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  1. Miyabi

    The Peacock Queen

    So I thought the Peacock Queen HG was pretty. The perfume itself has some similarities, but on my skin it goes into old-lady potpourri with a bit of a sour/bitter note before it fades (much too soon). I'll definitely be keeping my HG decant, but the perfume isn't for me.
  2. Miyabi

    Mountain Temple

    Slushy snow, with a definite sweetness from the sandalwood. It's lovely, but I don't think it's for me (I lean more toward Frostbitten Kumiho).
  3. Miyabi

    Frostbitten Kumiho

    I love it. I really, really love it. It's the slushy, piney snow note that I adore with white tea. I'm not getting any ginger here, but it's a nice, clean, mellow smell that's just interesting enough not to dry down into dryer sheets. I might even layer it with Kumiho to see how that turns out. It's a cleaner, less sweet version of Skadi '04, and I'm considering a bottle.
  4. Miyabi

    Lazy Daisy

    It's straight up dryer sheets on me, which I find disappointing, since I usually love the Lab's tea scents! But if you're looking for something clean and inoffensive, this is a good choice.
  5. Miyabi

    Gnome Ruckus

    Definitely cherry, although on me it's more cough syrup than red vines. No cream soda, which I was hoping for!
  6. Miyabi

    Midwest Morning After Magical Wig Spray

    Very, very creamy, to the point where I think I'm smelling vanilla ice cream and not a cream soda at all! Also incredibly potent: I sprayed it in my kitchen to help deal with some funk, and just...stick to one spritz. Because when you spray more than that, it's less vanilla ice cream and more pastry shop, and while it's nice at first, it will stay for DAYS.
  7. Miyabi

    Honeyed Apple Hair Gloss

    To me, this smells like Dana O'Shee or O with some apple thrown in. I actually smell a little vanilla that wafts in and out, but overall, it's a very perfumy type honey with the apple. Not sure if it's me just yet, but it's very pretty nonetheless. It's what I pictured Autumn Cider HG to smell like.
  8. White fig, tea leaves, oakmoss, and lilac blossoms. Not for me, sadly. It does smell very green, and very much like a walk in the woods, but I think I got more oakmoss than anything else, and I was hoping for the tea and lilacs! I'll have to sell my bottle, I think.
  9. Miyabi

    Excessively Cheerful Christmas Tree Lot Atmosphere Spray

    Oooh, piney. Very, very piney. I like it a lot! It's a bit intense at first, but fades down a bit into an almost Skadi-like breeze.
  10. Miyabi

    Eucalyptus and Balsam Fir Atmosphere Spray

    Hmm. Powdery and sweet. Definitely not piney or bracing, which is what I was hoping for. Might try it again to make sure, though.
  11. Miyabi

    Peacock Queen Hair Gloss

    Oooh, I loved this. On my hair, Peacock Queen isn't haughty--she's just reserved, and maybe a bit soapy (which I love!). It's not overwhelming and fades after a while. Perfect year-round gloss!
  12. Miyabi

    Almond Blossom

    It's a very cool scent, almost masculine at first. All I get initially is the ozone-y snow note. When it does dry down, though, it becomes a very light, sweet almond, something that's nice on the skin. Glad I picked up the bottle.
  13. Miyabi

    Mercury Planetary Amulet Conjure Bag

    If you're a Mercury dominant person like I am, you are going to love this amulet. I've been using it since Mercury retrograde started, and I feel more alert and productive with it. I've been able to look at things I haven't for a while, or just tidy up, using the retrograde properly, but also, it feels like the effects of Mercury Rx aren't as awful as they could be. (OTOH, I've been burning a Mercury candle since the retrograde started, so that could be it too, but I don't think I really felt better until I started wearing the amulet around.)
  14. Miyabi

    Pomegranate Grove: Embalming Fluid

    It smells a lot like pomegranate at first, when you open it, and then it's Embalming Fluid with a pomegranate edge later. The drydown is pretty much Embalming Fluid, though, which I actually find really lovely, and now I'm actually considering a bottle of that?
  15. Miyabi

    Jupiter Nourished by the Goat Amalthea

    I also got baked-goods foody, with lots and lots of hazelnut, for whatever reason. No honey or milk for me.