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  1. In Topic: The Raptures and Roses of Vice

    02 April 2013 - 10:48 PM

    This was the imp I had high hopes for, since I love the scent of roses but on my skin it turns into rose overload.

    Bottle: it smells green and crisp with a hint of rose.

    Wet: Rose and musk with a hint of coconut.. very clean and still green like freshly cut rose stems

    Dry: Rose did not over take everything else and amp to the point of headache like Red rose did. ( Thank you Beth) This still has the rose but the musk and coconut have hit up the cinnamon and invited tobacco to join in.

    This is my new love.. my poor daughter has had to smell my arm since I put it on, she think it smell like a pretty lady but not a princess :lol: ( love having a 6 yr old )

    Now need to hunt down a bottle or two..
  2. In Topic: Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure

    02 April 2013 - 10:29 PM

    Got my lovely imps from the decant circle yesterday.. Was very iffy on this one since Patchouli tend amp up on my skin but the hoped vanilla amber was the secret to me not smelling like a head shop.

    Wet: all I can smell is patchouli ( my 6 yr old daughter pointed out that I smelled like what she thought Woody from Toy story would smell like ..lol)

    30 minutes latter (after the post office who could I am sure smell this scent after I left) I can smell a bit of amber and honey not a ton but it has beaten the patchouli back a bit.

    Hour latter.. Wow the honey and amber is blending and calming the patchouli down, it also has staying power.

    Think I am going to hunt down a bottle of this and let it age.
  3. In Topic: Pirate Moon

    19 February 2011 - 10:02 PM

    Was so excited to get my hands on a bottle of this...

    In the bottle: Lime, wood and a bit of leather ( all of the smells I love)

    Wet: RED MUSK, strong male smell and wood... (side note: Beth the cat loves you now..
    She never notices me unless she thinks it is time for someone to feed her, but walk out of the bedroom to ask the roomie what he thought and she came running from her perch and pulled a crazed fan girl moves on my legs to the point I was feeling a bit awkward. )

    Dry: Wood, roomie says I smell like what the Old Spice guy should smell like, while he is on a horse wooing women. Had to go shower to get the cat off of me. :blink: much to her disappointment .

    Bottom line this is not for me.. need to find the right guy for this.. or just put on cat toys and watch our prissy cat go crazy fan girl again. :lol:
  4. In Topic: Who are the authorized resellers?

    07 February 2011 - 05:34 AM

    Weird question but is any retail store authorized to carry Twilight Alchemy Lab? I think I remember Black Broom was years ago but their site says nothing about it..
    A Trip is planned for Cali in March but have no idea if the will call will be happening around that time period... and so want to smell a few of the TALs before I jump if for a bottle.
  5. In Topic: Queen of the Nile

    25 January 2011 - 10:54 PM

    In the bottle: Spices think clove maybe a bit of floral, mint and a hint of lemon

    Wet on skin: A Hint of Clove maybe and lemon with honey..
    Dry on skin : OH wow.. pure Honey and Lemon .. smells like fresh baked lemon cake.. hmmm :wub2:

    After: Wow this lasted all night.. still am getting a hint of lemon and now mint.. :joy:

    Verdict : Not sure about this turning anyone's head but this is a hard scent not to do mad wrist sniffing on.. the combo of Lemon and honey with a hint of background spice is perfect. :wub:

    Will have to wear this out on my next Night out with friends.



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