to smell Antique Lace (RIP) but this smells like I always imagined it to have been, so I'm happy. Oh, and to those who miss Dorian? Try combining a bit of this with a bit of Jareth. Not the exact same, but it'll scratch that itch until it (hopefully) comes back.
  11. Area51Fugitive

    Scientific, Occult and Inexplicable

    The well-used but also well-cared for desk of a steampunk mad scientist who dabbles in magic every now and again for a change of pace. Wood, metal, the herbs of whatever alchemical screwery the mad scientist is brewing up. There's no leather mentioned in the notes, but on my skin something like worn-in leather pops up. There's some sawdust as well. I really like this, but not sure I would wear it enough to get a full sized bottle. If you're into steampunk though, and like the other steampunk blends the lab has, DO GET.
  12. Area51Fugitive

    Every Day is Halloween

    This year’s Halloween goodies have been knocking it out of the park with sandalwoods. While this is somewhat similar to Pyramid of Skulls, the pumpkin makes this scent so wonderfully cozy. I don’t smell cinnamon per se, but this smells to me like the moment after you sprinkle some cinnamon on the lid and inside of your jack o lantern, light the candle, and close it up. The flame toasts the pumpkin flesh and cinnamon so it doesn’t smell like cinnamon anymore, but that unique jack o lantern smell. It’s like someone lit a sandalwood cone in place of a candle in a jack o lantern. Beautiful.
  13. Area51Fugitive

    Sugar Cookie Satyr

    Starts off a buttery, buttery sugar cookie with just a teensy bit of musk, but the butter eventually melts off to leave a lovely sugared musk with just a hint of butter to make it smooth. Like others have said, it smells a lot like what you would want from a super sugary Snake Oil, but you can still recognize the Satyr. Lovely and cozy.
  14. Area51Fugitive

    The Bear Prince

    In the slonk, I get cold, slightly rose touched fur, like the bear prince in question rolled around in a snow-covered rose bush. It's similar on my skin at first, but the rose gets stronger and stronger the longer it stays on my skin. It's a very pretty rose scent, though, so that's all good. After a while, it settles into a cold, musky rose with just the slightest hint of fur. It's like smelling the bear slowly transforming into an elegant prince. Not sure if I'll go for a full-sized bottle as I only need so many rose-focused scents, but this really is very lovely. Maybe I'll get a bottle next year if I use all this up. This is a very nice scent, and I'm not even that big a rose fan (though I do like it in certain scents, like this one)