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  1. myla.mouse.n.di

    Final Girl

    I actually get almost all the notes listed in equal amounts, the result ends up being a spicy clove + blood/dark berries with some sticky sweet vanilla sugar/honey. It really does paint the picture of some spicy red sticky blood slashed across some ripped white clothing - very Final Girls vibe 🔪🩸 Oddly enough I didn’t get nearly as much marshmallow as the other reviews seemed to get. Keeping it for now because there’s something there very intriguing! Was hoping there would be more marshmallow and less clove but this is pretty great too!
  2. myla.mouse.n.di

    Pomegranate Tiramisu

    Yes yes yes! This is DELICIOUS. I totally get the “goat milk note from Ghost Milk” reference made in Tom & Galen’s sniffing impressions video, because there’s a similar creamy base for the whole scent to rest on, probably the Creme Fraiche note. I also get a bit of almond & ladyfingers/Madelines note blended pretty well into the scent as well as a light realistic pomegranate all mixed together. It’s mouthwatering and I now really really want to eat the dessert it is named after. My only complaint is that right now the longevity is on the short side, and the throw isn’t great either after the first 5 mins.
  3. myla.mouse.n.di

    Dead Leaves, Boot Leather, and Sweet Grass

    Another surprise love of my Weenie order! The Dead Leaves note unfortunately almost never works for me, many times it dominates the entire scent or is WAYY too cologne-y or bell-peppery. Starts off with a bit more DL, but quickly the boot leather comes in and becomes the star of the show. The boot leather is well worn, supple and oiled. The sweetgrass then floats in to sweeten the scent a little. An amazing leather scent, really hoping that with resting it stays leather dominant!
  4. myla.mouse.n.di

    Torta Setteveli

    My favorite of my first Weenie order! I get dark creamy chocolate but also a rich hazelnut, the same hazelnut I love from The Empress & Their Heckhound, with maybe a tinge of cake if I really try to smell it, but everything is blended really well. This is like almost like a fancy Nutella, with the fuzzy hazelnut really elevating the scent - love love love!
  5. myla.mouse.n.di

    Fleece Skeleton Onesie

    This one smells like vaguely fruity (think a tinge of dark berries) which I think is the Eyeliner note + clean laundry without going dryer sheet, which I never thought I would say smells good - but it smells good! I also get the reference to cognac/lace above ^^ as I think that may be what’s coming off as the dark fruity tinge to me. Definitely smells clean and cozy and something be I would wear after the shower or when I go in to work. A keeper!