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    Prefer animalistic, woodsy, incense-y resin-y notes like vanilla, honey, leather, cardamom, amber, dark/black amber, ambergris, amberette, benzoin, velvetier, labdanum, patchouli (all kinds), civet, musk (all except red), incense, sandalwood, tobacco, frankincense, myrrh, leaves (esp dead). I also like other scents depending on the blend though, such as lemongrass, coconut, black coconut, lavender, geranium, candle smoke, elemi, bergamot, chrysanthemum, camellia, khus, saffron, dragon's blood, cinnamon, clove, sweet orange, strawberry, blackberry, sugar, peppermint, heliotrope, cream, linen, cotton, some booze notes. Dislike most florals especially rose, tuberose, and carnation with very few exceptions. Usually dislike aquatics, but not always. Blends: Spanked (holy grail scent!), Womb Furie, The Death of Autumn, Snow White, Black Lace, Gypsy Queen, Blood, Snake Oil, O, Sin, Perversion, Darkness, Enraged Bunny Musk, Death Adder, Lick It, Sticky Pillowcase, Snake Charmer, Dragon's Blood Rose, Carnation, Tuberose and other strong florals are usually soapy, sachet grandma-like death on my skin. Hate aquatics. Strongly prefer orientals overall, though I do like the occasional foodie blend too.

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    Reading, singing, listening to music, playing guitar, watching tv, photography, computer geekines, attachment parenting, natural family living, breastfeeding, babywearing, gentle discipline, cloth diapers, natural childbirth, homebirth. Icon bases in signature by erinana of obessiveicons community on live journal. Text added by me.
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  1. talula_fairie

    All Saints'

    Could it be? A rose scent that I love?!?! Before this, the only thing I ever liked was Gypsy Queen and that's impossible to snag these days. It appears that Rose + Resins/Incense is my friend. I am really loving this. It's a sweet, incense-y, resin-y, dark floral. Another one for my bottle list.
  2. talula_fairie

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    A little disappointed with this one. It's a green floral and that's about it. It's almost sour on my skin. It actually is a dead ringer for Biolage Shampoo.
  3. talula_fairie


    This reminds me so much of The Death of Autumn I *almost* can't tell it's a different scent. But I agree that this one is a bit colder and drier. It's less green and more masculine. I love them both, anyway.
  4. talula_fairie

    Halloween: New Orleans

    I don't get lemon or aquatic from this. It smells like peach to me. It almost reminds me of something you'd put in a shower gel or bubble bath. It's not bad, though. Very sweet and light. I wouldn't buy a bottle of this but I will enjoy my decant. I think I'll like it a bit more in spring than autumn, though.
  5. talula_fairie

    The Infernal Lover

    This is sweet, sexy, decadent, strong, powerful. It smells a little like Sin and a little like Smut, but not quite. It smells like an amazing, sweaty romp in bed. LOVE IT. Must have bottle.
  6. talula_fairie

    Black Hellebore Honey

    This smells like O with herbs and a light floral note. It's a hard one to describe. Very strong on the honey, which I love. Must have a bottle!!! ETA: I am fairly certain there is not rose in it as a previous reviewer suspected. I can smell rose a mile away, and my skin amps it to high heaven. If it was in this blend, I would know, and likely be whining about it. But, anything's possible...
  7. talula_fairie


    I couldn't figure out how this scent related to Greed until I read the reviews. I smell the patchouli, which always makes me think "hippie" (in a GOOD way, I love the smell and I'm a hippie chick myself). It DOES smell a little bit like actual dollar bills. I never would have made that connection otherwise. I wasn't sure when I sniffed the imp if this would work for me, but because all the notes are usually surefire winners on my skin, I tried it out. I'm so glad I did. It's a dark, resin-y blend with an edge of golden sweetness, just like it was described. Something about it is very comforting to me. I love it.
  8. talula_fairie

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    Blue Phoenix Prototype smelled to me almost exactly like LUSH's The Comforter bubble bar. But that is a really rare scent, so good luck snagging some. And if you happen to, please let me know
  9. talula_fairie


    There were a few scents I bought unsniffed when the Halloween update went live, and this was the one that I was the most sure would work. I was totally right. I'm happy to report it's even better than I thought it would be. It smells exactly as described, like creamy, sugary candy with a slight hint of linen. Like if Sticky Pillowcase didn't have the fruit note. My husband's verdit: "It smells like vanilla frosting." Totally. In an amazing, wearable way. Love this one!
  10. talula_fairie

    Halloween: San Francisco

    I normally can't stand aquatics, but I took a risk with this one because I am so in love with BPAL's leaves note. This smells exactly as I hoped it would, like a wetter, greener, leafier version of The Death of Autumn. Definite love. I agree with the above review that it would smell fantastic on a man or woman. I've spent Halloween in San Francisco before, and this scent is perfect.
  11. talula_fairie

    Thirteen (13): August 2010

    My nose is still sniffly from a cold, so I may have to edit this later. In the bottle, I smelled chocolate, honey, and a bit of spices. Wet on my skin, the chocolate disappeared pretty fast and the champaca flower became stronger. The scent develops a sweet, incense-y quality to it. Then it dried and smelled amazing. The honey, bergamot and spices came out to play with the rest of the notes rounding it out perfectly. It's a warm and lovely scent. Very complex. The more I wear this one, the more I love it.
  12. talula_fairie


    This should work on me (ALL my favorite notes) and I'm VERY perplexed as to why it doesn't. It smells like toilet bowl cleaner. It's like Blood Kiss...total mystery as to what went wrong. Huh.
  13. talula_fairie


    Well I love patchouli, and this is a nice version of it. The apricot (that I can barely smell) just adds in a little touch of sweetness and cuts the dry, earth smell of the patchouli. Great scent to wear for when I'm in my hippie dippie moods.
  14. talula_fairie

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v6

    #33 I can't really identify frankincense at all here. This smells like a really creamy, complex floral. There is *almost* a hairspray note to it, but that seems to be calming down as it dries and is really only apparent when I huff my wrists directly. Overall it's actually quite nice, it almost reminds me of Gypsy Queen.
  15. talula_fairie


    I agree with the first review: flowerly pine sol. In fact my first reaction was "toilet bowl cleaner." Not sure if it's the apricot or the jasmine or what. Hated this one. Clearly it's my skin chemistry since it smells fine in the imp and many like it a lot.