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  1. adr_enne

    The Lion

    Wet : Dry spiced amber, indeed. Yummy! In an hour? : Oh cinnamon, why do you hate me so?! My skin pulls you from hiding, in any concoction, and forces you to the foreground like Red Hots. Dear god, why do you hate me so? Later : I had to wash it off. I was overcome by cinnamon. I had high hopes for the grassy smell with amber, but no - if your skin amps cinnamon like mine does, then beware the cinnamon. (Sigh)
  2. adr_enne

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    Wet: Smells like clean porta-potties as it first hits my skin. Fortunately, it quickly becomes something earthy and slightly damp, with cleanser. Is that the benzoin, perhaps? As it dries it's all musk, though. All musk. An hour later: Unfortunately all I'm getting still is the red musk, which is almost smokey it is so intense. That may be the "unguents" but it's not doing anything for me. Much later: Ok, NOW I'm getting the caramel and honey in the musk, with a bit of the smokey. Which is really nice, surprisingly, but has very little throw ... so between the initial stench phases and the lack of throw, there's not enough to make me love this. This was just not what I was expecting. It should have been a hit out of the ballpark for me, but ended up being a composition that just didn't work on my skin. Science is fascinating. Seeing as these things can age, and not knowing how old this bottle is (got from the forums here), I'm going to hold on to it for a while and try it again some time.
  3. adr_enne


    2007 Wet: Sweet but not overwhelming, treacle-y sweet. The amber, olive oil and beeswax are anchoring a very figgy sweet. No pomegranate. In an Hour? The amber comes out a bit more, to balance the chewy fruit. Fruit usually AMPS on me, but this isn't (yay), so I'm happy. Fruit usually scares me away. Later: ZOMG! Beeswax and just a bit of amber under chewy, not too-sweet figs and yes, a bit of sufganiyot, just like the ones we ate as kids. (These days we just buy jam-filled donuts.) It really does smell like warm, lit beeswax candles and Chanukkah dessert leftovers. But where I feared that would mean OHMYGOD sweet, I've found it's actually a very balanced, light-throw scent. I'm happy to have spent the money, and I may buy a 2013 before it's too late, so I can let it age.
  4. adr_enne

    Ordering Imps

    I'm having the same problem, Synthesia! Thank you for asking - I keep meaning to.