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BPAL Madness!
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Happy birthday to me? 😀 (yes, it's actually my birthday) 🐇🐇 Also, happy new year~! 🎊


Hmmmm. Sorry for vaporizing unexpectedly. I've been having a problem, almost certainly hormonal, that has resulted in being unable to wear any perfume or most scented lotions because they're all too strong for my nose. Not weird or off, everything still smells correct, it's just too much right now, like my sense of smell has been turned up to eleven. I also had a migraine in there that made everything even worse. I'm not worried about it being Covid -- like I said, nothing smells off, and I haven't heard about things being too strong being a symptom -- nor am I pregnant, but it's really annoying, considering my favorite hobby. đŸ˜Ģ This isn't the first time this particular symptom has occurred, but it's been years since the last time.


So when this weirdness ends, hopefully soon, I'll be backdating the last week of Arcana and catching up on whatever I miss of February. Next week is lightly iffy because I'm going in to have my wisdom teeth removed next Monday and I don't know how long that'll take me out. So, ah, I'm fine, more or less. ^_^ But it'll be a few days until I'm back properly.


Feb 15: Hohoho, so that sucked, and still continues to suck a bit, if I'm being totally honest. 😂 Long story short, one was fine and the other one was emphatically not (my dentist described it as one of the most difficult extractions he's performed after over 30 years in the business, lucky me), almost ten days later I still can't open my mouth fully and am still on a squishy foods-only diet, I immediately got a sinus infection due to smol holes between the holes and my sinus cavity...anyway, it's just been a vicodin-laced, deeply unpleasant adventure. I may just call February a wash at this point, though do not put it past me to backdate. 😂 I have learned that when I'm on painkillers I can't smell anything properly, though my sense of taste is weirdly unaffected. But I tested putting perfume on and it was just like, 'nah. Nothing there.'  I suppose it did come with a sinus infection attached, so that may have played a part as well. 😅


Anyway, lesson here being: get your wisdom teeth out when you are young, if you even begin to think you might need to. Alternately, if you're older and only one is actually giving you problems, only take out the one, don't go 'eh, might as well do both while you're there!' because hahaahhahahahahahahah jfc.


Feb 28: LOL, well, that sure was a month that happened. It's somewhat fallen into 'let us never speak of this again' territory, to be quite honest. My mouth hurts less, but is still not completely healed. ☚ī¸I'll be picking back up again for March (in about an hour!), since my nose seems to have sorted itself out and I've got a few Yule decants to talk about. :)


eta: Actually, hilariously, I'm not that far off track for the year overall, since I was running two scents a day in January. 😂

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