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    It Was Just a Cat

    Disclaimer: I'm terrible at reviews because I can never pick out notes, so I'm not the best to be going first! "Amber fur" is so accurate! In the bottle, I smell the same amber from Jacob's Ladder 2016 but with a "fluffy" quality. On my skin the amber takes on a powdery feel, which I personally love. The rest of the notes give it a spicy, incensy feel and keep it from going straight into baby powder territory. Even though I'm terrible at describing it, I really love this one and it really does conjure up the image of a cat skulking through a dark hallway with wooden paneling.
  2. Andalei

    V'al Hanissim

    This is what I wanted Light of Men's Lives to smell like! Beeswax is very predominant here - warm and slightly floral. As it dries down, you get whiffs of a spicy, smoky scent - very reminiscent of a freshly blown out candle. I can't really detect any of the amber I'm familiar with from BPAL but my bottle is very fresh. This lasted all day on me and I think it will age incredibly well.
  3. Andalei

    Huge Wishlist of Doom!

    Most wanted (definitely bottles, but will also take decants): - Amaterasu v3 - Anathema Device - Elf v4 - Game Over - Glowing Vulva - Gothabilly - He'd Been an Angel Once - Jingo-Kogo v6 - Queen of Spades - Reflected Vulva - Regan - Siberian Musk SN - Tetramorph v2 - They Shut Me Up in Prose - Voodoo Queen - WILF - XCDL13 Less Wanted (Might not swap my "picky" bottles for these, but try me!): - AF1 - AGLAV1 - Ava - Cabaret Goth - The Confectionary - Dragon Moon 2012 - Echo - Ecstasy of Passion - The Girl - Harikata - Helios - Hexennacht - Hime Gyaru - Joyful Moon (decant) - King of Spades - Krampus - Loli.Goth - Lovers in a Ricefield - Makhanitis - The Mark - Old Moon - Prosperous Flowers of the Twelve Seasons - Silver-Haired Bat - Tomoe Gozen - Wolf Moon GCs/Unimpables: - Captain Cully - Dana O'Shee - Fairy Wine - Le Petit Mort - The Witch Queen BPTP Stuff: - House of Unquenchable Fire Atmosphere Spray - Lair of Nefarious Misdeeds Atmosphere Spray - Le Coucher de la Mariee Hair Gloss - Mikado Saloon Hair Gloss - Mrs Palmer's Establishment Atmosphere Spray - Mummies of Mexico City Hair Gloss - Oak Leaves and Kyphi Atmosphere Spray - Revenant Rhythm Atmosphere Spray - Samhain Atmosphere Spray - Snake Charmer Hair Gloss - So Below Hair Gloss - The Purple Window Hair Gloss - Thousand Pillar Atmosphere Spray - Vespers Atmosphere Spray *I realise that there's not much chance of ever getting my hands on some of these, but I would love any amount!!* Stuff I can always use more of, but lower priority (my greatest loves): - Banshee Beat - Dee (aged) - The Illustrated Woman - Mme Moriarty
  4. Andalei

    In Vendetta Hair Gloss

    Giuseppe Palizzi Sweet brown musk, sandalwood, and oakmoss. Think this is first time I've ever been first! I apologize at being rubbish at reviewing. I just used this from a decant without knowing the notes and I was way off on my guess. Immediately upon spraying into the palm of my hand, I could have sworn I was smelling clove. It was very warm spicy/sweet smelling. Now I am picking up a more woodsy scent, but it is still more "warm" in feel. Sadly, most of my impression of this scent came from what I'd rubbed into my skin after applying to my hair. This scent didn't leave the usual scent cloud that HG does and even sticking my nose right in my hair I can't smell anything.
  5. Only 2? Unpossible! Titus Andronicus - Sweet sexy amber with a hint of musk Dee - Sexy and comforting, like a sweater stolen from your boyfriend that still holds his scent. Both of these are "masculine" scents, but I'm female and they smell amazing on me.
  6. Andalei

    Cozy scents

    Chimera, Haunted, Inez
  7. Andalei

    Recommendations For These Very Particular Notes

    I'd definitely recommend Tombeur, Chimera and The Illustrated Woman.
  8. Andalei

    What Scent Is This?

    From what I could gather from doing a search of the "thirteen" thread in BPAL chatter, my guess is February 2009. http://www.bpal.org/topic/54559-thirteen-13-february-2009/ This thread seems to be a great place for info on all the thirteen blends: http://www.bpal.org/topic/87922-thirteen-past-and-present-incarnations/
  9. Andalei

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I'm quoting myself because right after I said this, we were charged customs fees on a large combined order! I jinxed us. It was only $19, which I hear is pretty low compared to the size of the order, but still, it had never happened before and I was shocked. Was it on an order shipped with DHL? Based on past experience (my mom orders fabric wholesale from the US), orders shipped courier (UPS/DHL/Fedex/etc) are much more likely to be hit with customs fees than orders shipped USPS. UPS especially also likes to charge a $35 brokerage fee on top of the customs charge (I think Canada Post charges a $5 fee). I wasn't very happy to hear that recent orders were being sent DHL because of this.
  10. Andalei

    'Pink' scents

    High Strung Daisies Lady Death Savage (the description isn't all that "pink", but the first time I smelled it I immediately thought of pink) Sticky Eyeballs and Floppy Entrails Candy Phoenix
  11. Andalei

    Edith Cushing

    I'm glad to see a few more recent reviews state that they find Edith to be more perfume-y than foody because I was starting to think my nose was broken! This is a gorgeous scent but leans more toward floral vanilla on me than foody vanilla. It lingers on my clothing *forever* but doesn't last very long on my skin sadly.
  12. Andalei

    Something sweet and STRONG? *newbie*

    I'm wearing The Witches today and it is definitely both sweet and strong!
  13. Andalei


    Finally got to try this thanks to the amazing MuskWitch! I was actually afraid to try it because I didn't want to fall in love knowing I'd probably never get more. Luckily I'm safe! In the imp: Sweet, tiny bit plasticky vanilla. On my skin: Sweet, slightly powdery vanilla with a hint of musk. Dry: More of the same, but super faint. Overall, I definitely wouldn't complain if I ever got my hands on more, but I won't be stalking Ebay auctions. This has almost no throw on me and I like to knock people out with my BPAL.
  14. I've never smelled the shampoo, but Sachs (Roman chamomile, bourbon vanilla, and smoky vanilla bean.) was the first one that popped into my mind. It reminds me of really good, slightly sweetened chamomile tea. A little herbal, warm and snuggly. I love it for bedtime.
  15. My order from 10/15 was shipped last week, but when I track it, USPS informs me "USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for CANADA." My packages have always been trackable before and this makes it very hard to stalk and text my roommate to bring the precious in from the cold while I'm at work.
  16. Andalei

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    It's so funny you bumped this! I was actually coming to write that I was going through my backup box last night and for some reason decided to sniff both bottles of Dee that were "wrong". The oldest of the two now smells almost the same as the Dee I love, and the other one is getting closer as well. I initially fell in love with it from an aged imp, but the first Lab bottle I bought smelled the same as that imp, so I just assumed it didn't change much with aging. But now I'm wondering if somehow that first Lab bottle had already been aged when I got it and I just don't like the smell of fresh Dee?
  17. Andalei

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Did that ever resolve? Dee's unavailable right now, I wonder if it will be as it was when it comes back... Sadly no. They sent me a replacement for the bottle of Dee that I purchased last year but the replacement smelled exactly the same. Both 2013 bottles smell strongly of patchouli, which isn't a listed note and I was told by customer service that nothing had changed and no one at the Lab noticed a difference.
  18. Andalei

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I keep wondering if it's safe to order a bottle again in the hopes of getting the oil I actually wanted. This dark one seems like an error no one will cop to, frankly. It doesn't match the description at all, while the older one did. It would be nice if someone would acknowledge an official change and alter the scent description to reflect it, or acknowledge the mistake and fix it. I don't even begrudge the money, frankly, I just want the bubbly ginger. This sounds like the issue I had with Dee last year. I have an ancient 4oz bottle and a 5ml from 2012 that smell amazing, and 2 bottles from 2013 that don't remotely smell the same.
  19. Tympanidium (Black licorice root, aged red patchouli, white sandalwood, orange blossom, lemon peel, and dried jewel-toned fruits.) is my favourite black licorice scent. I also really like Black Snowballs, but don't pick up a lot of licorice from that one.
  20. Andalei

    'Pink' scents

    I'm not the "pink" type at all either, but immediately thought of Jailbait and High Strung Daisies! They are both SO pink and fun! Titania is another one that might work.
  21. Andalei

    When recommending BPAL to newbies...

    I often do recommend both GC and LE, but I always try and distinguish which are GC and which are LE. Personally, I find BPAL's LEs to be much better than the majority of the GC, and they're usually easy to find on the sales forum. I try to stay away from recommending stuff like Banshee Beat and Gothabilly though, because that's not nice.
  22. Andalei

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    So I got a replacement for the bottle of Dee I posted about in August (Lisa is the best! ). She said that all their bottles of Dee smelled fine to them, but they were happy to send another one. However...this third bottle smells pretty much identical to my second bottle which is nothing like my first bottle or the imp I had initially. So very strange because all three bottles are from 2013 so it's not like my original one is super aged or anything. But...I have a 4oz memento bottle with Dee in it coming from Ebay, so I will see what super aged Dee smells like and then maybe hide these bottles for years.
  23. Andalei

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    My bottle of Cottonmouth is from '09 and it has the etsy label. I've had multiple bottles of a few other snake pits and haven't noticed any label variations. I've had bottles of Temple Viper, Death Adder, King Cobra, Western Diamondback and Australian Copperhead and they've all had the Snake Oil type label with their snake on it like that one on Etsy. Searching completed listings on Ebay for Cottonmouth all turn up that same label as well.
  24. Andalei

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    So Dee is one of my absolute favourite scents, and I ordered a bottle in May because my first one was disappearing pretty quickly. I went to apply the new one the other night and it smells awful. The closest thing I can compare it to is potting soil, which makes me believe the culprit might be patchouli which isn't even a listed note. Regardless, there's no similarity at all to my beloved Dee. My first bottle was also purchased straight from the Lab and was lovely right from day 1, so I don't think this is an aging issue. I emailed the Lab a few days ago to see if they were aware of a batch variance or a mis-labeling maybe, but I haven't received an answer. I need more Dee, but I'm afraid of getting another bottle like my second one.
  25. Andalei

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Sadly I don't have a picture anymore and I sold the bottle, but my bottle of Dragon's Heart from 2008ish had a different label than the standard GC one. I want to say it was black with a stylized dragon on the label, but my memory is horrible, so I could be way off base.