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  1. As others have said, this does not smell like Banshee Beat/Revenant Rhythm, but it immediately became my second favourite vanilla patchouli blend. Smelling this reminds me of wearing your favourite super soft, slightly worn out old sweater that has a hint of a patchoul/incense perfume you wore in the past lingering on it. It's soft cozy resins with a lot of warmth and just a tiny bit of powder from the amber (which I LOVE). Absolutely divine. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to last on my skin, hopefully aging improves that.
  2. Andalei


    This is more floral, slightly soapy than I was expecting, but I like it! There's a vague spicy floral note to it and less amber (or maybe a different amber than I'm used to) than I was hoping for. Unlike the two reviewers above, I've actually gotten over 8 hours of staying power from it. It has faded, but is still quite noticeable.
  3. On me this smells almost identical to Mikado Saloon HG and I could not be happier because I've been wanting a perfume version of that for years. Absolutely gorgeous and much better staying power than other vanilla sandalwood blends I've tried from the lab.
  4. Andalei

    Muddy Armadillo

    I'm terrible at reviews but feel like I need to review this one. I'll start by saying that I HATE the smell of chocolate - I don't even think the edible kind smells good even though I love to eat it. So, I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to buy a half bottle of this. That said, I'm currently awaiting a full 5ml backup because this is GOOD and my half bottle is already almost gone. It definitely smells dirty/earthy in the bottle but that doesn't last long on my skin. It's a smoky, dark, chewy cacao with a hint of sweetness from the cream. The only other chocolate scent I've ever enjoyed in my life was this chocolate scented stuffed rabbit I got for Easter when I was 10 or so. That thing smelled divine and I huffed it constantly. Muddy Armadillo is a grown up version of that cuddly, dark chocolate scented bunny - slightly warm and fuzzy but also dark and sexy. Also, I was wearing Banshee Beat before writing this review and decided to apply Muddy Armadillo to better gather my thoughts on it. A+ combo, highly recommend!
  5. Andalei

    It Was Just a Cat

    Disclaimer: I'm terrible at reviews because I can never pick out notes, so I'm not the best to be going first! "Amber fur" is so accurate! In the bottle, I smell the same amber from Jacob's Ladder 2016 but with a "fluffy" quality. On my skin the amber takes on a powdery feel, which I personally love. The rest of the notes give it a spicy, incensy feel and keep it from going straight into baby powder territory. Even though I'm terrible at describing it, I really love this one and it really does conjure up the image of a cat skulking through a dark hallway with wooden paneling.
  6. Andalei

    V'al Hanissim

    This is what I wanted Light of Men's Lives to smell like! Beeswax is very predominant here - warm and slightly floral. As it dries down, you get whiffs of a spicy, smoky scent - very reminiscent of a freshly blown out candle. I can't really detect any of the amber I'm familiar with from BPAL but my bottle is very fresh. This lasted all day on me and I think it will age incredibly well.
  7. Andalei

    In Vendetta Hair Gloss

    Giuseppe Palizzi Sweet brown musk, sandalwood, and oakmoss. Think this is first time I've ever been first! I apologize at being rubbish at reviewing. I just used this from a decant without knowing the notes and I was way off on my guess. Immediately upon spraying into the palm of my hand, I could have sworn I was smelling clove. It was very warm spicy/sweet smelling. Now I am picking up a more woodsy scent, but it is still more "warm" in feel. Sadly, most of my impression of this scent came from what I'd rubbed into my skin after applying to my hair. This scent didn't leave the usual scent cloud that HG does and even sticking my nose right in my hair I can't smell anything.
  8. Only 2? Unpossible! Titus Andronicus - Sweet sexy amber with a hint of musk Dee - Sexy and comforting, like a sweater stolen from your boyfriend that still holds his scent. Both of these are "masculine" scents, but I'm female and they smell amazing on me.
  9. Andalei

    Cozy scents

    Chimera, Haunted, Inez
  10. Andalei

    Recommendations For These Very Particular Notes

    I'd definitely recommend Tombeur, Chimera and The Illustrated Woman.
  11. Andalei

    What Scent Is This?

    From what I could gather from doing a search of the "thirteen" thread in BPAL chatter, my guess is February 2009. http://www.bpal.org/topic/54559-thirteen-13-february-2009/ This thread seems to be a great place for info on all the thirteen blends: http://www.bpal.org/topic/87922-thirteen-past-and-present-incarnations/
  12. Andalei

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I'm quoting myself because right after I said this, we were charged customs fees on a large combined order! I jinxed us. It was only $19, which I hear is pretty low compared to the size of the order, but still, it had never happened before and I was shocked. Was it on an order shipped with DHL? Based on past experience (my mom orders fabric wholesale from the US), orders shipped courier (UPS/DHL/Fedex/etc) are much more likely to be hit with customs fees than orders shipped USPS. UPS especially also likes to charge a $35 brokerage fee on top of the customs charge (I think Canada Post charges a $5 fee). I wasn't very happy to hear that recent orders were being sent DHL because of this.
  13. Andalei

    'Pink' scents

    High Strung Daisies Lady Death Savage (the description isn't all that "pink", but the first time I smelled it I immediately thought of pink) Sticky Eyeballs and Floppy Entrails Candy Phoenix
  14. Andalei

    Edith Cushing

    I'm glad to see a few more recent reviews state that they find Edith to be more perfume-y than foody because I was starting to think my nose was broken! This is a gorgeous scent but leans more toward floral vanilla on me than foody vanilla. It lingers on my clothing *forever* but doesn't last very long on my skin sadly.
  15. Andalei

    Something sweet and STRONG? *newbie*

    I'm wearing The Witches today and it is definitely both sweet and strong!