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  1. Balame, thank you for the suggestions. Will definitely add those to my must-try list! crimescenecleanup, would love if you could come up with a list of vetiver and carnation blends.. the vetiver must be something I am drawn to - I have a bottle of vetiver essential oil, and from that alone I wouldn't have thought it was something I was too keen on, but there must be something to it mixed in with the different blends that I like. Thank you both.
  2. I don't know what it is about this one exactly, but I am absolutely in love with it. I'm very new to BPAL and to most fragrance oils or perfumes in general so am still not great at picking out the specific notes yet. Maybe it is the amber, or the musk? I want to say it is something resiny, but in a sweet-smoky way? Does that even make sense? haha - Does anyone have any recommendations they could give that are maybe similar in scent or just similar in the feel of this one? The only other ones that I have taken a liking to, though not quite as much, are Spanish Red Carnation and The Lurid Library - again, any similar scents/similar feel to these? Would be very grateful for your help.