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  1. Jettcat

    Luna Negra: Ted's Creation

    LUNA NEGRA: TED'S CREATION The solace of shadows: blackberry and blackcurrant with Nepalese amber, kewda attar, and a deep, rich, sweet dark musk. Wow, I'm the first? In the bottle: A soft musk with a hint of fruitiness in the bottle. Wet on skin: Why hello there fruits, the blackberry is bold and in perfect tandem with the black currant. Dry down: The fruit is still out front, but the musk has reappeared and only the faintest hint of amber. Verdict: A youthful feel to this scent and perfect if a little late night naughtiness at the drive in is your cup of tea. Stays very close to skin and would be perfect if worn in all the right places.
  2. Jettcat


    Warm and toasty nutty treats which dries down to a salty finish. The foodies will love this one!
  3. Jettcat


    In the vial wood, yes wet wood shaving to be precise. On my skin its wet orange wood shavings. I never get the clove sadly.
  4. Jettcat

    Spare Change

    Once the sharp mint fades from the first sniff of the vial. This one is definitely a morpher, its now a soapy leather with no scent of the earlier mint. Another scent my skin chemistry does not play well with.
  5. Jettcat


    Honeyed booze in the vial and warms to a golden resin scent. This smells like sunlight and chases away the winter chill. I would not mind at all tracking down a couple of imps of this one.
  6. Jettcat


    Trinket is sparkly candy in the vial but has an almost bubblegum note that reminds me of Jailbait. It stays very closes to the skin and honey hates me so it never makes an appearance.
  7. Jettcat


    A whiff of menthol at first, but quickly fades to a pine scent. There's a foody gingerbread note underneath but my chemistry makes it into a cleaning product scent.
  8. Jettcat


    Very masculine, I knew that before I opened the package as it leaked slightly in transit. Actually had to stay away from it for a couple of days to get a fresh take on it. In the bottle: We got wood, (stop snickering) Wet: Resins come out on the skin and the boldness fades quickly. Dry: Almost invisible, no throw at all. I haven't tried layering them yet, but I hope both will age and recapture their boldness in the bottled state.
  9. Jettcat


    I've been looking forward to this one ever since I read the notes and was lucky enough to have a friend to went to the Atlanta WC. In the bottle: Bold vanilla and a leafy note. Wet: Heavenly sweet and the chamomile makes a bold statement, the bourbon note stays in the background. Dry: It's like wearing a Snake Oil Light now, a much lighter quality. I wonder what this will be like after a year or so. I love my aged Snake Oil, this might be orgasmic as it settles.
  10. Jettcat

    Egg Nog

    Umm Beth? You've made the doggie version of Cialis according the red dachshund that is trying to wash my wrist atm. Great booze top note, creamy spice underneath. I've only gotten my hands on the original EggNog in sniffie form, you hit it out of the park with the return.
  11. Jettcat

    The Ecstasy of True Love

    I got True Love, now we see if it will survive the retrograde! In the bottle: Herbal with a touch of sweet spicyness in the background, probably the peach and carnation mingling. Wet on skin: the patchouli immediately takes a backseat and it becomes almost too sweet. Drydown: It's morphed into sweet incense, like All Souls and bits of soft fruits and florals I was originally hoping for Passion, but True Love it seems....wins overall!
  12. Jettcat


    I really was worried about this when I opened the bottle and couldn't smell a thing! My nose must have gone on strike last night, so I retested this morning. In the Bottle: wet tea leaves and sweet citrus in the background. Wet: The tea disappears and the musk comes forward, the citrus is so stronger it's become a tangerine musk affair. Where are my spices? Dry: The cinnamon and cardamon warm up and mix in, the citrus that was so strong has faded to the backround. Most people don't seem to like cinnamon much, as skin reactions go. I'm a spice lover and the final result of spicy sweetness very much agrees with me. I wish it had a better throw, it stays very close to my skin.
  13. Jettcat


    If you loved Schwanzer Mond, you will LOVE Lycaon. It's every bit as masculine and powerful. The myrrh stands up and gets your attention, probably by grabbing you by the throat. It's practically wearing leather pants. It softens after it's brutal entrance and the word brutal does apply. There is a boi or two who I can't wait to slather this on. Hell with it! They're both getting slathered and I keep whoever survives the evening. Thank you Beth! This is another winner!
  14. Jettcat

    Purple Phoenix

    In the bottle: sugar SUGAR! Wet: Candy sweet and violets, but not in a cloying way and a little of the wine tone slips in as well Drydown: This is one for all the resin lovers like me! If you loved All Souls and Midnight Mass, but wanted something a little more...this is it! This is the 1st BPAL that turned my Mom's head and it looks like I'll have to ordered another bottle quick before they go away, so I can keep mine!! (erm, or give her mine and *sigh* wait til the second bottle shows up). ACES Beth! You won over a woman in her 60s, who was very distainful of BPAL til now!
  15. Jettcat

    All Souls

    In the bottle: it's that weird pickle like note I no longer dread! Wet: Goodbye vinegar pickle and hello RESINS!! It's slightly ironic that I started out a hardcore foodie, but it's the resins and incense that appeals to me out of this bottle. Dry: So glad I waited for reviews so I didn't skip this one. It's only when it dries down that I get faint cakey undertone. Which is fine with me, because I love my smoky incense!!