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    A few of my favs: Two Monsters Schwarzer Mond Minotaur Snow white Greed Coyote Dance of Death Florence Devil's Night Mole Blood Moon Mort de Cesar Leo '07 Notes i usually can't do: most rose (the masque is the only rose one i love), most white musk (love bow & crown of conquest), most strong white florals unless they're subtle, vanilla and honey have to be done just right and not foodie, most dragon's blood, lotus, aquatic/fresh/ozone are usually no's with rare exception, straight up chocolate (cocoa can be great), straight-up food/gourmand scents, most metallic scents are no's.


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  1. this machine

    Basil Hallward's Studio

    Got this as a lovely little freebie in an order, and i concur with the others that it's a floral, and quite strong. A couple of squirts and my apartment is filled to the max with the scent. I have a feeling it will last quite a while too. I'm not great at picking out notes, but the main thing i think when i smell this is lilacs, rather than rose. But like i said, not awesome at notes without some direction and definitely not awesome in the floral area, so maybe i'm way off.
  2. this machine

    Capela Dos Ossos v5

    I can see the sweet and light incense description. It's gorgeous, absolutely so, but so light and fades to almost nothing on my skin so quickly that it makes me sad because i want to smell it but would have to keep applying constantly and i only have a smidge. If you like light skin scents this would definitely apply. Tis lovely.
  3. this machine


    This is an instant new favorite. It is glorious, positively glorious. I agree with those who said it's a warm, dry (oh how i LOVE dry scents), round, woody scent with a hint of spice. The cardamom stays quiet and subtle on me, the wood is warm and...well, woody...and i think it's the hay that gives it that dry feeling, but i'm not sure. I wish i knew what the balsams smelled like on their own. All i know is that this is divine and i'm in love.
  4. this machine


    I think i'm in love. I don't know about the fur aspects because i guess i just can't envision what fur would smell like, but this is a warm, soft (not remotely powdery on me), sweet musk with excellent throw. Definitely in the Hunter Moon and Coyote camp like someone else said. It's gorgeous and feels like a wonderful, cozy cloak around me. Love, love, love it.
  5. this machine


    This is almost entirely patchouli to me, and it is indeed dirty patchouli. To me it smells like the classic heavy dirty hippie patchouli w/ a hint of sweetness...and unfortunately despite my love for patchouli i can't take this dirty, heavy version. Maybe it has something to do w/ the combination of the benzoin. All i know is it's the only patchouli in a bpal blend i've ever had turn my stomach. Ah well, you can't win every time.
  6. this machine


    How did i never review this one? I seem to be one of the very few people who adores Alone. I fell madly in love from the get-go. It is earthy, spicy (but not too), warm, unique, and gorgeous. My only disappointment in it is that once someone said i smell like a head shop, which i never associated with this scent and is not something i wanted to hear...but i guess i just need to accept the fact that sometimes, i like smelling like a head shop. Ah well. Viva la Alone!
  7. this machine

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    This was covered briefly before, but on me Storyville is quite similar to Devil's Night (i only have the 06 version so can only speak to that if there's a variation in aging). Storyville is definitely a little sweeter, and there are other subtle variations i can't put my finger on right now, but they are strikingly similar on my skin.
  8. this machine


    There's not much i could add that doesn't echo much of what others have said, but because i love it so much i want to throw out my impressions briefly anyway: It's much softer and warmer than i thought. The softness is aaaalmost powdery, but not quite - it doesn't ever actually reach powder, thankfully. Someone mentioned it's almost spicey too, and i agree. It's not spicey, but it makes you think that for a glimpse here and there. It's not exclusively masculine to me, and i find it very wearable.
  9. this machine

    Mad Sweeney

    Wet - yep, it's expensive, beautiful whiskey. Dry - sun-warmed expanses of old oak. a hair smokey, a hair sweet. Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. ETA - now i get it...it smells like a sauna. all that dry, hot wood. wow.
  10. this machine


    I can't describe this scent in detail. All i know is i have no other scent like it, and something about it makes me giddy and sigh with pleasure. It's like it's wired into some deep brain receptor. Strange and lovely.
  11. this machine


    ... Warm amber musk, Satsuma tangerine, black tea leaf, cardamom, cherry blossom and cinnamon. When wet it's orangey and spicey and tea-like, with a bit of sharp floral in there. But for me when it dries the orange and spice fall back and that sharp floral in combo with the tea just puts it over the edge into floral-perfumey territory.
  12. this machine

    Wulric, the Wolfman (2006)

    Sadly, Wulric is my worst nightmare. When wet it's dry soft cocoa and sharp lavender, which is fine but not terribly compelling for me. But after about three minutes it dries into precisely those commercial perfumes that i avoid like the plague. It's interesting though because i've always wondered what notes are in all those perfumes that have the same icky perfumey smell to me, and now i have a possible list of culprits that can combine to do that. Sorry wulric, i'm sure you will find other homes to love you.
  13. this machine


    Like many people, I find the bay is a little weird here. It's definitely true to description - pine is pretty strong, a bit of lemon, rosemary for sure. After it wears down the bay blends a lot more and it becomes a pretty decent, balanced scent, though i don't think i could get through the earlier phases myself.
  14. this machine


    this smells strikingly like arcana. it's rosemary that i think i'm smelling as the most distinctive note, but i fully admit i'm not expert at identifying notes. all i know is, this is VERY similar to arcana. There are different aspects to it and as it dries down i think i can see what people are saying about sandalwood - it's stepping out some there. I also feel like maybe there's some lemongrass in here.
  15. this machine


    This smells to me like something you might find in a handlotion or shampoo. It's that "clean" smell to me, though not the same kind of clean as bpal's dirty is. At first i can get a twinge of spicy ginger in there somewhere, but mainly it's all white floral on me.