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  1. Area51Fugitive

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    Warm and comforting. Never had the chance to smell Antique Lace (RIP) but this smells like I always imagined it to have been, so I'm happy. Oh, and to those who miss Dorian? Try combining a bit of this with a bit of Jareth. Not the exact same, but it'll scratch that itch until it (hopefully) comes back.
  2. Area51Fugitive

    Scientific, Occult and Inexplicable

    The well-used but also well-cared for desk of a steampunk mad scientist who dabbles in magic every now and again for a change of pace. Wood, metal, the herbs of whatever alchemical screwery the mad scientist is brewing up. There's no leather mentioned in the notes, but on my skin something like worn-in leather pops up. There's some sawdust as well. I really like this, but not sure I would wear it enough to get a full sized bottle. If you're into steampunk though, and like the other steampunk blends the lab has, DO GET.
  3. Area51Fugitive

    Every Day is Halloween

    This year’s Halloween goodies have been knocking it out of the park with sandalwoods. While this is somewhat similar to Pyramid of Skulls, the pumpkin makes this scent so wonderfully cozy. I don’t smell cinnamon per se, but this smells to me like the moment after you sprinkle some cinnamon on the lid and inside of your jack o lantern, light the candle, and close it up. The flame toasts the pumpkin flesh and cinnamon so it doesn’t smell like cinnamon anymore, but that unique jack o lantern smell. It’s like someone lit a sandalwood cone in place of a candle in a jack o lantern. Beautiful.
  4. Area51Fugitive

    Sugar Cookie Satyr

    Starts off a buttery, buttery sugar cookie with just a teensy bit of musk, but the butter eventually melts off to leave a lovely sugared musk with just a hint of butter to make it smooth. Like others have said, it smells a lot like what you would want from a super sugary Snake Oil, but you can still recognize the Satyr. Lovely and cozy.
  5. Area51Fugitive

    The Bear Prince

    In the slonk, I get cold, slightly rose touched fur, like the bear prince in question rolled around in a snow-covered rose bush. It's similar on my skin at first, but the rose gets stronger and stronger the longer it stays on my skin. It's a very pretty rose scent, though, so that's all good. After a while, it settles into a cold, musky rose with just the slightest hint of fur. It's like smelling the bear slowly transforming into an elegant prince. Not sure if I'll go for a full-sized bottle as I only need so many rose-focused scents, but this really is very lovely. Maybe I'll get a bottle next year if I use all this up. This is a very nice scent, and I'm not even that big a rose fan (though I do like it in certain scents, like this one)
  6. Area51Fugitive

    Sugar Plum Snake Oil

    The legends speak true! 'Tis the fabled plum of Bordello in this oil! Seriously, as soon as I opened the bottle, that beautiful, beautiful plum was the first thing I smelled, and it was wonderful. I've been guarding my frimp of Bordello like a dragon, so having something even remotely similar was a good portion of the reason I got this. Despite the obvious similarities, this is it's own scent, however, and it's a lovely one at that. The sugar plum is the star of the show, with even more sugar and some spice added from the Snake Oil. This is a snake that loves fairy princess ballet costumes and purple candies. Definitely one that focuses more on the sweet side of Snake Oil, rather than the sexy. After a few hours, it's become very soft on me, but sooo pretty. I got a feeling that this will age like a fine wine, too.
  7. Area51Fugitive


    Spicy, pumpkiny red musk that lasts FOREVER which is good because I love it and I know damn well that this is going to be one of those scents that sells for an unholy amount after it's gone. This might be the first I grab a second bottle of, TBH, just because I know I'll never see it for a reasonable price again. Not really getting any of the florals that everyone else is describing. Maybe my skin's eating them or they just blend into the other notes to my nose. I'm going to use a herculean amount of willpower to resist wearing this for a while, just so I can let it age because, as everyone else is speculating, this is probably going to age like the finest of wines. Even after a month this is really blossoming into something amazing, and it was already amazing when I first got it. Really sexy red musk, really going to hoard this like a dragon.
  8. Area51Fugitive

    Horreur Citrouille

    In bottle: Honey wine. Not like Athens or Hetairae though. It's its own honey wine. Wet: SPICY honey wine! The pumpkin is definitely there, though as the description says, it's actual pumpkin flesh rather than pumpkin spice. There's a bit more...freshness is the best word I've got after a few more seconds on the wrists. Definitely getting the carnation, maybe the tobacco flower and oakmoss is contributing to that as well. A teensy bit of the sugar. It's really blending together as it dries. Once every few sniffs I get the grapes. Looks like every ingredient's taking turns being the star for a few sniffs. It's not particularly masculine, it leans more to the feminine side of unisex if you ask me, but for some reason it's what I would imagine a male version of Alcina Dimitrescu (Tall Vampire Lady from Resident Evil: Village) would smell like. Will add further notes in an hour or so. Dry: Spiced wine that sticks to the skin, the other notes coming up every once in a while to say hello. I really love this perfume. Instead of being an incoherent mess, all the many many notes in this are playing nicely together and taking turns to shine. It is vampy, but a vampire that lives in a cozy lodge with lots of dark wood instead of a drafty castle. The spicy wine is a bit like Blood Kiss, but much less in-your-face and with much more complexity (not to mention some nice pumpkin pulp and a good glob o' honey). So glad I went for this. Not sure how it compares with the original Horreur. I heard that has a lot of plum to it and while it is sort of there, the pumpkin pulp stands out more. So if you wished Horreur Sympathetique replaced its plum with pumpkin, here ya goes.
  9. Area51Fugitive

    Gift Recommendations for New to BPAL

    Fainting Couch is a nice, light scent, though maybe TKO would be better if he's not one for scents that go a bit powdery? Embalming Fluid and Phantasm would be my suggestions for citrus scents, though depending on skin chemistry, Phantasm might need to age just a smidge.
  10. Area51Fugitive

    The Queen's Croquet Ground

    A rose scent that actually smells like roses! Not roses as in "the normal rose scent you get in perfumes", but I mean roses. The flower. This actually smells like that, and it's wonderful. Got a goblin of this in an order, and will be upgrading to the real deal once it runs out (though that might take a bit, since I've been very precious with it lol).
  11. Area51Fugitive


    Maybe Lightning combined with Zombi for the earthier side of her, if you have an imp or bottle of Zombi. Maybe Deep in Earth instead of the Zombi if you want something more earthy and less floral. Deep in Earth also fits thematically with the Bride, as far as the book goes, anyway. For a solo scent maybe Stormclouds Over the Midway? It has the ozone, but also has a bit of sweetness from the plum and a lot of gothic darkness from opium, smoke, and wormwood.
  12. Area51Fugitive

    The Grey Columns

    Soft, lovely amber. Not much throw, like others have said, but it makes it a bit more intimate, somehow. Very lovely amber. If you like the Lion from the Mad Tea Party, this is the moon to the Lion's sun. Soft and silver rather than bold and gold. I like the Grey Columns just a little bit more, to be honest, but it probably comes down to preference.
  13. Area51Fugitive

    Worm Moon 2021

    I was a bit worried ordering this when I saw no one had reviewed it, but the notes involved made it seem like a great hot weather scent so I took a chance. People are sleeping on this one! A very bright, pink citrusy scent, with the coconut adding a nice, summery edge and the amber, sandalwood, and white musk making it more grounded and earthy with just a hint of dirt. It's almost like someone took the citrusy brightness of Bitches Love Unicorns and replaced the candy with coconutty beach sand, if that makes any sense at all. Fades a bit quick on me, but still a fantastic summer scent.
  14. Area51Fugitive

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    Getting mostly gardenia in this one, but a very. very softened, sweetened springtime gardenia, not the gardenia suckerpunch of Venus Cloacina (which I do love, but it's one I only pull out if I need to beat everyone else in the room into submission with pure gardenia power). There's an "afterscent", as it were, of honeysuckle. Very faint honeysuckle. The cherry blossom is more of an accent on me than an actual note. It's a beautiful scent, and one I'm going to get plenty of mileage out of in the future, but I was really hoping for a cherry blossom scent. This is more "Gardenia Vulva" on me. Still very lovely, still something I'm definitely going to wear and wear often, especially now that the weather's getting warmer (no way I could wear Venus Cloacina in warm weather, ye gods, it'd be like the gardenia equivalent of the Roses of Heliogabalus), but I'm going to have to continue the hunt for a cherry blossom scent. Do recommend, but know what you're getting, especially if your skin amps gardenia like mine does.