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  1. sunreachesout

    Shadow Pictures

    i really scored the chemistry lottery on this one. i have no idea how, but this smells So fruity on me while wet, almost like blackberries and watermelon with the greener vegetal notes in it turning sweet and sage-like. i know people have said it smells like cucumbers on them with how grassy and fresh the vetiver comes across, so maybe i wouldnt think of it as Fruity if i were more familiar with single note blackberry and cucumber and vetiver, but thats the association i have with it right off the bat. once the fruity blast chills out, i get such a nostalgic rush of something that can only be described as rain and incense. very sparkly, very resinous, very spicy. Lacquered. Antique. i am getting Zero 'pickle' or 'foot' notes; maybe the oud and pepper adds a sharpness like something that Has been pickled, but its not A Literal Pickle to me. when it all dries down and comes together, i really do get a sense that this smells Very Literally like the image the scent was made to emulate: the dryness of the spice-infused paper screen and open flames amidst the soaking wet shroud of a pitch black pouring night. so, so gorgeous.
  2. sunreachesout

    Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors

    uhhhhhhhh....... Hmm. cherry cough syrup. creamy cherry cough syrup. something in this gets loud and nauseatingly artificial on me, and i have no idea what. im a little familiar with mimosa and find it a bit soapy, so its possibly that, but ive seen the comments on the relationship between cherries almonds and cyanide, so it could be something there too. very upsetting. even more upsetting is how in the bottle and every so often on my wrist i pick up a Hint of what this is Supposed to smell like, with the toasted sandalwood and bourbon cream and hay. i wish it would just smell like that consistently!!! but i'm being waterboarded with robitussin. to make it even more of a crazy chemistry moment: i had friends try it on who Loved it- i could tell they were picking up more of the intended scent than what I'm getting when They gave it a whiff- and it Still made me nauseous, even smelling it on them. i couldnt let them keep it fast enough.
  3. sunreachesout

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    this is a bit of a long shot, but if there's any bpal scent that smells like lush's ponche/party popper, i'd love to know- its described as spiced orange tequila punch, but with a lot of davana and buchu that makes it smell extra bouncy fruity and citrusy, with very little 'spice' and only a little syrupy alcohol note.