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  1. tkannon

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I just got my Little Match Girl bottles and they have the picture from the website on them (the little girl with the Christmas tree)!
  2. tkannon

    Dad Scents

    *Vicomte de Valmont (Ars Amatoria) - "Based on an 18th century gentlemen’s cologne: ambergris, white musk, white sandalwood, Spanish Moss, orange blossom, three mints, jasmine, rose geranium and a spike of rosemary." When I tried this I got straight awesome men's cologne. It totally reminded me of my dad and the scents he wears!
  3. tkannon

    Sentimental Initiation

    I really wanted to like this as I have enjoyed both red and black musks before. Ahh I should have known better, this has such potential wet, a generous musk blend with a sweetness hanging in the background. Unfortunately dry this is straight clove. Not even going to give this a full test, it hurts my eyes to have it on!
  4. tkannon

    The Seekim

    I tried this one on a whim but so far I am glad I did. I put it on and thought I was done for. Patchouli and I are only friends in passing and this was almost straight single note patch. However, as it dried it rounded out and I am now going to give this a full day's test. I think this will age amazingly as well as the patch smooths out even more. I would love to get more cocoa in this but so far we are off to a good start!
  5. tkannon

    A Ginger ale scent?

    Some people say that Gnome in the RPG line smells like ginger ale!
  6. tkannon

    Les Bijoux

    This gave me a headache when I reapplied it at lunch. It was an unassuming scent in the morning but then kicked me in the head. I think it was the double up that brought out the rose. I really just have trouble with rose. I washed it off and I have to say... now it smells faded and nice. I don't think I want to apply it, wash it off, and then enjoy it. Off to swaps!
  7. tkannon

    Delousing Powder

    On me this is a lemony version of Enraged Bunny Musk. I think I like EBM which is good because I have a bottle of that and only an imp of this!
  8. tkannon


    I feel like I am walking through a forest holding a bottle of the most wonderful smelling resins. Dragon's Blood is a complete favorite of mine and this has just become my favorite blend with it. The balsam grounds it and keeps it from the overwhelming sweet note that other blends (Blood rose for example) can amplify. Now I have to put mage on one wrist and ranger on the other and see which I love more....
  9. tkannon


    At first the musks were out to play, taking turns up to my nose and frolicking around my desk. After about 30 minutes, all the musks ran away becuase heliotrope started picking on them. Now all I have is sweet soapy horribleness running around cheering because it has me all to itself.
  10. tkannon


    The opium is very sharp on me, to the point of hurting my nose when I sniff it. After reading all of the reviews, I knew it was going to be a stretch for this to work on my skin. Oh well, I don't play evil anyway!
  11. tkannon


    After 2 other scent tests this morning, I really needed to try one that knocked my socks off in a good way. 51 hit my socks out of the park. I love white musk and citrus scents and the white and green musk in this makes me want to cradle my wrist and drift off to sleep under my desk where no one can find me and bother me more. I haven't been wearing it long so here's hoping it lasts at least a couple of hours!
  12. tkannon


    Really soft on me and turned to dryer sheets while I could still smell it. Which was only about 20 minutes.
  13. tkannon


    I had a reaction to this one and really didn't like it. Way to light white floral for me and turned to soap really quickly.
  14. tkannon


    Overwhelming cedar. I had to wash it off because my eyes started itching. This might be a potential allergy problem.
  15. tkannon

    Lady MacBeth

    This one makes me giggle. It is grape koolaid until the cows come home. After a couple of hours I started sneezing and didn't stop until I washed this off.