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    My favorite scents: Whip, Lawn Gnome, Dark Chocolate and Pepper-smoked Caramel, Pumpkin I (2008), The Ghosts of A.S. Bridge, B-Horror, Peach Moon, Miskatonic University. Dear God NO Notes: Vetiver, oak moss, honey, dark gingers

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    The smell of leather and coffee are divine, as are old books. I love to hang out in the local book/coffee shops on my days off. I'm also into anime. Some of my favorites include Cowboy Bebop, Saiyuki, Samurai Champloo, and Gun Sword.
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  1. Xanon


    Oh wow - this one threw me for a loop! When I opened this fresh from the mailbox, it was almost repulsive. For those of you who think jasmine notes are stank/death notes, this was the first time I would agree with you. However, this is a bottle that can def. benefit from a few days of resting before passing judgements. Now, a week after getting my hands on this, when I open the bottle I smell red musk, jasmine, and spices - but it is no longer off-putting. In the first few hours on my skin, I get the jasmine note, but it is balanced now with spicy red musk. Kind of like Smut, but a southern belle smut. A southern belle smut at a classy Halloween party. Later this dries down, and the jasmine disappears, leaving me with exactly what I had hoped this scent would be - spicy red musk that gently hugs you and hangs around to keep you comfortable.
  2. Xanon

    Ghost Faced Bat

    I love this - hangs fairly close to the skin, but lasts for a good 5 hours. I smell like the most perfect flan.
  3. Xanon

    Dead Leaves and Maple Sap

    I absolutely love this! Medium throw, decent wear time (maybe 4ish hours before I have to really huff and look for the scent)... It smells like a maple candy plus a high end "autumn" candle, but not in a bad way. Second thoughts: Did you ever get "Knock-a-dolly" atmo spray from BPTP? This is like the companion perfume to that. And I am a huge Knock-a-dolly fan. I don't know that this will be a multiple bottle purchase, but I for sure will be getting one!
  4. Xanon

    Recs for my next order- sweet and spiced?

    If you don't mind foodie scents, I suggest: Shub-Niggurath - The lust incense of a corrupted Astarte. A blend of ritual herbs and dark resins, shot through with three gingers and aphrodisiacal spices. To me, this smells like incense and ginger cookies. Halfling - Porridge, kukui nuts, and pastry crumbs. It smells nutty and sweet - and on my skin it is a little spicy.
  5. Xanon

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Nathaniel, your photos are beautiful!
  6. Xanon

    Lurid Bonbon

    I absolutely love this blend. The coco stays soft, and blends with the lavander and currant beautifully - but it is the resins that bring this all together on my skin. I must just amp resins, but it really is beautiful. Luckily my skin doesn't eat this up, either. I put this on 3 hours ago and it is still there. My friend said I smell like chocolat-fruity incense. Love!!
  7. Xanon

    Tombstone Hair Gloss

    How is this not getting more love? On the initial spray, the cedar is much stronger than in my perfume, but it only lasts a few minutes. After that I get the sexiest vanilla woods and spicy sassafras. I put this in my hair right out of the shower, and I huff my hair all day. Did I mention the staying power of the scent? 8am two spritz into wet hair, and at 9pm I can still smell teh sexeh-ness. My only regret is buying one bottle while it was live. I am going to be hoarding and swapping for this until the end of my days. Or until something new trupms it as my favorite HG.
  8. Xanon

    Have there ever been any Bee themed Scents?

    The summer of the Killer Swarm was amazing! There were several infused honey blends (Jerusalem Cherry Infused honey being a particular favorite of mine, as well as the oddity Durian Fruit Infused honey). Padwan Killer Swarm is one of my all time favorites. There are some general catalog honey blends in Rappaccini's Garden. - 7 of them all grouped at the bottom of the page. I'd look at the reviews for them and see if anything catches your fancy.
  9. Xanon

    The Enterprise of the Night

    Reading Ralenth's review was the only reason I tried this on my skin. I was hessitant because, while I could smell the lipstick and gunpowder, it was a screaming public bathroom soap to me. There was a brief moment in the dry-down that smelled lucious and gave me hope! And then 10 minutes later I was back to the soap. Such a disappointment.
  10. Xanon

    White Peach and Incense Hair Gloss

    This is not sweet, nor is it too incense-y (read: not like a head shop) - this is perfectly balanced! Nekogrrl has it right when she said that it is peaches and spice. Like someone sitting close bit into a fresh white peach, and they have an aura of incense hanging around them. I really like the scent, and find that it goes well with other, non-peach centered, oils as well. Not at all overpowering. Also, I really like the formula. I am sure that there are other reviews that you can find that talk explicitly about why the BPAL/BPTP hair glosses are so amazing, and this one does not fail in that department either.
  11. Xanon

    scents for burning man?

    Tons of my friends go, although I have never been. I would also suggest Tombstone for the future, since it is not something that you have. I would really think about Luna Negra. There is something about that (being on the darker end - at least for me) scent that speaks to my inner tribal collective. Hmm, I am not sure that my statement makes sense. But open the bottle, huff it a little, and try to see what imagery comes to mind. For my understanding of Burning Man, it is about the experience, the community, the music, and more of an existential/transcendental consciousness. Have fun!
  12. Xanon

    The Robotic Scarab

    This should be an absolutely perfect scent for me. I love leather, and anise, and oils, while metallic scents are also typically winners for me. Unfortunately there is something off about this. *Imp straight from the lab* The good: there is a nice metallic coolness to this blend. The anise is beautiful. The bad: I get no leather. None at all. Then something goes terribly wrong, and I get a weird medicinal scent that reminds me of my grandmother's bathroom. An odd mix of perfume, minty toothpaste, and spices. Not great. The Verdict: Nope, this is not for me. Which makes me really sad.
  13. Xanon


    I will be honest - my heart SANK when I sniffed this in the bottle. Something (elemi, maybe?) was astringent and very off putting. It was with the sheer knowledge that skin chemistry can really change a blend that I attempted a skin test. At first, well make that about 15-20 minutes, I felt the beginnings of a headache when I shoved my nose against my skin. I kept hoping that the leather, sandalwood, or "luminous Asian blossoms" would do something, ANYTHING! That astringent note just kept intruding on anything that COULD be lovely about this blend. Then my lovely husband started complaining about there being no food in the house - so off to the shop we went. I forgot to wash off the oil. And then something magical happened. The funk burned off and I was left with an absolutely STUNNING result. Sophisticated, swanky, sexy... YUMM. If I can get through the horrible beginnings, this will be a keeper. I can't wait to see how this ages.
  14. Xanon

    Good scents for travelling, vacations

    Last time I was vacationing in Las Vegas I wore a lot of Black Lace (which an idiot friend of mine ended up spilling half the bottle of.. but I digress). I felt sexy, but it also worked well in the heat for me. Hope you have a great time!
  15. Xanon

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Addressing the cost: As many people have suggested, the sales subforum is a great place to try lots of different oils. I know that you can find deals ($1 general catalogue imps, $3-5 limited edition decants) from forum sellers. Addressing the stark polarity of people's impressions: when I started reading reviews, I looked for people who had similar opinions (good or bad) to my own and then followed the things that they reviewed. It was really helpful in getting me to try some oils that were out of my comfort zone. Keep an open mind about the oils too, there has been more than a few times where I tried something that I was sure would smell awful and it ended up being a top favourite for me. Also, are you social and a bit adventurous? See if there is a Meet and Sniff in your area. It is a fun way to meet people and try/sniff a variety of oils. Good luck!