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  1. juntarou

    Ile de la Tortue

    Ile de la Tortue Not even one page of reviews on it? What a shame! In the Imp: Mmm, fresh green and humid. Like that time I steped from the dry hot summer day into a cool humid greenhouse. I like it! The descriptive blurb makes you think it should be a pirate smell, but it's more of a tropical unexplored jungle in the rain smell. Wet: The flowers come out more a minute or two after I slather it on. (Yes, I slathered for a trial. I live dangerously!). I stumbled upon a cavern next to a waterfall, wet flowers glittering around the cave mouth. Drying: Exploring the damp cave. It's a bit more earthy, I guess the vetiver is coming out to play (interestingly, vetiver seems to like me, while vetivert made me gag. o.o). My left inner elbow is liking the flowers very much. Dry: I have my nose in the crook of my elbow sniffing the orchids. Wet earth on the back of my hands. I usually don't like florals much, they sort of leave me indifferent. Floral notes mixed with other types though, that's more interesting! I'm on my moon right now, so the smell might change on me next week, but it would be worth getting a bottle just for that one week out of 4. Hey, it's 25% of the time! This is just what I want to smell right now, after the shower, to prolong the clean fresh feeling. Happy, dreamy, wet and green to me. My bottle wishlist is just getting longer. Argh! Thank you, PhantasmMysteria, for frimping this to me! I would have never gotten to smell this lovely otherwise!
  2. juntarou

    Best BPAL for gym, workout, sports, exercise?

    I'm going to be extremely selfish today at kickboxing and unashamedly stink coconut milk and flowers at the other bimbos. Obatala I REGRET NOTHING!
  3. juntarou


    My first BPAL ever! Not a bad one to start with, I think. My first review too! Sniffing the bottle unopened, I get a lot of patchouli. In the bottle: Patchouli and that chypre thing, I guess? Reminds me of my grandfather's side of the bathroom cabinet. This is not a bad thing at all. On skin, wet: Same as in the bottle, although a bit more patchouli, I think? Sniffing my wrists compulsively trying to get my untrained nose to detect the other notes Drying: Still mostly patchouli, but I get whiffs of wood, and.. was that rose? Oh, it's gone... Back to that very mellow and round cologne-y feel. I like how round it is, not sharp at all. The wood comes and goes. Dry: The patchouli and chypre sort of sat back and mingled with the rest of the notes. It's quite seamless now, and very, very VERY sexy. I can't stop sniffing. A bit later - hey, I think I can smell the currant! The drydown on this is very nice! The morning after - I keep getting whiffs of something clean and sweet and weird... *sniffs wrist* oh yeah, Frederic! He's a bit tired and stale. Reminds me of dead cologne. I definitely like the earlier stages of it better. All in all, I love Frederic. Even if I won't wear it often, I'm going to keep him for the connotations and the comfort-y feeling I get sniffing it. I'm sort of on my Moon Time right now, so I'll have to give it another try in a couple of weeks to see if it changes.
  4. juntarou

    Best BPAL for gym, workout, sports, exercise?

    Today it was lemon wafers. Rather odd. Hurry hurry postal service, I want my nice smellies to wash my nose of the ick!
  5. juntarou

    Best BPAL for gym, workout, sports, exercise?

    The gym I go to uses a lot of automatic deodoriser things and lately they've switched from something vaguely almondy to something that's like vanilla and burnt cookies... Urgh. I think I'll take the freshest scent in my bag, to at least put some on AFTER working out, to cancel the sickeningly sweet combo of sweat + overbaked cookies that wafts around the locker room. Somebody mentioned The Dormouse earlier in the thread... Excellent. *not-so patiently waits for lab order to arrive*
  6. juntarou

    Best BPAL for gym, workout, sports, exercise?

    Aaah, recommendations! I didn't think to look there. Thanks, strangemodegirl! I was just thinking that if I found a smell that helped me feel refreshed and energised, well, it could help working out... That, and the smell wafted up from my sneakers as I put them on again after the workout and er.. eww. In Beth's post at the beginning of that thread you linked she mentions putting a bit on her socks.. that could help that little problem.
  7. juntarou

    Best BPAL for gym, workout, sports, exercise?

    I've searched a little, but 'gym' is a three letter word, and thus passes under the search engine radar... Anyway, I was wondering if it would be considered appropriate to wear a little scent to the gym? Would it be considered an infringement on other people's olfactory space, or should I just not bother because I'll have sweated it all off after 10 minutes on the elliptical? If I posted in the wrong section, I apologise...