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  1. Deliciousness

    Almond Blossom

    Ah snow, why do you not like me? I lust want to be friends, but you keep pushing me away with your astringent personality. Every time I see you, I get all excited and am like "this tine will be different - this time we'll meet and we'll get along like old chums," but it's not to be. Until about an hour later ... when the sweet vanilla nuances of this blend start to emerge from the sharp, high-pitched snow and frost. I do like this vanilla stage, but it's only after sitting with the unrelenting snow note for longer than I'm comfortable with, that the softer side of this bend comes forward. If snow is your friend, I"d give this blend a try. But if you're like me and you and snow can't see eye to eye, then it's time to just walk on by ...
  2. Deliciousness

    Song of the Otherworld

    I'm a sucker for opoponax and champaca and thought the blue musk, cypress and balsam would give this a wonderful winter feel. On application, this blend was sharp and icy. As it dried down, I could tell it was the slush and snow notes creating a chemically nuanced dryer sheet. Not getting much in the line of balsam, opoponax or anything other than the high pitched notes of snow/ice. After a while, the chemical scent dies down and is replaced with a slightly more mellow powdery icy dryer sheet scent. I want snow and ice notes to work with my chemistry - but my skin does not seem to cooperate. I'm sure this is a wonderful scent on someone else, just not me.
  3. Deliciousness


    Wet on skin: Strong pine and a sweet, almost soapy component - maybe the osmanthus? Drydown: Whoa, the pine is really piney and he snow note is cloying and chemically on my skin. I'm not too sure I'm the right person for this blend ... all the other reviews I've read make this scent sound just amazing. But when I try this out ... bam! Cloying metallic bathroom cleaner
  4. Deliciousness


    In the imp: Something that reminds me of incense, but it's fresh - almost outdoorsy in a way. Wet on skin: This blend is a little sweet, a little smokey yet very fresh! An odd a scent combo - but it really works! I think I detect some herbal elements at play ... sage maybe? Dry down: The freshness backs off a little and the deeper aspects of this blend start to come thru. Scent wise, this is surprisingly light considering it contains vetiver, and "dark woods". The lemon rind really makes this blends stand out. Count me surprised by this one - I really like it!
  5. Deliciousness

    Delight in Disorder

    A sweet disorder in the dress: crimson musk and wild cherry. In the bottle: Red musk - oh yeah! It's surprisingly not too sweet - almost more of a dry feeling to this red musk. Wet on skin: Red musk with a background of a lighter patch? Still not very sweet, or cherry smelling either. Dry down: A dry, "grown up" red musk. This isn't juicy or fruity at all. In fact, my bottle of Smut (2017) smells fruitier and sweeter than this one. All in all, it's a nice scent for those who like red musk. I don't know if it's just my skin chemistry on this one - but there isn't a cherry in sight so far.
  6. Deliciousness

    Jinbari Nyûdô Bobo Dokisu

    Blueberry musk, lotus, and green tea. Granted, my bottle just came in the mailbox today - so take this review with the grain of salt. In the bottle: It's a sweet, musky blueberry! I don't think I have ever smelled "blueberry" perfume before - but there you have it - it's right there in this bottle. On skin: The blueberry musk is straight forward and in front. Then the lotus comes forward more with the green tea in the background. After a bit of time: The green tea and lotus become more prominent, while the blueberry seems to have worn off. It becomes more of a light, creamy green tea scent. It's nice, but I was hoping the blueberry would stick around longer. I'll let this one sit for a few weeks and re-test then. Hopefully then, she'll retain that wonderful blueberry muskiness that I'm craving.
  7. Deliciousness

    It Sifts from Leaden Sieves

    Wow - this scent surprised me - it is really dry and woody on my skin. Turns out that is a very "dusty" sandalwood with a light and airy patchouli. I'm not getting much of the Frankincense and nothing of the coconut-snow. Bummer - cause I really wanted to have "coconut snow" come forward - even if a little bit to temper the bone dry impression of this perfume.
  8. Deliciousness

    Allegory of Winter

    In the bottle: Whoa! Strong earthy elements with a strong background of something akin to smoked vetiver. Wet on skin: Holy smoking vetiver Batman! Dry Down: Thankfully, the earthy, slightly smokey vetiver calms itself down enough for the blood orange to emerge and lighten up the party. I think the amber helps to soften and meld the somewhat contrasting scents in to a cohesive, unifying blend. As this wears, the crimson musk starts to peek thru a bit - it's not strong, but lends a lovely counter point to the orange. All in all, I'm surprised by this blend. In the bottle I was quite wary about trying this as it was quite strong vetiver and dirt. But on the skin, this blooms into something quite elegant. It's a peculiar scent that has many different aspects during it's dry down stage - where it starts earthy then becomes bright citrus - then the amber wraps itself around these two components, and after a bit - then the musk starts to come forward. The blend itself doesn't have a ton of throw - but I also didn't put a lot on my skin. I'm really liking this one - looking forward to wearing it again.
  9. Deliciousness


    Tested Chuparosa this morning. In the bottle it's all green, lush floral. On my skin it turns into something much sweeter - like a lotus blended with rose and a hint of something slightly spicy. On the drydown, I still smell the lotus like sweetness with rose and something else that I can't quite pinpoint. I guess it's irrelevant cause this made me break out into red splotches. My skin doesn't like this one at all. It smells nice, but my epidermiermis isn't having it.
  10. Deliciousness


    Just got mine in the mail today, s bear with me on the review - I will update as necessary. In the bottle it's Snake oil with a sugared-lavender edge. On my skin - it's candied Snake Oil with a slight breath of lavender to keep it interesting. Dry - Sweet Snake O. The lavender seems to have subsided - or my skin ate it - one of the two. I really like this blend! As I'm a fan of Snake Oil originally, this is it - just bumped up on the Sugar scale. It doesn't seem to stay strong very long - my skin has a tendency to devour scent. Hopefully some aging will do the trick for some longevity.
  11. Deliciousness


    Goes on like a fruity-citrus/floral shampoo. It's not bad - just a bit commercial. As it dries, the citrus wears off and a creamy floral quality emerges; it's what I think may be the cherry blossoms. While this scent is nice - it faded quite quickly on my skin - within half an hour it's a whisper of a scent, although it smelled really nice when I could smell it.
  12. Deliciousness

    Fairy Tales and Lies

    Please take this review with the grain of salt as I evidently doused myself in this one. Note to self ... a little goes a long way. On first application I thought - sh*t - Jean Nate or something akin to smelling like my grandmothers bathroom. From my past experiences, this isn't good. It's just too much lily or heady floral but then ... As the cloud of scent starts to dissipate, I can identify the smell of lilac and roses ... and the cool water aspect of this blend is present too! Alas, I'm not getting much bergamot (I do love that note), and the chypre hasn't introduced itself yet. Hopefully it was just my operator error (drowning myself in oil) that lead to my initial shock of LILLY ROSE EVERYTHING. I'll be patient and see where this blend leads. UPDATE: The middle of wear is just wonderful for this scent - it's fresh and slightly watery lilac and rose. This stage is not too sweet or too heady now and is just very spring-y feeling. Toward the end of wear, the lilac dies off, and I'm left with a slightly dusty rose with an almost sour /metallic background. I'm not too sure what note is causing this, but it reminds me of the die down of Fee, as it had that same slightly off, sour-metallic on my skin - perhaps it's oakmoss? Anyway, the dry down into the last stages of the middle of wear are really nice, alas the fading scent leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. This is truly the scent embodiment of Fairy Tales (beautiful lilac-floral) and Lies (bitter endings).
  13. Deliciousness

    Marshmallow Cookie Pie

    In the bottle - deep, dark chocolate with a hint of spice or something slightly exotic - like Turkish coffee. Wet on skin - Chocolately goodness surrounded by sweet creamy marshmallow and a splash of espresso. It's funny, I put this on and my hubby asked me what smelled like a coffee shop ... I confessed its me! Lol. Dry down - less coffee and more sweet chocolate ... like a semi sweet ganache covering a chocolate chip cookie. It's just a lovely sweet and decadent (but not cloying) chocolate scent. Love it!
  14. Deliciousness

    Edith Cushing

    Edith Cushing is a beautiful blend. When first applied, it's a bit perfume-y and reminiscent of Ava (from OLLA). It'a a bit cool feeling, possibly due to the of the ambrette seed? After dry down, the musk becomes the dominating force in this blend. It's a very warm scent, without too much patchouli or oudh - which I think just play back-up to this gorgeous vanilla musk. Edith ends up as a warm, musk blend with a nearly food-y vanilla edge.
  15. Deliciousness

    The Witches

    In the imp: Spiced pumpkin with a bit of creamy vanilla. Wet on skin: Warm spices of what I believe is cinnamon and a hint of allspice and a very creamy vanilla base and a touch of pumpkin. Dry down: Sweet, creamy vanilla with the added depth of spices and a shot of pumpkin puree. This scent is quite nice since the pumpkin doesn't dominate the blend and lets the other components shine thru. This is a sweet vanilla scent, slightly spiced with a touch of pumpkin. It actually reminds me a bit of Ivory Vulva - something to do with the spiced vanilla quality in this blend that is reminiscent of the latter. Basically, if you liked Ivory Vulva, you'll like this one ... it's like Ivory Vulva in the Pumpkin Patch - lol.