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    I got sucked into making mineral pigment makeup lately- it started so harmlessly, and then all of a sudden I realized there was only one thing to do: start a website to sell some of my creations. I focus mostly on unusual, unique multipurpose pigments... a lot of the colors go well with un-natural hair colors and are generally rather gothy in theme. You can use them for eye makeup mostly, but they can go into nail polish, on cheeks, in lip gloss, etc. ArchetypeCosmetics.com is the name of the site. I sell samples and if you want to try some for free just PM me and I'll send you a code for 3 free samples & free shipping.<br /><br />I love collecting antiques, especially Art Deco art glass, and any Art Nouveau silver I can get my little paws on. Like Love Disarmed flatware by Reed & Barton, or Kerr sterling purses. I work with antiques too- my husband and I own an antique mall north of Seattle.<br /><br />I can't afford much of anything by Rene Lalique though I lurve his work, so I have one of his designs tattooed on my upper back- it is supposedly a "stomacher" or large brooch. My other tattoo I'm really proud of is an Art Nouveau design I created myself on my shoulder. You can see all those on my website here: http://www.littlegreykitten.com/Tattoos.html<br /><br />I read a lot too, ravenously actually, and some of my favorite authors are Caitlin R. Kiernan, Neil Gaiman, some of Laurell K. Hamilton's earlier work, as well as much miscellaneousness. <br /><br />I also oil paint. I graduated from a tiny private art college in Seattle in 1999, with a BFA in oil painting and intaglio print. I have a some paintings in a gallery in Centralia, WA. I do a lot of slightly surreal self portraits, and spooky-ish landscapes.
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    Top Ten: Snake Charmer (veryvery most favoritest!), 13 (06), Spooky, Monster Bait: Closet, Hungry Ghost Moon, Lick It, Candy Butcher, Obatala, Snake Oil (aged over 1 year only) Monster Bait: Underpants, Madame Moriarty. More: Eat Me, Drink Me, Storyville, Chaos Theory II: CDLXII, Milk Moon, Beaver Moon, Creepy, Pumpkin Queen, Frost Moon, Cold Moon, Bliss, Snow-Flakes, Treat #2, Treat #1, Sugar Cookie, Shub Niggurath, Snow Bunny, Velvet, Trick or Treat, Snow Angel


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  1. LittleGreyKitten

    Earth Rat

    I'm a big fan of BPAL's melon scents. Fee, Yemaya- those are both huge favorites of mine. This has that same amazing sugared juicy melon scent to it. I also am getting a hint of bamboo, and definitely some delicious lychee. The peony is hiding, thank goodness. I am really enjoying the Rat. It will be perfect on hot days- that's when I like my melony scents the most. I find it most like Fee, really- probably that lychee-ness, though with an Asian twist beneath the melon. I like it a lot more than Fire Pig. 5 out of 5, beautiful.
  2. LittleGreyKitten

    Love's Philosophy

    This scent is amazing. Despite the simple components listed, it smells incredibly complex and luxurious on me. Though the vanilla and cream are noticeable and quite amazing, there is a certain je ne sais quois that is just deadly good. I do smell the saffron note that made Underpants so wildly delicious and unusual. This scent is like Underpants's first cousin- it is similar but yet has it's own thing going. I think it might be an almost wintergreen-like aspect, though it isn't minty... I love it, whatever it is. I would say that if I ever run out of Underpants, I could assuage my pain with Love's Philosophy. I love the label, too- very minimalist and cute! I find that this has good throw and lasts quite well. I look forward to seeing how it mellows with age, too. 5 out of 5, hoardable in fact.
  3. LittleGreyKitten


    Huh. I know I did intend to order this, but why I'm not recalling. Now that I re-read the notes, I realize it has osmanthus in it, my worst floral enemy. Did I think I was ordering a different blend? Did I go mad for a few minutes? Really, I just don't know. Perchance the lure of vanilla flower, honey and ginger were too much and I overlooked the osmanthusness of it all. Anyway, it actually smells better on me than I would have thought. Osmanthus normally turns to "rancid old-lady perfume" on me. Not so good. Luckily it doesn't do that in this blend, amazingly enough. It is a close to the skin honeyed quiet floral on me, with a whisper of soft ginger wafting over it all. It does have that particular sort of quiet well-balanced thing going on that a lot of the Japanese salons have, and I enjoy that a lot. I'll definitely try one or two more of them, since this should have been terrible on me and was actually pretty nice. I'd give it a 3 out of 5, it's pretty but not so me.
  4. LittleGreyKitten

    The Perilous Parlor

    Dang, this is GOOD. The most gorgeous creamy edible vanilla, and cooked pears. Not crisp ripe fresh ones, definitely like pears cooked in cream. The pear smell is strongest when wet, then it backs off when dry to mostly cream and vanilla scent (a gorgeous one). I will definitely have to try it in a scent locket, I suspect the pear will last best in there, not on skin. I can't get over how truly yummy this scent is... I was expecting some sort of "oh, I kinda get pear and vanilla, if I know what I'm looking for" sort of thing, not a full-on pear and cream deliciousness. And. Is this a scent pun? Pear-ilous parlor? Cute! I'll definitely be getting another, or two. Or three. I plan to bathe in this, for sure. I can only imagine how well it will age, too.
  5. LittleGreyKitten

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    GOD this is good on my skin. I hoped it would be, but BPAL caramel tends to go all weird on me... not always, but often enough. And white chocolate can be ungood too. So, I was sooo overjoyed that instead of smelling burnt or odd, it smelled dead sexy yet edible. It isn't uberfoody, oddly. It smells somehow more like a perfume than a baking accident (not that I mind smelling like a baking accident!) The first note that comes out is, yes, the fabulous BPAL butterypumpkin scent. But the white chocolate keeps it from smelling like straight pumpkin... I can definitely detect white chocolate. I think the pomegranate cuts through the gooeyness and may be what keeps the whole deal from smelling too bakery-ish. I would normally say I smell caramel in it, but since I know what the usual BPAL caramel smells like... I don't smell that note at all. There's no heavy, burnt note at all on me. The smell brightens a bit over time, which I think would be the pomegranate coming out more. This also has MAJOR THROW. Ohmigod. I put some on and ten feet away around a corner my husband smelled it. It also lasts like whoa too. Apply with care! I will be stocking up for the winter, for sure. My favorite of the Patch this year. 5 out of 5.
  6. LittleGreyKitten

    Pinched With Four Aces

    I paid a retarded amount for this. It is definitely a relative of Miskatonic U, but I like Misk U better. This has a sort of syrup base scent, not overwhelmingly sweet, then touched with coffee. There is also a sort of darkness wreathing it, too, which is neat. The cinnamon is so subtle as to be almost imaginary, which is fine. I also get a bare hint of dustiness, which I belive must be the wood. Most wood and all tobacco are usually absolutely overwhelming on me, and horrible. Yet this blend shows no evidence of vileness from either one. It is beautifully blended, for sure, all the elements work smoothly together. For some reason it remains at "mm, that's nice" rather than orgasmic, for me; I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that makes me kind of indifferent to PWFA's charm, but for some reason I am, a bit. It has a short wear-length on me, even in a scent locket. 3.5 or maybe 4 on some days, out of 5.
  7. LittleGreyKitten


    This blend is difficult to review. It smells dark to me, yet very sweet. There is a strong incense, or maybe resinous, undercurrent that my skin amps up as it dries. The haze of sweetness over it occassionally reminds me of Aquanet, but mostly is just hard to get a handle on. It does smell floral, though, rather than citrus or melon on me. This really is a fascinating scent, like no other BPAL I've run across. It also stays pretty close to the skin, though initially it smells strong to me. It also does a quick disappearing act. I'm really grateful to have had a chance to try it, but it isn't one I'm going to keep.
  8. LittleGreyKitten


    I got Selkie, because I couldn't resist it, even though it looked basically floral and possibly aquatic, neither of which are favorites. Amazingly it is beauteous on skin. My husband loved it and I got about four compliments on it during the day. It is very light smelling but it must throw more than I would guess, since other people had no trouble noticing it. Two people said it smelled very refreshing. It must be that water note. I wonder if the non ozone based water note is similar to the one in Obatala? That's another one that has a detectable water note that isn't traditionally "aquatic", which is what I get out of Selkie. Plus the florals are not really... floral. They're more like backup to the main sort of honeyed water note. Altogether quite lovely. It doesn't last very long though, which is the only drawback really. I'll go with 4.5 out of 5 on this one, and it will be fabulous on extra hot summer days undoubtedly. And, wow is the bottle art beautiful! EDIT: I'm gonna say that scent lockets were made for Selkie. My biggest gripe was that it didn't last long, and I was using a lot of it to get not a huge scent return. But, when applied to a swatch of cloth in a scent locket, it really does last all day. (Tamamo-no-Mae also benefited immensely with locket-ing, as that was another like Selkie that went *poof* after a half hour or so.)
  9. LittleGreyKitten


    This is such an unusual, completely unique scent. I get the icy slush notes, a faint, faint whisper of pine, and just the barest hint of buttery pie crust beneath it all. Wow! How does Beth do it? I don't wear this much, but nevertheless I appreciate how evocative it is. It is very faint on me, that's the biggest drawback. The icy note on this edges into ozone a bit, but not overwhelmingly so. I'm glad I have the bottle, but it isn't one I wear much at all. 5 out of 5, though I don't love it, it is so perfectly unusual and well crafted.
  10. LittleGreyKitten

    Black Ice

    Hm. Never reviewed this one somehow. It isn't a huge favorite of mine, though I love most of Beth's snowy blends, especially in the summertime. I may try to spend some more quality time with Black Ice, though, this summer. It is evocative, for sure. It has that "dark, empty" quality that Yog Sothoth had. It also does have the icy note, but it is more ozony than in some of the other winter ones. Black Ice also lacks the sweet undertone that many of the other winter snow blends have- it is much colder as a result. The vetiver is behaving, surprisingly; it was the major reason I almost didn't order this. But it is noticeable nevertheless, just a balanced background note rather than overwhelming like it can be on my skin. 4 out of 5, it is quite evocative of black ice indeed.
  11. LittleGreyKitten

    Poisson d'Avril

    This is one of those that I'm kind of at a loss as to what inspired me to order it. Maybe it was the daffodil, or the idea of sugared blossoms or something. However, I rarely do well with the "eleventy billion flowers in a bottle" types of scents. Every now and again, though, the mix is just right for me. Poisson is actually pretty nice on. There's no one major scent sticking out- it's just a lovely mishmash of FLOWERSANDMOREFLOWERS. Yet it isn't too strong, or headachy. And the daffodil, which I often loathe, is noticeable but pleasant. It is very sweet, indeed- the honey and sugaryness are probably what make the daffodil nice. This really isn't a very "me" scent, but it's way better than I expected (what was I thinking when I ordered, again?) I adore the label, too, and the name is of course great. I would say I'll wear this every now and again. The biggest drawback is that it fades really, really, really fast. 3.5 out of 5.
  12. LittleGreyKitten

    Beth's Experimental Blends

    Hrm. I forgot to add that I ended up with the mate to my original Snake Oil Experimental Blend #1... it is from the same person, who must be a forum member but I dunno who; the second one is Snake Oil Experimental Blend #2. My original impression was "wow, Snake Oil smoothed out with something fruity". Then Madame Moriarty came out. My SN#2 is so much like it, I would say it was a prototype or something. It is like Mme Moriarty mixed with Snake Oil, and I love it. I would say the fruitiness therefore must be plum. I've been jealously hoarding both bottles but yum. I love them both.
  13. LittleGreyKitten

    The Crumpet Rebellion

    Wow, this almost is one of Beth's uberheavy foody scents on me. While I adore 90% of her foody blends to the point of silliness, there is the occasional one that's too heavy for me: Sugar Skull. Gluttony. Cockaigne. Crumpet Rebellion is ALMOST there. Almost. It smells swoony in the bottle. Tart currants, crumbly buttered scone, oh my. Then it spends a half hour being almost overwhelming on my skin. A friend sniffed it and said "I like it in the bottle better." Yes. Then it chills out after a time, and smells more like how it did in the bottle- delectable. Clearly I need a scent locket to do this blend justice. I adore the latter drydown, though. I just don't love the half hour to an hour of too-heavy-to-take. EDITED TO ADD: It's a little better in a scent locket. But it still is edging into the 'too much' zone, and is one of those blends that can make me feel a little queasy. The good news is that I may never, ever need to re-wet the swatch I have it on. I save the fabric I load with oils in wee plastic baggies and Crumpet Rebellion has stayed full-on stinky for a month so far- just broke it out and put it in my locket, and it is still really, really strong. If you adore this and only have an imp, get a scent locket! You will never use your imp up!
  14. LittleGreyKitten

    Schlafende Baigneuse

    Dagnabbit. This is the nonexistant scent. Like Silence on me, it isn't there. I smell something faintly, faintly floral in the bottle, and applied it there is a bare, bare hint of soft floral, then 5 minutes later nothing whatsoever Wow. This is the amazing undetectable BPAL. I really had to try something with monkey flower and cream and honey in it. Oh well. Um, I'm gonna have to go with a 1 out of 5, for not existing really.
  15. LittleGreyKitten

    Blue Moon 2007

    I'm not really getting a common scent from this vs. the first blend. They smell like totally different perfumes. Which is fine, but I expected some commonality from so many repeat ingredients. It makes me wonder what the original Blue Moon smelled like brand new... perhaps different than it does now? Anyway, judging this on it's own merits, it's a really interesting scent. Light, airy, and very soft. It doesn't seem blue to me, really. More green. It isn't woody... it isn't floral... it isn't aquatic. I'm having a really tough time nailing down any particular notes. It just smells faintly sweet/green to me. It is of short duration and very light throw. I'll update this if I can add anything more useful but frankly I'm just kind of stuck going "um, nice?" 4 out of 5.