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BPAL Madness!

Dark Chocolate, Coffee Bean, and Rum

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When this first arrived I was only getting coffee bean from it - for a brief moment on initial application I got that hit of dark chocolate and coffee together that really floats my boat, but then the dark chocolate made a hasty exit stage left. There was a cloud of boozy rum that also quickly dissipated, and all I was left with was dupe of the Guatemalan Volcanic Coffee Bean SN.


Time, it needs time! I said. So today I revisit: the initial progression is almost the same, but now the rum transitions from outright boozy into what I think of as a warm and fuzzy rum scent, like in Zipline II (or at least in the same way that one reads on my skin) and the big hit of chocolate becomes a silky ribbon of chocolate in the background.

So it's ultimately very coffee bean forward, and quite nice as a trio, but it turns out I prefer cacao with coffee, bean on bean, instead of chocolate with coffee bean. TMYK 🌈

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