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    Blood Kiss, Perversion, Dorian, Blue Fire, The Chapel, Harvest Moon 2008, Hellhound on my Trail, The Bow and Crown of Conquest. Leather, apple, blueberry, incense, blood, citrus, smoke.

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    I'm an art student in JEWELRY AND METALS!! I love drawing in charcoal, painting, digital painting, pretending like I can blow hot glass, and photography. I love the idea of making jewellery but I haven't managed to *do* much of it yet. I adore horror movies and novels, especially H.P. Lovecraft (which is what got me into BPAL in the first place!). I love music and don't think I could exist without it, so I'm always keen on hearing what others are listening to. Love Egypt, other ancient cultures, travel (yay Australia!), occult, paranormal, spiritual stuff. Love graveyards and taking photos of 'em. Also clouds.

    I would love some penpals, swap buddies, and stuff like that. I love to write little letters and send people things I think they'd like. I also like to travel to new places, so having people to meet there would be faboo. :)

    Also: art school is the devil. Oh, how I love the devil.
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  1. lacyjae

    Cykranoshian Catnip

    I was so excited when my BPTP package came, and I felt very fangirly for a non-existent team, wearing the shirt and the perfume. This is definitely an ODD scent. I get woody catnip, and so far I haven't found any of the oranges in it yet, wearing it three times. I get the occasional hint of mint, and the slightest touch of smoke which I think may be the woods playing with my skin? In any case, it's so strange and I kinda love it. It reminds me of Sunbird, it's the same kind of herbaly niceness. Then again, I like catnip. It seems that my cats like it too. Mi-Go, my giant Maine Coon mix girl, was sniffing my hands and mauling my boy. The other cat, Gypsy, paid attention to it as well. Cool! n_n Oh! There's some moss! Cool! Yep, definitely glad I ordered it. <3 Very odd, but definitely an interesting, unusual scent.
  2. lacyjae

    The Hell-Gate Of Ireland

    I had to order this based on the notes - I simply adore anything smoky and dark and while I wasn't expecting anything exceptionally MORE awesome than some of my other smokey scents (Chant d'Automne), I still wanted it. I am SO GLAD I got a bottle of this. WOW. Clove usually disappears on my skin, but Hell-Gate's clove is all smoky and dark and thinks we should play some sexy sexy games. WOW. I could not stop smelling myself when I tried it last night, and the two lovely ladies I was with couldn't stop smelling me either! It's just... utter perfection. I think I'd like a back-up bottle of this and that's pretty rare. Dark, clove smoke, a little musk, and a little *something* make Hell-Gate an *amazing* scent.
  3. lacyjae


    Yeah, I had no idea what to expect, either. Half the reason I got it. It's very nice, and pale and misty, and a bit of incense. Very faint and ghostly. It doesn't seem to change much, but oddly, I like it. It's a very close, personal, secretive scent.
  4. lacyjae

    Summer's Last Will and Testament

    Ohohoho, all this citrus?... ohhhh yes. God so pretty. I think the citrus and the flowers work really, really, REALLY well together. Oooohhhhh. Mrr. And, actually, this makes me think of our just-past hothothot fall days. LOVE.
  5. lacyjae

    Suck It

    Okay wow, at first this is sticky sweet black cherry cough syrup, it almost reminds me of the codeine stuff I had last winter, how it wasn't horrible like other cough syrups. On my skin, all the oversweet is gone, and it really reminds me of a cherry sucker now. Oh god, I really want a cherry sucker. Not sure that I really like the drydown though.
  6. lacyjae

    Devil's Night

    Rather foody at first, the sugar I think. Smoke's coming out pretty quick though, so it's kinda weird. The smoke is great, though. Mrr.
  7. lacyjae


    I'm sooo disappointed with Pomona. I'm totally in love with the Lab's apple notes, and this sounded like it would be amazing! I'm not sure if it was the azaroles or the nuts, but there was something very off, for me, something I really didn't like. Terribly sad!
  8. lacyjae


    My friend eyeska actually lent me various Neil Gaiman compilations and I really, really enjoyed Sunbird, so when I found out it was becoming a BPAL scent, I was super excited I was lucky enough that Eyeska's friend went to Comic Con and picked us up our Sunbird sets :D SO yesterday I finally got around to snagging mine - and all I can say is WOW. Automatic love. Not only is the book just simply beautiful and I *love* the artwork, her style is just amazing and totally win... But the perfume? oh gods. So pretty. In the bottle it seems like a bunch of herbs over resinous coals, more like a ritual fire than a cooking fire. I can't really pick out any notes, but the familiarity of various herbs is there, reminding me of when I used to be much more into naturopathy and making poultices and such, reminding me of feeling better, spiritually and physically. There's.. I want to say spruce but I'm not sure if that's right, but some kind of fragrant pine-ish tree, and something the slightest bit foody, and a hint of mint but not spearmint or peppermint... It seems like everything is on the tip of my tongue, teasing me by being so close and familiar but just out of reach. I think that's rather fitting, to be honest. On my skin, the tree and mint are strongest at first, and remind me of those soothing essential oil mixes you can get for sickness and sore muscles, not quite eucalyptus but that *sort* of smell. Natural and healing. It's much deeper though and better, with hints of all the herbs I smell in the bottle. I get smoke at the very end of my inhalation, as if the fire isn't quite smoking but just hinting at it. I don't feel I'm doing it justice. It seems much more to evoke feelings and memories of being healthy and happy and working with herbs and natural medicines, than to specifically smell like anything in particular. It's very warm, though, definitely not a green scent. Honestly, I think it's perfect, an ideal representation of the cooking sunbird. I am not really a fan of the minty scents usually (other than in my tea!) but this is so... powerfully memorable to me, I guess, and not really minty, not really piney, not really.... I don't know. I don't know how to explain it. But it's warm, and healing, and wonderful, and I am so very very glad to have a bottle. Edit to add: Dry, I get more smokey resinous goodness. AWESOME. Glee.
  9. lacyjae

    Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel

    Gyaaah. Why did I not get a bottle of this? Oh, so wonderfully fruity and AWESOME. This is like Blue Fire slutted around with some other fruits, and had a bunch of mulatto babies. GLEE. (And so we learn my love of Blue Fire, and adorable mulatto babies.) Also, I did end up getting a bottle. ... It will be here soon. LOVE.
  10. lacyjae

    Planting Moon

    My friend Meg gave me this decant after flails that it smells like tomato plants. And oh, great gods, it does. It smells like a garden, a veggie garden, fresh soil and tomatoes and beans and PERFECTION. I don’t think I could wear it as a perfume, but by gods I adore, adore, adore the way this smells. It’s a fresh, healthy summer garden full of ripe veggies, you’re walking through and grabbing a bean here and a little cherry tomato there to snack on. Oh gods. Amazing.
  11. lacyjae


    Vetiver is going to give me a complex. I swear I hate it - and then promptly find blend after blend that I love. I haven't quite figured the deal out, but either way.... Lucifer. I got the chance to sniff a bunch of Salons at the retail spot in Melbourne during the way-too-short-time I was there. I didn't know notes for any of them, just sniffing. (And wow, some are nice!) Lucifer was the one I had to get, no ifs, ands, or buts. It was love at first smell. In the bottle, there's something foody about it, probably the combination of patchouli and fig, or all of them. Hard for me to say, as I'm not much of a foody girl. There's a hint of the vetiver, similar to Chant d'Automne (which I also looove), but I think the combination of all of these notes is giving me a hint of chocolate, or cocoa - not foody or sweet, just.. nice. Wet, it's quite similar, maybe a bit more wood, and less of the foody quality. The vetiver quickly smokes up on my skin - and reminds me why I really do love vetiver in some blends. This is a deep, smoky, incensey blend for me - it's not overly any of those, but more like scented smoky remnants of... I don't know. A dark ritual perhaps. It definitely has depth, and I just sink into it. As it dries, it gets deeper and smokier. Just perfect. It's not the same kind of smoke as the other blends I've got, it's definitely in a class all its own, and I love it. I may have to get a backup of this one. I really, really love it. Gorgeous.
  12. lacyjae


    I just got Midway: Ressurected in a swap, and I was really interested in seeing how I'd like it. I'm not usually a foodie person but I absolutely love carnival goodies and thought I'd give it a go. I don't smell any of the foods at all, but I get a light sugary sweet scent that's really very pretty and not foody at all. I quite like it and I'm curious to get it home and see how it adds to my CD Midway scents... I wish I smelled some cotton candy or candy apple or funnel cake, but I do like what I've got.
  13. lacyjae

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v1

    LX??? (from SadTomato) - If Dorian and Khrysee had babies that were lemon blossom instead of orange blossom, this would be babies. It has that "feel" of Dorian's tea, and a more lemony scent that very much resembles Khrysee. Wooonderful. As Khrysee has quickly become my favorite scent, and Dorian is one of my top GC faves - this is an utterly perfect CT for me. I feel super lucky to have stolen it away from SadTomato into my own greedy hands. PERFECTION. <3
  14. lacyjae

    Dark Chocolate and Pepper-Smoked Caramel

    I haven't tried this on myself, as I'm a decidedly non-foody person, but had the chance to smell it on not one but two friends and it was lovely! First, very caramel, very sweet, but obviously pepper in there. On one friend the pepper really came out and then the caramel came back to chill with us for a while; on the other friend it was much more smoke than pepper, but equally lovely. Definitely nice! I think I agree that it seemed almost more coffee than chocolate. Maybe a coffee/chocolate mocha deal with caramel and smoke and pepper?
  15. lacyjae

    White Chocolate and Strawberry

    I haven't tried this on myself, since I'm decidedly not a foodie person, but I got the chance to smell it on a friend and OH. MY. GOD. This is STRAWBERRY and chocolate, and blends into STRAWBERRY icecream as it dries. It's the Lab's pure fruit note yet again, a lush strawberry just bitten. I don't know how Beth and co do it, but the strawberry is utter perfection. It was a gorgeous blend on said friend, and I think I would just love it in scrub/lotion/etc form (where I seem to love foody, in my shower!). Wonderful. Amazing!