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  1. FeatherQwill

    The Sea Foams Milk

    Recently received as a frimp in a swap. () Wet: A very potent aquatic note. +20min: Pretty much the same except that, oddly enough, it smells "fresher" now. Overall: Well, this definitely suits me better than The Sea Foams Blood. But I don't think that aquatic scents are really my thing, so I think this'll be going to the swaps.
  2. FeatherQwill

    Slobbering Pine

    Dewy, wet, whiplike and sticky. Wet: Very very sharp, piney, clears my sinuses like a Halls. Dry: That sharp edge softens and the pine fades away. Overall: If it would stay at about the 10-minute mark, this would definitely be a bottle purchase, but it just disappears too quickly on me. Very nice smell, though.
  3. FeatherQwill


    Wet: Kind of fruity-vanillay-mainstream perfumey. Not unpleasant, but not my thing. Dry: a warm, mild sort of vanilla-honey smell with a very slight hint of baby powder. Overall: Not a top fave, but I'll keep it unless someone who wants it has something I particularly want.
  4. FeatherQwill

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    Wet: I got cloves, for some reason - must be the spicy carnations, which I've never smelled. Very nice! +20min: Mellows to a very pleasant floral. Overall: I'm not generally a floral-scent person, but this is one of those lovely BPAL exceptions. I quite like both stages.
  5. FeatherQwill

    The Sea Foams Blood

    Wet: I got a sort of soft, hard-to identify scent that was vaguely reminiscent of baby powder. +20min: Became more clearly defined as a baby powder and soap smell. Overall: Not for me - it's yet another lovely-in-the-imp that turns to baby powder on my flesh. I'm cursed.
  6. FeatherQwill

    Cheshire Cat

    Wet: Bright, sharp, citrussy, friendly - I loved this! Unfortunately . . . +20min: Soap. That's pretty much it, just soap. Overall impressions: I loved the wet stage, but was quite saddened by the way it reacted to my body chemistry. If I had a scent locket, I would see how well the "wet" stage smell that I got held out, but as I don't, this is unfortunately not for me.
  7. FeatherQwill

    Faiza, the Black Mamba (2006)

    Wet: Warm and sharp and clove-y and a bit soapish Drydown: Cloves and a hint of baby powder; as time passes becomes baby powder and a hint of cloves. Overall: Nice clove smell, but I'm not too keen on baby powder. Not a bottle purchase for me.
  8. FeatherQwill


    Wet: Warm, yummy, vaguely foodlike. Dry: A bit of spice comes out, but still the same scent in general. Overall: 7/10, a bit heavier than I would like, but quite nice all the same.
  9. FeatherQwill


    Smells like a man's aftershave or soap, but 'BPALy,' if that makes any sense at all. Exactly what the description says - but not, I think, for me.
  10. FeatherQwill

    The Witch's Garden

    Wet: Herby, quite interesting, but not really "me." Dry: Faded away rather quickly to almost nothing. Overall: Meh.
  11. FeatherQwill

    Snow White

    Snow White 2008 A lovely sort of vanilla & floral scent, but it unfortunately developed a sort of plasticky undertone as it dried. Curse my skin!
  12. FeatherQwill


    Wet: Very grown-up and floral. Dry: Stayed much the same. Overall: Quite nice. Not my everyday sort of scent - for more formal/professional occasions, I think. Most likely a bottle purchase.
  13. FeatherQwill


    Something in Salome did not like my skin at all. I got a hard, incensey smell with a note of diaper. Bleh. Why is my skin so finicky?
  14. FeatherQwill


    I got a similar gummy-bear/fruit smell that I got from Serpents With Glittering Eyes and Forky Tongues, but somehow I don't like it as much.
  15. FeatherQwill


    Wet: Deep with bright undertones. Different. Makes me think of summertime. Drydown: Subtle, but nice. Not extraordinary, but good for variety. Overall: I'll keep the imp but I probably won't get a bottle.