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  1. SeaLady

    Sara Pezzini

    The honey in this seems to be sort of cyclical, it comes and goes on my skin. The leather is always Leather! And that is something I adore. The honey adds sweetness, and is a little dusty just like the description says it should be! I think I quite like this! I don't think it's true love, but it is very enjoyable. I think I need to take all of my many leather scents and swatch them at once so I can write down the differences. I always order leather scents, and I can't really keep track of them anymores!
  2. SeaLady

    Mahogany Hall Atmosphere Spray

    Finally a room spray that I can love and use to heal my heart, which broke when Dungeon was discontinued! I get hints of Mahogany and Teak, along with lush musk, light smoke, and something vaguely fruity - almost like port. (I just looked, and find it weird that there's no wine in the description!) I will need to order more of this. I just need to remember to spray it, and then LEAVE THE ROOM. Every time I use a room spray, I get it in my nose.
  3. SeaLady

    Panther Moon

    I was a total silly goose, and only got a decant of this when it was up. I just wore it for most of the week, and I am crazy about it. With my skin chemistry this is Snake Charmer, but with civet and musk, and amber. So it's like a. . . it's like a panther charming a snake. Forbidden, cross-species love. And the amber in it works better on me than any other BPAL amber. I used to have good luck with them, but now my skin chemistry has changed, and they either disappear or turn to powder. But not this one! It's gorgeous, and I want to roll in it. Love, love, love. (I wish the lab could tell us in the announcements which ones are amazing. Like: "Pssst, order this!" It seems to happen sometimes that a Moon people pass up on is AMAZING, and it was Limited, so then there are only so many bottles around. I think this is one of them.)
  4. SeaLady

    Snake Oil Soap

    When I unwrapped my decanted slice of this, I just about swooned. Ok, maybe I did a little. And then I got flustered opening it because I really wanted to use it and it was really well packaged in saran wrap. This soap has the delightfully slippery (and perfect for leg-shaving) texture of Villainess soaps, and smells strongly of Snake Oil. I mean. . . it's basically perfection. I'm ecstatic. It does come out a little dark and I had to rinse a spot on the wall of my tub where some soap-juice went, but I kind of like that. For some reason it seems more decadent because I can see it. It's like washing in liquid S.O. I am just about the happiest that BPAL and Villainess are making soap together. I loved the smell of the previous BPAL soaps but not the texture, and I love the texture of Villainess soaps but haven't found a scent I really like yet. Oh, joy!
  5. SeaLady


    The verdict is in: My puppy and I don't care for this scent. She's usually intrigued by my perfumes, at the least. This one got a cursory sniff and a turning away of the face :x I reaaaally wanted to like it, but it's too buttery in the imp, and turns into unpleasant baby-wipes on my arm. Not what I was hoping for
  6. SeaLady

    The Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair

    Dear the Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair, I wanted to wear you every time I practiced the harp. I was going to use you to remind myself to get motivated and practice more. I wore you yesterday when I took my harp to the harp doctor, and you TOTALLY BAILED ON ME! You were gone not twenty minutes into the drive. Gone, gone, gone. I really enjoy your sophisticated amber scent, but I expect a little more loyalty. Broken Heartedly, Me
  7. SeaLady


    In the imp, this is herbal and nice, and reminiscent of something else I like. . . Yew Trees, I think. On my skin, this is Cedar+Vetiver=demolition of all other scent. Alas, I amp vetiver like nobody's business. To the swaps with you, Wolfsbane!
  8. SeaLady

    Beanman & Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina

    I must say that I thoroughly agree with capnlizaveta's verdict of: Snow White's Upper Thigh. This is a voyeuristic and sexy scent - but it's erotica, not porn. What is that saying about big shoes and eye contact with the camera? Whatever it is, this scent is napping barefoot in the morning light, sprawled sensuously on a silk chaise lounge. And I likes it a whoooole lot.
  9. SeaLady

    Pink Mood

    Vanilla, star anise, cherry blossom, peony, violet leaf, and neroli. This is interesting, but I think it goes weird on my skin. It's like light anise and florals and something fruity, but maybe with toast. And maybe a little soap. Also, it smells like the Salted Licorice of fame and fortune, which I had a traumatic experience with as a child. Alas, Pink Mood. I think not.
  10. SeaLady

    Milk Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea Ganache Truffle

    Yuuuuuummm! As truffles go, I can find almost no chocolate in this. But hey, I'm not mad. This is all green all the time. The green tea definitely has a citrus quality to it, a slightly sour sharpness. In totally a good way. This is a fully organic clean scent. Not so much a truffle, as I feel like I am sitting in a tea garden practicing deep breathing while the sun warms the tea leaves. I think this will be a perfect summer scent, and unless it goes horribly wrong at some point on my skin, I will definitely be needing more.
  11. SeaLady

    Penis Admiration

    In the decant this was a warm and buttery vanilla festival. So, of course, I immediately put some on! On my skin, there is a whole lot of lilac, not sharp but creamy and vanilla-influenced. It's light and pleasantly floral. Like a light, tropical evening breeze through flowing curtains. Not something I would associate with, you know, penises, but quite nice all the same. Although on second thought, it's likely that I presumed naughty smut when really this instance of Penis Admiration is in a very romantic context. I'm slowly beginning to realize that in many cases I quite enjoy lilac, and I shouldn't lump it in with the florals that are awful on me.
  12. SeaLady


    This is a dark, woodsy fruit scent on me at first. It dries down to a rather strong sour-wood cologne that is pleasant, but not my thing. Would be better on a boy, or a girl who doesn't usually want to smell like cake (who, me?)
  13. SeaLady

    Pink Snowballs

    I really like this one - it smells exactly like the name! Pink Snowballs, light and feminine. Plus, it makes me think of Little Rascals, and those snowball snacks that taste terrible but look good, and apparently make a good hiding place for a Cracker Jacks engagement ring. . . It has a hint of baby powder on me occasionally, or at least one of the guys at work said so. But I think it's cozy and nice. It reminds me very much of Snow White, but because rose and I are not always friends, I may just play it safe and stick with my backups of Snow White rather than getting a bottle of Pink Snowballs. I like it a bunch, but I'm not in love with it. Of course, there's always the danger of repeating my first tremulous love affair with Snow White. It went like this: I got my decants, and then I said: Ew. Play dough party. Why does everyone love this? Two months later I said: let's try it again (two days after the Yules went down. self, what were you thinking!?) Snow White said: YOU LOVE ME. YOU LOOOVE ME. I AM THE THING YOU HAVE WANTED ALL YOUR LIFE. WEAR ME EVERY DAY. I said, crying and crying: Does anyone have some Snow White for sale? So I guess if that happens, someone will take pity on me and sell me some Pink Snowballs. I hope.
  14. SeaLady

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

    I really wanted to love this one, because. . . chocolate and burlesque, I mean, it just sounds so right!!! Apparently in that it turns to powder and something sour on me. It has that slight sourness that a brick of baking chocolate has, and then there's a bit of a chocolate baby powder problem. If this ages well, I will hunt it down and love it forever. But for now, I'll just keep my imp and love the name, and wish that the combination of notes didn't hate my skin
  15. SeaLady


    This, weirdly, may be the only Yule success for me this year. But oh boy, is it ever a success. It smells great on my and The Boy. Starts out winter trees and crisp air, and dries to sexy dark incense, musk and forestry in a way that does not upset my sinuses (which pine/juniper sometimes does). This is absolutely my favourite Yule scent this year (and I even remembered to wear it on actual Faunalia!)