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    Mme. Moriarty, The Cracked Bell, Black Lace, Dana O' Shee, Golden Priapus, Dorian, Blood Amber, Pele, Morocco, Scherezade, Villain, Antique Lace, TKO, Boomslang, Midnight Kiss, Banded Sea Snake Favourite notes: Red Musk, Red Musk, Red Musk, Red Musk, Red Musk aaaand leather, cotton, Vanilla, olive leaf, sweet almond, white pine, incense, amber,

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    philosophy, English literature, Wittgenstein, psychoanalysis, literary interpretation, T.S Eliot, modernism, philosophy of psychology, philosophical aspects of mental health, Freud, anti-Freud!, R.D Laing, journalism, gardening, counselling theory, atheism<br /><br />Fripperies...<br /><br />dressing up and transforming myself, my duvet, pretty men, open fires in winter, corsetry, red hair, arched brows, long hair, pampering, scented baths, candles, wearing a tutu and looking silly, antique amber, foppery, new romanticism, green glass items with gnarled labels, potions, lashings of silver jewellery, red lipstick, Karma soap, Persian cats, crunching frosty grass underfoot, creaky stairs, fresh bed sheets, big clompy boots, smart clothing, popping bubblewrap, coming home to a clean, warm kitchen on a winters day, being the first one to leave footprints in the snow, ragdoll cats, apple snails, reading crime novels<br /><br />Films...<br /><br />Being John Malkovich, Bound, Withnail and I, The Dark Crystal, The labyrinth, American beauty, Amelie, Annie Hall, Some like it hot, Gone with the wind, Leon, Gia, The African queen, The seven year itch, Borat (!) The Poseidon adventure, Alive!, Threads, 28 days later, Silence of the lambs, Rebecca<br /><br />and on Television... enduring passion for Prisoner Cell Block: H. Also, Eastenders, Holby City.<br /><br />Music... <br /><br />Type O Negative, Elgar, Eighties Electro, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, London After Midnight, Adam and the Ants, Icon of Coil, VNV Nation, Japan, Ultravox, System of a Down, Radiohead, Pulp, Classix Nouveau, Dead or Alive, Enya, Arcade Fire, Late of the Pier, Gary Numan, Interpol, Marvin Gaye, New model army, James Brown, Jon Foxx, David Sylvian, Divine (!), Muse, OMD, Alice Cooper<br /><br />I say YES to Marmite ;)<br />And I am a vegetarian which means NO, I DO NOT eat fish!!!<br /><br />20th Feb 2005 UPDATE: I am now in the process of becoming vegan. Any edifying messages/support/recipes will be gratefully received!<br />5th April UPDATE: I am now a fully-fledged vegan! Hooray.<br />25th September, 2008: Still vegan :D<br /><br />Bad, evil things...<br />paperwork, automation, people who make my veganism a topic for conversation at the dinner table, Kilroy, Jim Davidson, Richard and Judyism, he conservativ party, DEPRESSION, The Sun newspaper (UK), crosswords and day time TV quiz programmes... no wonder the unemployed get depressed! Sticky labels that leave marks on things, changing the duvet cover and phoning the council all suck too.
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  1. Pookstrell

    Gardening and the Scents of a Garden

    I usually go scent-free too, so I can smell the flowers However, there's little better in life than spending a day gardening, getting grubby and coming back indoors for a Lush and BPAL-filled bath!
  2. Pookstrell

    Lilith Victoria

    Pretty, soft lavender is my first impression. It reminds me a little of Villain and TKO, without really being like either. Vanilla and lavender are the most noticeable and if I sniff really hard I catch a whiff of the fennel. I don't get a distinct impression of either Snake Oil or Dorian and this dries down to a soft vanilla on me. I'm hoping a little ageing will bring out its complexity.
  3. Pookstrell

    Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid

    Me too, Electra. I HATE jasmine with a passion ... but I just don't detect it here. As it dries down I can sense something floral, but not the usual jasmine that my nose interprets as poo. It's not because it's the night-blooming variety either - that is usually awful on me too. I finally understand what people mean when they describe this as soapy, because this is exactly how it smells here - and soapy is fine by me! Bizarrely, I don't get a whiff of almond either, just a lovely, slightly salty blend. On my skin, the saltiness fades and I'm left with a laundry scent - not clean linen, but straight-up washing powder. Just lovely!
  4. Pookstrell

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    I detect the a citrus at first - a faint lemon. I should preface this, however, by saying that tea always has a citrus edge to my nose. On the skin - pow! - beautiful brewed tea (not dried) with a sugary feel and musk. There is also something in this which keeps it grounded which I can only assume is the jasmine leaf. Now, jasmine leaf must be an utterly different beast to the flower which I really, really cannot bear. But this ... is stunning. This is a warm, yellow version of Dorian. Dorian is decadent afternoon tea with doilies and sweets enjoyed by recumbent, rakish men. Theodosius is earl grey from a china cup, taken in the drawing room whilst wearing a cravat Oh yes. I will be buying more.
  5. Pookstrell

    Looking for scents that smell like chai

    Totally agree. It's uncanny!
  6. Pookstrell

    The Music of Erich Zahn

    This blend is a dark, brooding vetiver lovers paradise! Fairly dry, although the tamarind adds a touch of sweetness. Initially this reminds me a little of Death Adder, which I love. However, as this dries it develops an almost clovey vibe on me. However, I have the feeling that it might be a spice other than clove which I am struggling to identify. Maybe ajowan? the black musk gives this a strong, warm base. This strikes me as a very serious blend. Erich Zahns music must be solemn dirge.
  7. Pookstrell

    The Jersey Devil

    This blend has me perplexed at the moment. At first, I detected the damp 'off' smell that I sometimes get with sour berries. I think this must be the cranberry combined with the pine. Whilst I love pine, it can take a few moments to lose its initial sharpness on me. As it dries, the Devil becomes much more palatable. The sharp elements recede, to leave a smoothness. Tomato leaf is one of my favourite scents of the garden, and whilst it is not distinct here, I get an impression of it in the background. When this has warmed up it completely changes. After 20 minutes this is mellow and fruity, whilst retaining a background of ballsy pine and cedar The verdict? Yet another imp that I don't want to part with. I'll definitely be experimenting further with this one.
  8. Pookstrell

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Wow, 10/10 for verisimilitude! This blend is super-rich. There is a sweet, creamy milky note which reminds me of Sweet Milk by the Body Perfumery. This, however, is much more complex. Wet, I get a buttery almost cheesy tang which makes me feel hungry. However, unlike Jack, this scent is not cloyingly rich. And unlike Jack, I don't turn this into 'peach ass' Nope, Pumpkin Cheesecake is a really special pumpkin blend. Whilst it does lose much of its richness on my skin, I'm surprised to note that it doesn't become burnt. Ultimately I think Pumpkin King is more wearable, but this is so decadent. This is special enough to keep around for an instant gooey cake fix!
  9. Pookstrell

    Calico Jack

    That sexy, manly Jolly Roger vibe is really apparent when I sniff Calico Jack. Comparing them side by side, I find my very, very old imp of Jolly Roger to be more woody and less sweet, although it may not be accurate to compare an ancient imp with my fresh Calico. Nevertheless, Calico Jack seems to be a lighter blend to my nose. As it dries, CJ becomes slightly less oceanic and the mild spices are detectable. Definitely a 'memory' of spices as the description suggests, rather than being hot or foody. In fact, the individual spices are not discernible, they just add a very slight warmth to the cool sea spray. I'm going to place this next to Jolly Roger in my imp holder, and test it again in a few weeks. Whether I end up wearing it or not, I find BPAL's evocation of ocean-saltiness really fascinating. I wish the sea really smelt so nice!
  10. Pookstrell

    Windward Passage

    Windward passage has a certain 'damp' smell out of the vial, but luckily I don't get any of the unpleasant connotations mentioned by other reviewers In vial: Wet on skin: Wow, same scent family as Jolly Roger. Saltiness and ozone. Drying: Ozone, ozone, ozone! Dry on Skin: This scent morphs so quickly! All similarities to Jolly Roger have vanished, leaving a very dry, detergent scent. To me, this smells just like a very, very hot iron on clean cotton sheets. Almost scorched. No sweetness, just a lot of CLEAN. Verdict: It's not so sweet as Wensleydale, nowehere near as sweet as Antique or Black Lace. Instead, it has more of the pungency and dryness of Dirty, without being *like* it, if you see what I mean. As a fan of clean scents, I think I'll dab this onto clothes for instant freshness.
  11. Pookstrell

    Anything that smells like silage?

    How about... The Scarecrow: An agricultural gargoyle. Though he is the Guardian of the Crops and Keeper of the Fields, his visage is still the stuff of nightmares. The scent of a hot wind blowing through desolate, scorched, barren fields. Roadhouse also sprang into my mind, although I'm not quite sure if it's what you're after: Truck stop sleaze. Weedy dandelion and hops with a whiff of tobacco and hemp and a swirl of booziness. I'm thinking that the hemp and dandelion might provide a hayish scent, and the hops and booziness might offer the fermentation your after? Just a thought
  12. Pookstrell

    Midnight Kiss

    Nom nom nom nom. This is like a subtle, toned-down and grown up Hollywood Babylon. The musk, which is beautifully grounding and voluptuous, underscores the rich berry-like dragon's blood. Now here's the amazing thing... this has cocoa in, but I can wear it! Normally I reduce chocolate to mouldy cardboard, but not this time. A first! This is one of those classic BPAL 'red' scents which makes you feel sexy but want to snuggle at the same time.
  13. Pookstrell

    Banded Sea Snake (2006)

    Blimey, I thought I'd gone mad when I sniffed this as it reminded me of Dorian so strongly. I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one. I adore Dorian, but have worn it to death and this is a lovely alternative. Theal8r is right, 'green vanilla' is a great description. I wouldn't have been able to pick the ingredients in this if they weren't listed, although I'm beginning to think that olive leaf may well be my friend. iIndeed, it has a similar 'quality' to Lush's Olive Branch for me. I also reckon that there's ambergris in this, although I'm probably taking out of my bum! In short, this is a really delightful surprise, and I will be getting a bottle of this before the Faiza's companions leave town... possibly two bottles, as it follows an Olive Branch shower so, so beautifully
  14. Pookstrell

    Death Adder

    Wow, this is stunning! Dry, yet warm coconut tempered with vetiver and the sweetness of Snake Oil. I love coconut, but usually find it either too sweet, too 'beachy' or artificial. Now this is how to do coconut!
  15. Pookstrell

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Indeed! The artwork on those bottles is stunning Most of my bottles are cobalt, which I *love* so I doubt I'll be swapping them any time soon. I did have a very old handwritten bottle of Three Witches which was nove., but my very favourite has to be the teeny, tiny early corked bottles. The lovely Red Jezebel has Bewitched (I think) in the teeny bottle and it's soooo cute!