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  1. Rheliwen

    Sugar Plum Fairy

    I was fully bracing for something as sweet as Midwinter's Eve. Both sadly and happily it is not! I get a creamy bubblegumy plum with musk. The musk is a lot like the subdued fuzzy musk from the most recent Hunter Moon. It isn't feral in any way, just soft and snuggly. It isn't white musk. I can't do sugar because I always get a terrible burnt caramel smell. Fortunately, the sugared vanilla smells exactly like if you mixed a tiiiiiiny bit of vanilla extract with white sugar granuales. The tiare is only noticeable if you are looking for it. Otherwise it blends in really well with the musky element. Finally the cacao finishes this off beautifully. At first I thought I was smelling nutmeg, but the cacao is really what I detected. Now that I think of it, this blend reminds me of Kali in feel, but is a lot less heavy and imposing. It's creamy sweetness with a light dusting of cacao on top.
  2. Rheliwen


    So the original Lambs-Wool is one of my all time favorites. I needed another backup so I ordered the 2010...with a little trepidation. The difference between yearly versions of scents can be drastic. Happily, I really can see where the 2010 may grow into the 2009. I have one on each arm at the moment to compare. 09 is more more mellow applesauce with mulling spices in the bottle. 10 is tarter, sharper, with more subdued spices. They went on the skin the same way. 09 is much rounder, warmer scent and the milk is more prevalent. This one is snuggley and creamy. 10 is more apple and less milk with a waxier backdrop. This one smells more like a craft store to me. Hopefully, 10 will mellow with age and bring out more of the creaminess that makes this blend so special. I can definitely see it's potential.
  3. Rheliwen


    Hmm, I loved it going on but the dry down is a little weird. It starts off pink bubblegum and then morphs into pink bubblegum and yummy candied green herbs. Then the musk and lime sugar come in. It's really fun and childlike. I get a little pear, but it isn't that noticeable as anything more than a yummy juicy scent. It sort of dries down to what smells on the surface to be a soapy floral. But, if you pull your nose up close you get bubblegum with fizzy lime and musk. So who knows!
  4. Rheliwen

    Paper Kite

    I already know me and sugar don't get along. I always get the horrid burnt caramel from ANY sugar blend. I was hoping this would break the mold for me...but it doesn't. It's burnt caramel, toasted coconut, angelica, then pepper, in that order.
  5. Rheliwen

    Tiki Princess

    Whoa sharp! Ozoney sharp!. I only got one of the Tiki Blends when they were LEs (the blueberry one). It had the same fizzy ozone thing going on that this one does. I could swear there is lemon or some other citrus here, it's that sharp. Maybe something herby? I barely smell the coconut at first, but it does start to come out after a few minutes. You still really have to know to look for it, though. Underneath everything is candy sweet tropical flowers. I actually wish I could smell these more than the ozone. I don't smell any similarities to Snow White, which makes me a sad panda.
  6. Rheliwen

    Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand

    Wow, this smells kind of like Fee had a baby with Lamb's Wool. Initially I get this wonderful juicy, honeyed quince. Then the cognac comes in and eventually gets enveloped by the vanilla and the blend takes on a melon twinge w/ cream and a little spice. Yummy!
  7. Rheliwen

    The Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair

    Exactly like l'Estate...exactly. That sweet, honeyed, floral amber that's understated and demure. When I tried the tester at Sakura Con it was much heavier on the sandalwood, and I loved it. This bottle is totally different.
  8. The Wrestler smells like sweet pepper in the bottle. It hits high in the nose with that pepper. On, its got a really tart candy/pepper thing going on. It's one of the strangest scents I have tried, but it's oddly compelling. It smells like peppered pomegranates w/ a weird vetiver twinge. This is not something I typically go for, but I am oddly compelled to keep sniffing. It's kind of in the vein of fresh Hand of Glory, with more pepper and less smoke (and no leather). I can't usually wear honey blends, but this one works. The pepper balances it out, but is a little too sharp at times. Fortunately, this dries to a skin scent that is quite haunting.
  9. Rheliwen

    Giant Squid

    Giant Squid has the most awesome label! Beth was talking about how awesome it was and gave the credit to Brian for the entire thing: inspiration, conception, art, etc. In the bottle it smells like evil blue sweet tarts. It reminds me of the tiki blends. The aloe and juniper berry are out at the front with the sea spray, but they are grounded by the tonka and frank. It dried to something more sinister, but still sweet and tart. Very strange one, this. Longer on, it really mellowed out on the sweet end and really reminds of something that I can't place. It's like sweet, mellow candied cinnamon at the end. Weird and wonderful, just like Seattle.
  10. Rheliwen

    Candles Moon

    This is like Milk Moon v2. Instead of the fig, you get a sharp, tangy blackberry and a whiff of musk and not quite as much milk. There are two distinct layers in this one. The creamy milk/beeswax base and the sharp berry/ozone. I like it. Whoa. I put some on after my run tonight and it totally reminds me of Skadi. That woodsy/snowy, rich berry scent. It's like her early spring cousin.
  11. Rheliwen

    The Girl

    This is heavy white muskiness. It actually reminds me of Berenice in this regard, but with a light mint in place of the aloe. I also see now that they do share a couple similar notes. This scent is the embodiment of the color silver. I do see the similarities to the BBW scent, but if you are willing to dig a little deeper into The Girl, she offers up interesting notes underneath. I smell the musk mostly, with a hint of creamy after dinner mint, a tiny dollop of sugary jasmine, and a pinch of birch and amber.
  12. Rheliwen


    I initially wasn't going to get this once because I already have a bunch of fall apple scents. But, this one truly stands out on its own. The more I apply the heavier the spices are. I think I like it a little lighter because it turned into cooked, smashed apples, light spices and the creamiest cream imaginable. This is the best milk note I have encountered yet. When applied heavier, the spices tend to envelop the cream. I absolutely love this.
  13. Rheliwen

    Raven Moon

    Has anyone mentioned this one's uncanny resemblance to Black Lace? It's missing that cotton vanilla scent but the base is very similar. It feels a tad more masculine, with an ambergris type of vibe without actually being ambergris. It's very well blended, warm and close to the skin.
  14. Rheliwen

    The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island

    I like milk scents, but I don't know where it is in here. Did you all steal the milk from my bottle? I get heavy aquatic irish spring herbs. It smells like a generic salty ocean scent you'd find at BB&B.
  15. Rheliwen

    Death Cap

    Mmmmm, pure delish! Initially I also get coconut, cedar and even a little leather...maybe some vanilla in the background. It sort of reminds me of a sweeter, less sawdusty Tombstone. However, once this sets for a while I get sweet earth (not dirt, just an earthy, round quality). It actually reminds me of the long-departed Dissipation, although a little less sweet and more earthy.