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Lupercalia 2017 Shungas 2017

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#1 The Forest Floor

The Forest Floor


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Posted 19 March 2017 - 01:00 AM

Green tea and honey with orange peel, hay absolute, bergamot, and cypress.

Wet/fresh on: green tea and bitter orange peel/bergamot, quite sharp no honey yet, no hay, no cyprus. A fresh scent, very alive.

20-30 mins later, the honey has blossomed, and it is neither a light airy honey nor a thick syrupy one but a golden medium-bodied one (my favorite). The bitterness/sharpness has softened considerably and something else is emerging... something soft, subtle, and woodsy underneath. After about 2.5-3 hours the tea has mellowed to faintness and its mostly a honey-woods scent.

To be fair, I tried this on the back of my hand and my hands have been hella dry lately. I need to try this again on my wrist or crook of my arm and see if the tea sticks around longer on properly moisturized skin. I like all the stages of this so far but Im in the market for a nice tea scent so ideally Id like to smell the tea for longer.

#2 VetchVesper


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Posted 19 March 2017 - 03:36 PM

On me the orange came across as lemon, very bright and not particularly sweet, with a backing of green tea.  As this wears, it turns into a soft, honeyed green tea similar to the one in Serving Tea After Coitus.  It's a pretty scent, but not really me.  Probably good for someone who enjoys fresh, light scents that aren't too sweet or floral.

#3 lizabelle


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Posted 25 March 2017 - 02:22 PM

This is a pretty, light, sweet scent. The green tea and orange peel are present in equal measure, and the honey is similar to the one in Hetairae/Les Bijoux but a little stronger and darker. The bergamot adds a little kick and the hay smooths everything out. I don't get any cypress out of this, and I'm starting to think my skin eats it. That or the hay is overpowering it. Regardless, this is lovely. I don't think I'll get a bottle, but I'll probably keep the decant.

#4 theredkilt


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Posted 11 April 2017 - 09:10 AM

This is a light powdery hay scent. It's suited more as an office inoffensive neutral blend.Reminds me of last year's On the Porch in the Rain

#5 galahad


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Posted 13 April 2017 - 08:45 AM

In the Bottle:
Orange, hay and soft cypress.  Smells fresh and clean
On the Skin:
Lightly honeyed orange.  The cypress adds a soft balsamic quality and the bergamot peeks out to add a little dry citrus.  
On the Drydown:
I am so glad I blind purchased this.  It's a sparkling but complex scent of citrus, very light honey and cypress.  The hay adds a  backing or warm dryness.  This is a beauty

#6 zankoku_zen


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Posted 18 April 2017 - 02:23 PM

Green tea, honey, orange and a touch of bergamot. This is fresh, clean, skin scent. UGH. So good. Low throw, good wear length.

#7 archaesophilia


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Posted 22 April 2017 - 11:08 PM

In the bottle and at application, this is all about the citrus. It very promptly dies down, though, and becomes a close, citrus/cyprus/tea scent. Evokes earl grey, this is a good gender neutral scent. Not a sweet scent, though I suspect the hay/honey are there in the background keeping this from becoming too screechy. Lovely!

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