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obsessive precious hoarder
36 years old
October 21, 1977
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writing, painting, steampunk, cupcakes. When they invent a steampunk cupcake, I'll be first in line.

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Twitter  DelilahSDawson
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Website URL  http://www.unrulyhelpmeet.com


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Lady MacBeth
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Pumpkin, Peony Moon, Queen of Diamonds, Snow White, Lady MacBeth, Persephone, Kitsune-Tsuki, Bordello, Snake Oil, Hell's Belle, Rosalind


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United States

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  1. Your Best-Bet "Must Try" Enabling Scents

    22 June 2004 - 12:59 AM

    If you could create an Imp Sextuplet to best introduce someone to BPAL and get them hooked forever, which 6 imps would you include, and why?

    My six would be:

    1. Snake Oil (universally loved scent of seduction)
    *subs: Black Phoenix, Bordello

    2. Lady MacBeth (so unusual, deep and beautiful)
    *subs: none. Lady Mac is a must for me.

    3. Persephone (light, flowers, fresh, sweet, innocent)
    *subs: The Hesperides, Alice

    4. Veil (deep, purple, soft, dusky, ladylike)
    *subs: Kitsune-Tsuki, The Unicorn, Old Glasgow

    5. Vice / Gluttony (give 'em a delicious foody one)
    *subs: Jack, Samhain, Dana O'shee (I haven't smelled these 3, but I think they fit the bill)

    6. Baobhan Sith (something citrussy or tart)
    *subs: Whitechapel, Old Shangai

    But I don't like woody/chypre/smokey/incensey, so I have naturally not included those types of fragrances, since I can't tell the difference; I just smell "yuck".

    What would you choose?
  2. The Unicorn

    18 June 2004 - 05:29 PM

    A misty, almost luminous perfume: wispy linden blossoms, white flowers, and a touch of sweet herbs.

    Dear holy horned horse, this one is a keeper!

    I will be singing hosannas all day to the lab for sending me a freebie imp of this one. It is so sweet and low and deep, like touching the bottom of the swimming pool. Translucent blues and ripples and much needed coolness. If this is the linden of which everyone is speaking on the forum, then I love linden!

    To me, this is not the scent of the burly ol' English unicorn in Alice. This is the scent of the real unicorn, the Last Unicorn, Amalthea, Legend, everything. It's sometime past midnight, the forest is quiet but for scuffling things. Everything is dark, lit only by the full moon, and the shadows are deepest indigo. The branches of a willow part, and the unicorn comes to drink, so milk-white that 'tis almost bluish, like the whites of a baby's eyes. The pool is deep, the edges laced with moss. Even the frogs are silent, and the fish are entranced. Sweet water, ripples, moonlight, opals, moonstones, light breezes, refreshment, longing, yearning, purity, immortality, sweetness, youth, light, beauty. Elusive, but still there, like someone waiting in a shadow for the moon to pass behind a cloud.

    I can't give you ingredients, but I can give you the picture. I love this one. I adore it. I would wait by the pool all night for it.



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    17 Apr 2012 - 13:20
    GAAHH! And you have a steampunk paranormal romance book?! **scurries off to hunt down a copy**
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    17 Apr 2012 - 13:16
    I was just now introduced to your incredible reviews, and I shall now stalk them. Sheesh..your writing is breathtaking!!
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    09 Apr 2012 - 16:12
    Too silly that we aren't friends here!
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