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  1. rabbitwhisperer

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    So my Salons arrived and PHEW! they're awesome!! I'm wearing Schlafende Baigneuse today and yes, it's slightly soapy, but not at all in an off-putting way -- it's just clean and slightly sweet. Beautiful! I wore Cleopatra Testing Poisons all day yesterday and love it too! I haven't tested Sunflower for any length of time, but what I tested was gorgeous. Love and Pain is really delicious but unfortunately too masculine for me; my husband's wearing it right now and it smells fab on him. I'm feeling pretty pumped! I've never ordered unsniffed anything before -- well, except for a Lunacy or two -- so this was a big victory!
  2. rabbitwhisperer

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    Yes, quite true! I went ahead and bit the bullet yesterday and bought all four. Fingers so very crossed! If they smell as fabulous as they sound, I will be a happy camper indeed.
  3. rabbitwhisperer

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    I'm thinking of doing the unthinkable: ordering four Salons unsniffed. Cleopatra Testing Poisons Schlafende Baigneuse Sunflower Love and Pain I'm scared. Schlafende Baigneuse and Sunflower seem like the riskiest -- I really dislike sneezy soap smells, and I'm being forever disappointed by the Lab's scorched greenery smells (they often seem either too flat or too high-pitched). But on the other hand, the positive reviews are so POSITIVE! What to do, what to do...
  4. rabbitwhisperer

    How do I buy forum-only oils?

    Yes. i do not think there's a set time, but some of them come down fast. you caqn always find buyers or swappers in the secondary market for forum only scents if it doesn'rt work out. Mine swapped out in days of posting on my list. If you have the cash, go for it. Thank you! I will!
  5. rabbitwhisperer

    La Calavera Catrina

    This smells good -- a bright green herbal floral mix. Dry. It goes a bit dryer sheet on me, but really a dryer sheet could only pray to smell this nice. I don't think I'll buy a bottle because it's not really me (a little too sharp and sneezy), but it is a nice blend!
  6. rabbitwhisperer

    The Black Apple Of Saturn

    This smells exactly like the store Hot Topic to me. I sort of like it's dark, incense-y sweetness, but ultimately as a grown up I think I'd prefer something with more complexity and depth than... an angst-ridden teenager with Mommy's credit card.
  7. rabbitwhisperer

    The Gorobble

    How disappointing. I wonder if the cinnamon is meant to give a scorched twinge? In any case, this is like a delicious toasty marshmallow sitting on top of a puddle of cheap cinnamon room fragrance oil. The cinnamon has faded after about 20 minutes, but it's still definitely there. And it's gross.
  8. rabbitwhisperer

    How do I buy forum-only oils?

    Could anyone tell me how long the forum-only scents are usually available? I want to order a 5mL of Sprinklecake, but it's looking now like my decants may or may not get here before the Weenies come down. Should I just order Sprinklecake now, you think?
  9. rabbitwhisperer


    I just got an Imp of Aureus from the Lab and I slapped it on all excited for amber-y goodness... but no, it just smelled like straight patchouli! I thought, well, just leave it alone for a bit and maybe it'll chill. Nope! Still STRONG, clear, solid patchouli. Like, rolling in the dirt at a Phish concert patchouli. I like patchouli, but that's definitely not what I expected from the descriptions and the reviews. Do you think there's any chance I got a mislabeled imp?