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BPAL Madness!

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Cherry blossoms, red currant, freesia, sour plum, bergamot, golden musk, and white pear. 

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The name is perfect - this really is a whisper of spring. I had to apply more than usual to really smell it. Very rare to see freesia so I had to try it!

The cherry blossom is definitely the most prominent note at first. I can smell the freesia and pear behind the cherry blossoms but I have to really try. I feel like the pear is giving this a powdery vibe? As this starts to dry, I think I smell plum skin and the bergamot, usually so lovably pronounced in everything, is emerging later in the game.

I am curious how this will smell in an hour but honestly it isn't wowing me. Just a jumble of springy scents, but the waft of cherry blossom, bergamot and freesia is very nice.


Had to come back for two reasons: 

1. This IS wowing me now. The freesia and bergamot are truly beautiful.

2. This isn't sweet - it is truly a complex spring floral.


If you are a fan of freesia, this might be worth a try.


And the golden musk is giving an amber like support as this dries down which is dreamy...


Eta October 25 2022- this is such a huge cherry blossom scent! Now I wish I had bought a bottle - sooo good.

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Spring Whispers is a soft and breathy fruity floral --- also a complex one.


Freshly applied, it smells like cherry flowers, strawberry-like freesia, sour plum, a little fresh pear, something dewy, and something like a clean, powdery laundry freshness. I don't notice bergamot, currants, or musk at this point, but there's more than enough going on.


In drydown, the freesia overtakes the early-blooming cherry flowers, giving the blend a dominant strawberry-ish floral tone. I find a bit of blendy bergamot. It's a pretty pairing with the freesia.


And... that's about where this stays. Spring in a bottle.

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Very floral forward, but strong on me and a bit sour.  I like my florals mild, sugary and sweet, so this one is not sitting well right now..  it reminds me of an old fashioned Avon scent, somehow.  Fun to try, but not for me right now.

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