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    adore cold scents, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, blood orange, anise, magnolia, lime, and look forward to falling in love with many more....

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    l love laughing, unique perspectives, knowledge, corvids, fantastic tete a tete, photography, music, gloamy music, observing everything.... i describe myself as unusual, dichotomous, sisyphean, sanguine, ad infinitum....
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  1. pseedie


    This was a watery clean on me.....at first i was thinking it was like a cool breeze, a clean dry floral, clean, then boring clean....then i realized that i smelled like a dryer sheet....but a pleasant dryer sheet. So, if i ever need to seduce laundry, i know what to wear.
  2. pseedie

    Forbidden Fruit

    As light and innocent as your first time should have been. The fresh scent of lotus hidden behind lightly scented flowers, amber, and citrus. Double GAH!! In the imp, this was JUST like the cherry tooth polish that your dentist uses to polish your teeth....that gritty crappy stuff?? eeeuuuuu...... Wet on my wrist something astringent came out to play....and it wasn't pleasant....as it dried it wreaked of stargazer lily with a tart/sweet fruit underneath. This also wouldn't wash off...the lily stayed....ick. Into the swap pile!
  3. pseedie


    ~~Yemaya~~ In the imp, this was a very buttery fruit to my nose....sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Wet it reminded me of some life saver in the tropical flavors pack, although i couldn't pin down exactly which one....(i don't let myself look at the notes ahead of time) Dry, this was a sickly sweet floral on me....if i was a hummingbird I'd have died and gone to heaven.....it's that sweet... 1 hour later: I'll have ants soon if I don't get this washed off!
  4. pseedie


    ~~Lear~~ I didn't let myself look up the notes in this one (like usual), as I like to compare first impressions with the name of the fragrance.....for Lear I was expecting something strong, masculine, vaguely incense-like. The imp was NOTHING like that! It smelled....well.....dry! Like dry foliage....a bit dusty with a hint of spice....but nowhere near unpleasant. Wet on my wrists it was the same. When Lear began to dry, it got a little "old lady-ish", but it wasn't an unpleasant old lady....it was one you'll miss when she's gone....at this point i had to peek at the notes, because they blend really well....as soon as i saw them i smelled each and every one. Lear was a great surprise. A fragrance that is unlike the usuals that i like...it's an unexpected mature smell, which is hard to come by. This is gooooooooooooooooooood.
  5. pseedie


    []~~ hypothermia~~ ...icy fingers reach through dry shells of puddles that have long since disappeared... that's what hypothermia reminds me of. unlike the aquatic snow flakes, this is a dry, bone-wrenching cold. menthol, hint of spearmint and something cold that hits the back of my throat and drops the temperature there when i smell this.....it is exactly what i was hoping for. Colder than Nuclear winter, because i can feel it, not just smell it. It will be gorgeous to wear in the heat of August here in flambe-land.....i am satiated and yet craving more. A quiescently frozen treat!!
  6. pseedie

    Scent for Halloween?

    i will be wearing lambs wool until thanksgiving...i LOVE it!!!!
  7. pseedie


    ...straight up caramel corn in a pillowcase for me. Sigh...... but lambs wool is GOOOOOOOOD!! There's always one favorite at Halloweeen in your goodies isn't there?! (mine was always Baby Ruths growing up).
  8. pseedie


    ...this is lovely, subtle and brings fall directly to mind...like walking past a store in a quaint local mountain village right as they're pulling warm apple pies out to be sliced and sold. Now.....do i want to smell like this all day or not?? Hmmm....rather lovely and foodie but subtle...i used to love the Gap's fragrance Autumn, and this is similar but without the "leaves"....hmmm........... won't be letting go of imp, MAY be ordering bottle.... hmmmmm.......... in the meantime, NOM NOM NOM!!! Glad I don't know how to make pastry that's not stone-like!!
  9. pseedie


    This is all summer fruit and light floral for me. I didn't even know that snapdragons had a smell (only a mouth!), so i was surprised to see them listed as a note in this fragrance!! Unfortunately for me, I amp rose (and apparently musk rose as well) cuz the rose took over and took me back through the woods to grandma's house....sigh....lovely fragrance if you like rose though. White grape and pear always remind me of summer.....
  10. pseedie


    I received this as a frimp from the lab, and by the name (frou frou sounding, which to me = floral) and the description with lily in it, I thought it would go straight into the swap pile. Not quite. This is a blend that is really worthy of consideration. My nose first picked up the Vanilla musk and Sandalwood...then I smelled the ambergris...hey!! This is really nice!! I couldn't smell the dreaded lily, which usually amps on me, so I'm not what kept it at bey, but something did. It's a very very pretty, deep and gentle fragrance that should be tried by all. Lovely.
  11. pseedie

    Lick It One More Time

    This is peppermint straight up, cool and true. a tiny twist of vanilla to make the edge more tolerable.....if you love peppermint, find this!! If you get a reaction from peppermint, make sure you get a scent locket!! [= What a blast!!
  12. pseedie


    This is a gorgeous minty aquatic that is quick to leave my skin....like a real snowflake!! It's lovely. It needs to reappear for the Yules, along with Archangel Winter and the Darkling Thrush....oh santa, this is my wish list!!!
  13. pseedie


    This was a floral with light fruit from the get-go...peach, bergamot and white musk. It's blended REALLY well, but there's still lots of floral, and I'm not that much of a floral type person. Later, the fruit disappears and the flowers are still there on me....nice, but with so much to choose from on bpal, it will be going into my swap pile....nice to be able to be so dang picky!!
  14. pseedie

    Snow White

    2007 version. oh no. lillies!!!! That was the end of that!!! Out comes the kleenex and lotion to remove it. Sigh.....and it was the coconut I feared most. Surprise lily attack by snow white. Snow White: 1 Pseedie: 0
  15. pseedie

    Archangel Winter

    Oooooh....ozone. Pretty heavy, but not in an air freshener way, like some of the other fragrances bpal has done (like Lightning). This fragrance is cold, bleak and simple. As the poem makes you picture....... I didn't get any smoke from my imp...perhaps time made that disappear, which for me is a good thing. I hope this reappears as a Yule, because if it does, I'm on it. The perfect fragrance for the days when your personality is a bit icy, on edge and you want to be left alone to feel the cold of the world. beautiful.