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  1. MaeKitty

    Black Ice

    My initial thought was "Oh god, it's dove soap!" but it seems to release with the warmth of the skin. What a strange scent! While I don't "love" cold scents, I'm fascinated with this one. It's so strange. It's chilly, it feels exactly like the description. The asphalt, the snow, the wind. It's vaguly minty too, which is where the chill comes from I think. Really interesting, but just not something I'd wear
  2. MaeKitty

    Rangoon Riptide

    Ugh. This doesn't work. At all. Cloying, gross, a mess. Not good on me at all. I think it's the passion fruit. Must remove! ok, I gave this a bit more time and it's a bit better. Kind of like...candy. Still not for me though
  3. MaeKitty

    The Buggre Alle This Bible

    Initially, leather, some paper and tabacco. AMAZING. Later, it dries to be more incense and cologne/soap than anything else. This one breaks my heart, because I think it's just that much too masculine for me. I had high hopes *tear*
  4. MaeKitty

    Cobra Lily

    Definitely heady! It feels like walking into a green house full of warm lush blossoms. It's a sexy and dangerous scent. A little bit of sharpness, a glimmer even. The heaviness of the scent makes it overwhelming and hard to ignore. Clouds the senses.
  5. MaeKitty

    Dragon Moon 2008

    In the Bottle: Bergamot, lavender and dragon's blood. Love this! On Me: Very faint, after only a hour or so. I think I'll need to put more on to really judge. It's clean and warm, and really pretty, from what I can smell. Need more! Second Time: My skin just eats this up! It's a neat floral. I definitely get the tingle of the peppermint, mixed with the lavender, cedar and blue sage. I wish I had more of the sweetgrass and frankincense to warm this up and give it some spice. It's a great blend, but not for me
  6. MaeKitty

    Chrysanthemum Moon

    Mmmm, this is lovely! Not quite as musky or spicey as I was anticipating, but still really pretty. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long on me. I get incense, the mums and the musk. I wish my skin amped the ginger some more. Lovely
  7. MaeKitty

    White Moon

    This one is so right on. It smells like night time in november. It's calm, comforting and beautiful. I smell candles burning. The sandalwood must be blending perfectly with the florals to create this lovely scent. I honestly can't pick anything out. Maybe just the moonflower. It's gorgeous.
  8. MaeKitty

    Archangel Winter

    On Me: This smells extremely familiar to me, but I can't seem to place it. Definitely strong in ozone. Cold. Airy. Not for me
  9. MaeKitty


    This one is heart breaking. It is completely soapy and cologne like on me.
  10. MaeKitty

    Wolf Moon 2004

    This is not at all what I was expecting. I think I figured it would be way muskier, perhaps more like coyote, but colder and with pine or fir. Instead, it's quite pretty. Still cold, but with a tingle of sweetness. Maybe even a little floral
  11. MaeKitty

    Strangler Fig

    Well, I wasn't sure about this one. It seemed very deep and earthy in the bottle, which kind of made me nervous. It's actually much nicer than I anticipated. It is very deep and rooty to be sure, but there is a sweetness I didn't expect and the green tones keep it from being too cloying.
  12. MaeKitty

    The Ghastly Garden

    You know, I didn't even really feel the need to try this one. Generally, I'm not a huge fan of florals, so I just didn't see this one working. Some how, the nectar, wetness and sap seem to have darkened these florals and weighed them down with some dampness. I really actually enjoy it. It reminds me of a perfume a loved one used to wear, so it's slightly melancholic. A lovely nighttime scent. Definitely a surprise for me.
  13. MaeKitty


    I can definitely smell the sap and pine in this. It's dark and strange feeling...like, being in the shelter of earth and tree with the cold outside. It's beautiful and dark and magical. Perhaps good for a rit, but not something I would wear otherwise.
  14. MaeKitty

    Upa Upa

    Love this just as much as I thought I would. I just want to drink it! The rum isn't as boozy as I thought it would be, which makes this more wearable. Everything blends really well. The pineapple smells juicy, the coconut, vanilla and spices just make this gorgeous and yummy. I think it must be the vanilla and coconut, but there is a creamy warmth to this that reminds me of butterscotch or caramel. YUM
  15. MaeKitty

    Tiki Queen

    Oooh, very pretty. This blend is exactly what I expected from alot of the other caribbean blends. It's floral, without being too much, and it's sweet without being cloying or too heavy on the rum. Really pretty