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  1. Teggy

    Chaos Theory VII: Gourmand

    #84 Almond cake? It starts off with that kind of almond that could be mistaken for cherry. There's something cakey underneath. Makes me think of Eat Me's refined, older sister. Add it dries, the almond backs off, but it's still there. It's pretty, but not quite "me."
  2. Teggy


    This was not at all what I expected...but I like it! Hoggle reminds me a lot of Pumpkin Latte and Pumpkin V...er...I forget the year. That one that smells like a pumpkin latte! However, there is something slightly less foody/sugary about Hoggle, perhaps it's the leather which balances it out. If you are a foody like myself, you will want to try this one. Did I need yet ANOTHER pumpkin latte-smelling perfume? DUH! Of course!
  3. Teggy


    I had to try this on several times before I could write my review. Once again, Jareth was one of those scents that smelled amazing on me when I tried it at will call, then different when I got my own bottle. Much sadness. I have to agree that Jareth seems like a blend of Dorian and Villain. Like a more mature version of Dorian. Very classy, and well balanced. However, when I got my personal bottle, those notes vanished quickly and I ended up with mostly leather. Dammit! >.< After a long while, the leather fades into the cologne scent. I may have to let it age or just wear it in my hair. What I especially like is that it's not an overpowering scent at all. It has strength to it, but you don't recoil at its potency.
  4. Teggy

    Red Velvet Truffle

    I have to agree with the above posts about it smelling like JUST the red velvet cake without the frosting. I wanted to like Cake Smash, but the frosting was overpowering. Red Velvet Truffle is much more subtle, but still yummy.
  5. Teggy

    Amaretto Macaroon

    SWOON! I love this. When wet, I get Amaretto first, then coconut as an after-scent. Once it dries on me, it blends very nicely. It's soft and sweet without being too boozy. This is probably my favorite of the batch.
  6. Teggy

    Scent for Halloween?

    Dressed up as Miss Piggy and had a desire Gollettes and smell like a jelly donut!
  7. Teggy


    Halfling confuses me because I'm not really sure what I'm smelling. It's sweet, and somewhat foody. Must be the porridge. It doesn't smell like a baked good at all, yet it still smells like food. I don't think it works as a standalone perfume, but it might match well with one of the more masculine RPG scents.
  8. Teggy


    I'm pretty disappointed with Fighter. I had a lot of high hopes because I love metal notes, but this one was just straight up leather. Do you miss De Sade? Then try this. Maybe with age it'll morph, but I'm not expecting a miracle. Had this been more balanced, I probably would've loved it.
  9. Teggy


    In the bottle and wet, Dwarf was very in-my-face and astringent like glass cleaner. I was a bit worried because I love metallic scents. However, once this dried down, it became one of the most swoon-worthy masculine scents ever. It's kind of hard to describe. It reminded me a more subtle version of Villain (which reminds me of Old Spice shaving cream). Definitely has a "stone" quality of earthiness rather than a "dirt" earthiness like patchouli. I would love this on a guy...now I just need to find one to wear it!
  10. Teggy


    Wood and musk? Yes, I'd say so. This reminds me a little bit of Schwarzer Mond which had black musk. To me, black musk has this earthy, yet "empty" quality to it. Like you're sniffing the steam from a cup of black tea. I feel like it needs to be blended with something though. Kinda want to try it with Half-Elf V5 which is very different. Yet somehow, I think they would balance each other out nicely.
  11. Teggy


    In the vial: Potent, but balanced evergreens and buckskin. Very masculine. Wet: It's like wearing leather in a northern forest. I have the problem of my skin amping leather, but this one is different. Sometimes I smell it, and sometimes I don't. This would be a stunning men's cologne. Drydown: On me, this faded in a few hours, but I still get a light hint of woods and evergreens. Almost pencil-shavingish (but not as bad as Hexennacht '05)
  12. Teggy

    White Chocolate Mango Buttercream

    This one was a surprise hit for me. I had no plans to even sniff it, but then I tried it on at will call and was pleasantly surprised! Sweet mango and a creamy base. Elegant and feminine. This reminded me a little of Tamamo No Mae and Autumn Moon on the Mirror Stand, but a touch simpler and more creamy. I'll probably wear it as a spring/summer scent.
  13. Teggy

    Womb Furie

    Oddly enough, I don't care for O, but I do like it when added to Snake Oil. So yeah, Womb Furie is exactly what you expect it to be, but it's a good thing. A nice twist on regular old Snake Oil. I need to use this up fast because I'm one of those weirdos who prefers Snake Oil fresh rather than aged.
  14. Teggy

    Blue Pumpkin Floss

    Eh... Okay. Blue Pumpkin Floss starts out very spicy pumpkin, but not in a sexy, cinnamon way. I don't really know what it is. It takes a good hour before it finally settles into what it's supposed to be. I'm not even fully sure how to describe it on drydown. It's softer and sweeter, but if I didn't know there was berry in it, I wouldn't think there was. I suppose it's a little candy flossy (not that I'd ever eat the stuff), but it's not at all like Midway. The final drydown is very subtle, which is nice in an intimate setting. It reminds me of a quality in Samhain where you forget you're wearing it, and then suddenly wonder where that nice smell is coming from. Overall, I'm 50/50 on this. I don't love it, but I don't dislike it. Maybe I'll hang onto it for a while to see what happens when it ages.
  15. Teggy

    Marshmallow Pumpkin

    This one starts out KABAM! spicy pumpkin on me...and I think I really like that! I've been looking for spicy scents and this one really hits the spot for me because it's a foody spice without being over the top or herbal. Quite frankly, I find this kinda...sexy. After it dries down, the spice settles a bit and the marshmallow starts to come out, adding a slightly creamy undertone. This scent isn't at all what I expected, but I'm really quite happy with the spicy surprise.