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    As for scents anything with chocolate, marshmellows, pink sugar, violet, vanilla, strawberry, blood orange, cinnamon, sweet scents, citrusy and fruity. Most florals, herby or grassy, smokey, and anything with dragon's blood, woodsy, clean, aquatic, as well as HONEY don't work well on me for some reason. BPAL DISO a bottle of PERVERSION Snake Oil Velvet Halloween Las Vegas MOROCCO (fav bpal) PAHOEHOE Psychological Horror Milk Chocolate Buttercream Ann Beany Bette Noir Lurid Obsidian Moon Nothing But Death Nightmare De Sade Lick it Vigorously Candy Phoenix Lady Una Dorian Banshee Beat TKO Atlas Dancing Koi A Nocturnal Reverie I fell in love with a floating brain Blackberry Jam and Scones Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal Upa Upa Gypsy Possets: Lavender Pepys Madame X Flossing The Girls Love Vanilla Churpz Silver Ginger Seraphim Cri de Couer I love soaps, shower gels etc. Not allergic to anything. Don't mind enabling. Would love to try lot's of new etailers: Villaness, Arcana etc. Check out my wishlist!

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    Reading, travelling, collecting perfumes, soaps etc. Movies, surfing the net, animals.


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  1. judy28

    Switch Witch help

    Dr Who? Nope, I am not a fan. How much do you like lip balm? Flavored or unflavored? What are your favorite brands and flavors? I like flavored lip balms in pots, and in sticks. I don't have any favorite brands though. Do you like and wear lip gloss? If yes, what colors? I wear lip gloss but I really have enough at the moment. For those of you whose wishlists contain only BPALs, are there any other perfume companies you like or would like to try out? Sure I don't mind trying other e-tailers, enabling is fine with me. If you could have one rare bpal which one would you choose? Velvet Do you like Sockdreams? If so, what styles would you prefer? Not really. I love socks in general though but in solid colors. I don't like knee high anything, except maybe cable knitted stockings that go all the way up to my waist(in solid colors of course, preferably in blacks or gray) What is your favorite shade of blue? I love all shades of blue esp dark blues but no pastels please. What about candy? No candy please. I found out that I am diabetic, as well as lactose intolerant. Name three BPAL scents you have tried, but are dying to get more of. Snake Oil, Velvet, Dorian Have you ever tried anything from Paintbox Soapworks? Which products or scents would you prefer? Yes I've tried the soaps and scrubs. I love her scrubs...I've some ideas on my etsy wishlist. Do you like sample sized things? Think lip gloss, mascara, body lotion, scrubs, mini candles, and so forth. Yes, I sure do! Do you use solid soaps at all? If so, what kind do or don't you like? Yes I love solid soaps, preferably not in glycerin. Have you ever tried Cocoa Pink? If you are curious about it, what looks interesting to you? Yes I have. I love their dry oil sprays, silky soft body oil sprays, princess poo shampoo and their perfume vials. Some of my favorite scents are cotton candy, coconut sugar, triple vanilla dream and so many more. Witchee, do you cook? Do you do all the cooking? Is it a chore or a pleasure? I won't say cook really but I am learning to get creative with those spices. I love Caribbean foods, Thai, Indian, Japanese etc so spices in that neighborhood are all good! It's fun when the food turns out yummy and not so much fun when it turns out badly. Which reading level do you prefer to read in YA or Adult? Or even both? Oh YA all the way! I do love John Steinbeck though so anything by him is great too! What's your favorite comfort food(snack or candy etc) and/or drink? I love mixed nuts, pistachios, plain wheat germ on oatmeal. What cheers you up? Shopping, listening to music, watching a good comedy on tv, and eating things I should not be eating. Also, playing with Peanut (my pet hamster). Witchee, I know that SW isn't about what you get... but could you name one thing you would be heartbroken not to get and one thing you would be a-ok if it didn't make it in your box? (i.e. do you REALLY want perfume oil of some sort, or would you be totally heartbroken if there was no Lush in your box, etc) No, not picky about that. Whatever you send would be so awesome! Is there anything small you try to collect from everywhere you visit? Postcards, photographs, mini post it notes and stationary. Is there anything from Australia you would like? eg: books, magazines, memorabilia? Postcards, post it notes, spices, local stuff to your area Gift cards/vouchers - yay or nay? If you like them - which stores would you like one for? Sure, Amazon, LUSH, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Target, Etsy, Trader Joe's. What's your opinion on Moonalisa? Any favorites or products you'd like to try? I've only tried one of her perfumes, I think it was Faustine. I wouldn't mind trying more stuff from her site..maybe soaps or something? Do you welcome knitted items? If so, what would you like most? (amigurumi, washcloth, socks, shawl, shawlette, scarf, wrist warmers, hat, etc.) Do you have any favorite fibers? How about any fiber allergies? Favorite color for knitted items? Love knitted stuffs: amigurumi, socks in solid colors (white, gray, pink, reds, blue, browns), scarves, and knitted fingerless gloves are cool in solid colors (black, browns and gray). I am not allergic to any fibers. If you cook, would you be interested in-hand made spice mixes/rubs? Yes, yes please! I love Indian spices, Thai, Caribbean etc. What is your favorite color? Blue, in all shades except pastel. Name three things that you could use, but might not necessarily think to get for yourself? Post it notes, mascara and a good lip gloss What else do you love from the Trading Post site, and need to have? Soaps I suppose. I have an addiction to nice smelling soaps and body scrub stuff Knitted things - love or hate? Scarves and/or washcloths are quick and easy.....would you want one of these? If so, what color(s)? Are you allergic to any fiber? I love knitted scarves and fingerless gloves (black, browns, greys in solid colors). Does not matter what fibers since I am not allergic to anything. Chocolate: Love? Hate? Allergic? If love, what are your faves? I am diabetic and lactose intolerant. No chocolate or candy for me. Sugar free stuff does not taste good at all =( Do you like/wear makeup? If so what brands/colors/types? I wear it minimally as in liquid eyeliner, tinted lipbalms, and black mascara. Bonne bell, maybelline, NYC color and covergirl. If you have an Etsy wishlist, what are your top 5 favorite things on there? Anything on my wishlist is cool with me. If you were getting a custom Haus of Gloi blend, what four notes would you choose? Anything with these scents sounds good to me:chocolate, coffee, vanilla bean, marshmallow OR almond, sweet cream, cake, Patchouli Anything interesting from the new Paintbox Soapworks update for you? I am always up for anything with my fav scents in them. I love her sorbettos; I've ideas on etsy If I wanted to include something for your fluffball, what would be good, and what should I stay away from? My fluffball is a hamster, called Peanut. He loves stuffing his cheeks with treats so anything like hard crunchy treats are great! He also loves hiding so anything to hide in is fine. He already has two big houses to play in...sooo spolied. Anything from Villainess that strikes your fancy, either from their update or from the GC? I love all their soaps!
  2. judy28

    Scent for Halloween?

    Happy Easter everyone! I ended up wearing Snake Oil all day today.