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  1. Tried Magic Hat beer. So far...not so bad. Also...not so good. :P

  2. I have finally figured out that I will need to Live the Answer to some of my more interesting challenges. Wish me luck. :P

  3. I still think of you dear. We miss you. I hope you are with us GUSPers and forumites wherever you are. :D

  4. I am cleaning on vacation. I need to vacate in order to relax apparently. Oy!

  5. I need to exercise....and get more sugar for tea. I think it is becoming disturbingly obvious that I have become addicted to both of these items. ;)

    1. cheshirecat


      Just yesterday I came to the conclusion that I'm hopelessly addicted to sugar (and honey for tea!) :)

    2. lunaticana


      that's just wrong DarkAlice! :P

      (I do it aswell, all the time heehee :lol: )

  6. Pooped and sorely disappointed in my lousy zumba teacher

  7. The more chai tea one has...the more caffeinated one can become.

    1. talula_fairie


      isn't that the truth?

    2. BuxomM


      Chai tea is my drug of choice

  8. Brain is fuzzier than TV Snow. Goodnight folks

  9. Dear Stomach...you are keeping me from work. I am sorry I took medicine without feeding you first....but come on!

    1. devilot


      :( Do you have any bread or crackers you can nibble on?
  10. Also...Under the harvest moon has aged gloriously...but no one seems to want my bottles in the orphanage thread....Who knew?

    1. HighPriestessIce


      It has indeed aged beautifully! *huffs her bottle*

    2. devilot


      OMG! You gave away Under the Harvest Moon? Lucky recipient!

  11. Just went through my boxes...determined what I will be wearing this fall. Glorious...simply glorious!!!

  12. Tuesdays can really just suck it at this point.

    1. cyanidenoir


      I thought Tuesday always sucked it. Since the beginning of time :P I've always thought Tuesday suck.

    2. saralaughs


      Hope it gets better J. I know, this week is just being an ass to me, too.

  13. I can't find my Fledgingly Raptor Moon bottle. I am also D-Pressed. *sigh*

  14. Stuffed. Good lunch. Cleaning up and then its off to the movies. Woot!

  15. When did I become Dear Abby? Dear friend..please work your marriage out for yourself. I am not a coach or referee...just a friend for support. Sheesh!

  16. Dear Phone: I am on the bed. You are in the chair. I am too tired to physically get to you. Unless you can move yourself...it ain't happenin!

  17. I love Birthdays! Teehee! Good night all you wonderful forumites!

  18. currently icing a buttock. How the hell do you pull a muscle in your ass? :lol:

  19. Goodnight. Body...mind...need to shut off together so we can all rest and wake up fresh and hopefully healed.

  20. Dear Body...particularly left leg....WE have to STUDY. I am sorry that you are hurt...but we will have to adjust. Love...DA's brains

  21. Love the preview of the rest of season 3 of True Blood. Now I get to eat lunch with the soon to be mister and study for the rest of the day!

  22. Feel myself getting run down and sick. Time to take some fime off and rest from the job search and the studying for the moment.

  23. Sleeping is the only thing on my mind at the moment.

  24. jittery from studying...bleh!