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  1. msbcozad

    Weeping Branches Moon

    Weeping Branches Moon is pretty much perfectly blended. There's no one stand-out note and the "lunar oils" don't overpower the mix of fruits and florals. This is going to be my go-to feminine perfume for this spring and summer. I wish I'd purchased a second bottle!
  2. msbcozad

    Knockout Drops

    Knockout Drops seems to be a soapy version of Cheshire Moon. I have no idea how that's coming about since the notes are so very different, but my nose and brain are broadcasting "soapy Cheshire Moon". Which may not sound all that pleasant, to be honest, but I actually like it. If I push CM out of my mind, I can smell the component notes and they are a beautiful non-soapy blend. This is going to be a great hot weather scent.
  3. msbcozad

    Sugar Moon 2011

    Ew. Ew, ew, ew. Sugar Moon 2011 is scorched tire in the bottle and on my skin. No strawberry, no gardenia, just pure unadulterated yuckiness.
  4. msbcozad

    The Arbor

    The Arbor is an odd morpher. It starts out pretty dark and heavy, but as it dries the oil becomes soft and girly thanks to the gardenia. I thought this might be the perfect perfume for a little girl. A few hours later, the perfume has morphed to a skin-close musky-woody scent. I don't know how often I'll reach for it, but this is a lovely, soft scent. Actually, this may be my "I don't know what I want to wear" scent. ETA: It's been another three hours and the perfume has morphed into full-on gardenia. There's absolutely no throw, but I love gardenia so I'll simply huff my wrist.
  5. msbcozad

    The Last Unicorn

    The Last Unicorn's predominant notes on my skin are violet and sandalwood which essentially equal baby powder. Sadness.
  6. msbcozad

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat is exactly what's promised: icy lemon sugar. Straight up. The only morphing it's done is that after an hour of wear, it's no longer so icy but it's definitely still lemon sugar. Oh, I love this and can't wait for this to be my summer staple.
  7. msbcozad

    Snake Oil Soap

    Oof. I guess I'm going to be the dissenting voice in this thread. Snake Oil the perfume is ~meh~. I want to love it and I've had an imp of the stuff for ages that I test every now and again to see if it's hit the magic age, but alas, no joy. So if I'm only ~meh~ about the perfume, why did I buy the soap? Well, I love scented soaps and I'm willing to give most things a try. Snake Oil soap was almost total fail, unfortunately. Whatever coloring is used in the soap stained my skin and tub a scummy brown. The scent, on me, was awful. It was an all around unpleasant experience. Now, the one bright spot is that the soap smells FANTASTIC in the bathroom. So, I'm not going to use it on me, but I am going to use it in sachets. Silver lining and all that.
  8. msbcozad

    Shub-Niggurath Soap

    Shub smells good in the shower. It lathers about as well as the other Villainess/BPTP soaps I've tried and doesn't dry out my skin like regular bar soap. The scent is very faint on my skin when the shower is over.
  9. msbcozad

    Cheshire Moon

    Cheshire Moon is my new favorite scent. I started with frimped decant and have been luck enough to score two bottles from other forumites. I'm going to need more, though, as I slather this perfume daily and am absolutely head over heels for its citrus and soft floral creaminess. It feels like the perfect scent for this time of year when the weather can't decide if it wants to be winter or wants to be spring or, like today in the mid Atlantic where we're going to get up to 50F this afternoon and then get 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight, the weather decides to be both at the same time! Cheshire Moon smells like the promise of warm spring days with a hint of the chill that's still hanging about.
  10. msbcozad

    The Phoenix in Spring

    Phoenix in Spring starts out as hyacinths. Oh, I adore hyacinths! They're my most favorite springtime flower. Eventually, the hyacinths back off and I get a mix of springtime florals. Now that an hour has passed, I smell only dandelions. The scent is VERY skin close and I have to press my wrist to my nose to get the fleeting fragrance.
  11. msbcozad

    Alien Invasion

    My bottle of Alien Invasion is about a year and a half old and the oil is just about perfect. Bright yellow-green citrus that shimmers with sweetness. This oil definitely fills my love and need for a citrus scent.
  12. msbcozad

    The Phoenix in Autumn

    I am slowly being turned into a patchouli-wearing hippie. Okay, so I'm only wearing the patchouli scents and not going full-out hippie... Phoenix in Autumn? This is an amazing and glorious scent. It's not as dry and bonfire-y as October. It's not as cloying as Samhain. It's close to Falling Leaf Moon, but without the lunar oils. It's perfectly evocative of autumn and I am going to treasure the heck out of this bottle.
  13. msbcozad

    Harigata II

    This perfume started out as crisp, fresh coconut. Oh, I was so deeply in love. But within ten minutes, the spots on my arms where I tested the oil were bright red and burning. Wow. That's a first for my BPAL tests. I braved the burny part to see what would happen and within an hour the perfume turned to full-on baby powder.
  14. msbcozad

    The Phoenix in Summer

    Somehow Beth captured the scent of a summer thunderstorm and lush greenery in the deep south in a perfume. I would love to have this as a room spray because it reminds me of my childhood home. Unfortunately, I don't really want to smell like this.
  15. msbcozad

    The Phoenix in Spring

    Hello cherry blossom! This perfume is evocative of walking around the Tidal Basin in DC in the spring when the cherries are in full bloom. The perfume is more floral than is my preference, but I'll probably hang onto it and see if I feel more comfortable wearing it when the weather warms up.