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    I love BPAL. My favorite blend list is growing, but I adore Mad Sweeney, Tombstone (my GC catalog luuuurve), Beaver Moon, Shadow, Cerberus, Shub-Niggurath, & Miskatonic University. I like warm/spicy and gourmand scents, and my tried and true was (well, before bpal!) a wonderful single note vanilla that I found at an Indian import shop in Seattle. Still trying to find out if I can actually smell like a forest bonfire or a pirate ship! Yay!

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    I like stop to look at the tiny patterns of nature, to climb trees, to get sunspots looking at the sky through the breaks in the leaves from beneath. I like to jump out of planes and breathe underwater... the realm of the sky compels me, and as it's mirrored in the sea I somehow feel at peace when I'm in either. I am always eager to explore the new.

    I love the rippling sound of running water and the sharp scent of the soft pine bed under my feet. Autumn golds and reds and campfire smoke saturating the air. Gooey, gooey pumpkin guts and the golden afterglow of the candle. Putting real cream into my (superstrong) coffee to watch the clouds bubble and swirl. Calling out cloud shapes. Skeleton keys & antique locks, haunted houses & b-horror movie monsters, and anything Halloween-it's my favorite day. Wigs, wine, whispering. Skinny boys in velvet suits. Crashing into the smell of grass and the hot earth of a summer day. Lightning storms, warm rain and squishing my bare toes in the mud. Ahh, simplicity.
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  1. Avery

    Seven Word Story: Sloth

    I was pretty excited about this, especially as I've come back from my fear of vetiver and have found some blends where it not only works, but it's amazing! Yay for persistence in trying different notes! Enter Banana Sloth. As others have described, this one is like banana laffy taffy with something dark and smoky underneath. If it stayed how it starts on my skin, or morphed into something gentler, then I'd love it. BUT. Dun dun dun! Enter Vetiver with a hammer. This vetiver doesn't mess around, and does the dreaded things with my skin chemistry that made me avoid it in the first place. Namely, make me smell like a stinky old man (no offense to stinky old men, but...). SO I need to rehome this little beaut to somebody who loves a fun playful scent but can effectively disarm the vetiver with better skin chemistry.
  2. Avery

    To His Mistress Going to Bed

    Skin like silk: bourbon vanilla, caramelized patchouli, Siamese red benzoin, and fig. First off, this perfume is AMAZING. When I first got it it was a little ruffled from traveling, so I let it rest in the box for awhile. When I tried it the other night... DAMN it's gorgeous. I couldn't remember any of the notes, so tried to pick them out but all I got were color palette impressions (how I often do with scents). It felt hazy, a little silver, a little green, but warm, smoky, and delectable. Now I can tell that the fig is what is giving the green impression, but all the other notes blend so well together that this just becomes an incredibly sexy, earthy skin scent. I LOVE it and it may have just catapulted into my top 10 for sure, I am so glad I have a bottle. Based on the other reviews, ymmv! I have Mme Moriarty, and this smells absolutely nothing alike to my nose or on my skin (probably because my skin doesn't love red musk, though I still like Madame!). It also doesn't smell anything like Red Lantern to me, which was a much heavier, sweeter and more powdery scent on me (I traded away RL). It also doesn't smell like King Cobra (with or without the Snake Oil to me) as that one has a different scent profile entirely. I mentioned I get strong color associations with these perfumes, and King Cobra is most definitely a RED and vibrant scent to me, whereas Mistress Going to Bed is smoky and pale, slinky, dark and earthy. Either way, it's a scent unlike anything else I have and I adore it.
  3. I hesitate to mention this scent, as it may be my #1 (you know how hard it is to choose!) but Velvet Bandito offers an amazing clove. I love it so much!
  4. Avery

    Oak blends?

    Mad Sweeney is oak barrel aged whisky and it made me absolutely fall in love with Oak. It's boozy at the beginning, even sharp, but not at all green. The booze burns off quickly and the scent ultimately ends up smelling like the most amazing oak walled sauna (on me). LOVE, it's my favorite.
  5. Avery


    This is one I'm hanging on to for aging purposes. I've made the mistake too many times of swapping off something that's "lab fresh" only to realize later that all it needed was some aging (I'm looking at you, Snake Charmer). Ian definitely has potential. I tend to veer more towards the "masculine" blends (Tombstone, Mad Sweeney, Velvet Bandito are my three favorites) but some manly blends are, indeed, too manly for me (ex: Dee!). Ian might be in the latter category. Fresh from the lab it's intensely leather plus the butterscotchy rum that others have mentioned. Together they make an intriguing, yet moderately nauseating, combination. Really, hate to say it but my stomach was a bit churned up after putting it on. That feeling stuck around for hours. I persevered, though, as when I sniffed my wrist I got something that still smelled pretty good. It definitely has lasting power. So. I can't say much more than that, at this point, but am going to shelve Ian and come back in a year. Happy aging, Ian!!
  6. Avery


    I've been going through my collection and culling those that don't pass the "love it" test. Today I tried Spooky again, and it's a love. I have the original (or possibly '05) version in a cobalt blue bottle. I get no rum or coconut, this is all chocolate mint on my skin. It's a very different mint than "lick it" (which is pure peppermint) but this is highly reminiscent of Thin Mint cookies. No plastic, but over time it does get a bit of a crumbly, soft feeling to it which I adore. Keeper!
  7. Avery


    Temple Viper is the softest velvety silvered lavendar purple, just lovely. Urd is also a deeper, darker purple. I get purplish from Mme. Moriarty (though maybe a bit more on the bordeaux side) and Mama Ji was definitely a purple scent to me, too. TV and Urd are two of my favorites.
  8. YMMV, but for a somewhat "foody" sexy blend is Miskatonic U. My boyfriend always goes wild when I put it on, and it is THE ONLY blend that he really and truly likes. But really... it is delicious.
  9. Avery


    I got my decants from a ´Weenie circle yesterday (oh that sounds like something else doesn´t it ) and was very excited to try them all. I´d have to say that of the 6 decants I got... Pomona is definitely the most disappointing for me. Fresh on the skin... acetone. Maybe a fruity acetone, but this stuff is definitely taking my nail polish off. After it dries down... a very light apple shampoo. I don´t get any nuts or berries, and I´m finding that (like some other reviewers) that apple on my skin smells more than a little soapy. It´s fresh and clean smelling, but it´s not even a YUMMM shampoo, more like one that you don´t really register. Oh well! At least now I know.
  10. I have a bottle of Snake Oil that I´ve tucked into a dark corner and periodically retest hoping that I´ll grow to lovelovelove it. So far, it smells best on my skin during those few premenstrual days of the month. I hope that after it´s been in there a couple of years (I think it´s 1.5 so far) that it´ll keep getting darker and spicier and a little less... powdery. Snake Pit scents on the other hand... LOVE! So far I have bottles of: Boomslang Western Diamondback Temple Viper Green Tree Viper Asp Viper King Cobra Death Adder Saw Scaled Viper Of those, I looooooove Temple Viper and King Cobra the most. The King is actually the blend that lead me to learn I love resins, frankincense, copal... yum. Temple Viper is sultry champaca deliciousness. Both are incensy, very different from another: KC is a red glow "perfume-y" scent to me whereas TV is purple and soft and fuzzy. I really like WD (though can´t say I get a lot of leather from it--it´s a bit more sultry dust and sun warmed sage but this Nevada native says it feels like the desert!) and Green Tree Viper is fantastic on hot days... The mint is so sultry and syrupy. I also really like SSV in spite of the reaction my skin has to it (but prefer Shub for my ginger fix). All these successes lead me to try Death Adder (in spite of my fear of vetiver) and Asp Viper, neither of which work very well on me. Death Adder is too much vetiver, and Asp Viper smells yummy at first but then dries to a flowery soapy feeling that is just "ok" and also fades fast. I really still want to try Australian Copperhead, and based on these reviews I need to try Habu (I have fear of the bandaid stench that comes when my skin meets black musk). All said, I just love these snakes!
  11. Another Nevada native here, but I feel I can chime in on the whole Southwest Vibe: Western Diamondback! I got a mental panorama of desert canyons with this one. Well above and beyond what I got with anything else, ever. Coyote doesn´t even come close to this for me (although I like it).
  12. Avery


    I just love Urd. I went through the imp I ordered in just a few days (and I´m one who can usually stretch an imp for MONTHS), so I knew I needed a bottle. I wear her all the time now. Somebody upthread wrote that this scent is "chewy" and I can get behind that descriptor. I never liked patchouli until I met BPAL´s patch, and now I just love it-- I don´t know the difference or why but I *never* get the dirty hippy smell that I previously associated with it. This scent has a bit of a hippie vibe, but it´s more like earth goddess than woodstock. The scent is a bit harsh on first application--strident mixing of the "grape" (muscadine?) patchouli and nag champa, but it quickly settles into itself and as it dries (and dry) becomes one of the most mouth-watering delectable scents I´ve ever had the pleasure to wear. The nag champa and muscadine do give a musty (in a good way) grape-y incense vibe, harnessed with the earthy chewy patchouli that makes it just feel warm and cozy. I don´t know why, but between the grape incense and the earth goodness (I don´t know how else to put it... it doesn´t smell like earth or dirt) I get a very strong mental image of coconut husks. It feels, at least on my skin, like there´s coconut tying all of this together. Which I LOVE, especially since the straight-up coconut scents have not worked out on my skin (they sing too, too sweet). I have a 5ml now, and see another in my future. I´m wearing her today and can´t stop sniffing myself. I also already got one strong compliment from someone who asked what my perfume was called and said that they LOVED it. I know I do. YUM!
  13. Avery


    No mention of Tombstone! I´m surprised. Tombstone is a lovely warm and sweet cedar (cedar trunk with vanilla spilled inside that dried with some sassafrass) that may be my no.1 scent. Mad Sweeny is also an awesome wood scent (if your skin can process the whisky) that comes from the oak cask. Mmm. I echo the Mary Read and Misk. U, and now this thread has me needing to try Sri Lanka!
  14. Avery


    Compelling, complex, and utterly enigmatic: a luxuriant, exotic blend of cherry, red musk, and star anise. Wow, I can´t believe I´ve gone so long without posting a review for Kabuki. It is interesting to read through the other reviews and see how many of you get very strong (even medicinal) cherry vibe from this. First and foremost, I am a lover of anise and black licorice. Although I have tried several anise blends, this one comes to the forefront as a favorite, my ultimate scent for when I want to smell like a naughty, sexy black jellybean. Hey, the mood strikes! I´m also a scent/color coordinator kind of girl, and this is good for the very dark pallete. Anyway, on my skin Kabuki lasts well beyond 12 hours, and doesn´t change very much from beginning to end. There is an underlying cherry scent that gives the scent a "juicy" feeling, maybe it´s part of what adds to the naughty/nice appeal, but it´s definitely in the background and is in no way medicinal on me. I originally was frimped this, bought a 2ml bottle, and when I got another frimp realized that I should never be without it. I immediately sought a bottle, and wear it a few times a week. Definitely in my top 10! Now I have to try Le Pere Fouettard, because... vanilla, licorice and leather? I´m going to have to try layering LP and Dead Man´s Hand with Kabuki now.
  15. Avery

    Nag Champa scent in a BPAL blend?

    second Temple Viper!! Urd is great too, but it does definitely have a heavier patchouli influence in case you´re averse to that. I love it, though. I have a bottle of each, and Temple is definitely the one that smells most deliciously nag champa to my nose.