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  1. GypsyFae


    I LOVE this scent. And I'll even admit that it smells like soda (I can't decide which one, coke with lime, cherry coke, Dr. Pepper and cherry Dr. Pepper are all contenders.) However, when you apply a scent that's like some kind of soda syrup to your skin, it doesn't smell drinkable... it smells sniffable and lickable and all kinds of -ables that make this the scent I must have for my honeymoon. If you like sweet scents that aren't overtly foody and are a little bit dark, this is a good one. This is my sexy evening scent.
  2. GypsyFae

    Fairy Market

    Fairy Market smells like Easter to me. It smells like grass and sweet amber-y incense that reminds me, for no apparent reason, of colored eggs. It may smell a little perfumey to some people, and it hovers on the edge of my floral related allergies without triggering them. (Many florals will give me a kick in the sinuses.) This is my early spring scent, when I'm ready to start gardening and being outside.
  3. GypsyFae


    I've never written a review before, but I thought it's darn well time I start. This is a winter scent to me. Spicy and smoky and something to wear to face the cold outside. The cloves and pepper and cardamom give it a very cinnamon-y sort of smell- not cinnamon and sugar, but like cinnamon sticks, sharp and woody. I don't notice the patchouli at all, but that might be because I don't mind patchouli, or it might be because there are so many notes in this that my skin amps, that patchouli is trampled in the stampede. Also: I have skin on the sensitive end so I was a little worried about the cardamom and pepper, and while it makes my skin a little warm, there's no itching or splotches. This one goes in the winter scents wardrobe, and is probably a bottle purchase for me.
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